Yumbo Centre Gran Canaria

The Yumbo Centre sprang to life in the 1980s. Back then, it was a simple shopping mall in Playa del Ingles, aiming to serve the locals and travelers with shops and eateries. But as years rolled by, something magical happened.

It transformed! What started as a place for quick bites and shopping trips became a vibrant heart for the LGBTQ+ community. This center isn’t just about buying stuff anymore. It’s where cultures mix, friends meet, and everyone celebrates who they are without fear.

Day and night, this spot buzzes with energy. Picture strolling through three floors filled with every kind of shop or café you can think of. The change wasn’t overnight but through persistence and love from those who found refuge here.

From hosting small gatherings to now being the stage for massive events like Carnival and Pride shows; Yumbo Centre has become more than a mall – it’s a beacon of inclusivity on Gran Canaria island.

What Makes Yumbo Centre Special?

A diverse LGBTQ+ parade in front of colorful storefronts at Yumbo Centre.

Yumbo Centre stands out because it’s a welcoming place for the LGBTQ+ community. It also has many stores, eateries, and taverns where you can find almost anything.

LGBTQ+ community hub

The Yumbo Centre in Gran Canaria is like a big, welcoming party for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a place where you can be yourself, meet new friends, and enjoy free shows every night.

From the wild fun at Pride by Freedom Maspalomas to ringing in the New Year at the Freedom Festival, there’s always something happening here. I love that it’s not just about shopping or grabbing a bite; it’s about celebrating who you are with others who get it.

I’ve spent countless evenings laughing and dancing under its lights. The vibe here is electric – filled with music from live DJs and performances that make any night unforgettable.

Whether popping into one of its lively bars or just strolling around enjoying the atmosphere, this place reminds me why I keep coming back to Gran Canaria.

Variety of shops, restaurants, and bars

Right after enjoying the vibrant LGBTQ+ vibe, I stepped into a world of diverse shopping and dining options at Yumbo Centre Gran Canaria. This place has it all – from quirky little boutiques to bustling eateries and lively watering holes.

With three floors packed with choices, every turn brought something new to explore.

You’ll find everything here, whether you’re hunting for the latest fashion, craving an exotic meal, or just in the mood to lounge at a café. At night, this spot transforms into a party hub with bars and clubs that keep the energy up till dawn.

Each visit feels like a whole new experience with so many shops opening times varied enough to fit anyone’s schedule. It’s easy to spend hours here without getting bored!

Events and attractions

I always get excited about the events at Yumbo Centre. They host some of the most vibrant nightlife and shows, making every evening a blast! From drag shows that light up the night to live music that gets everyone dancing, there’s never a dull moment.

The Yumbo Centre Pride is one of those must-see festivals. It fills the air with joy and color, celebrating love and diversity.

They also have special events throughout the year, like the Carnival. Though it faced cancellations due to health concerns, they’re bouncing back stronger, promising more fun and excitement for everyone.

I make sure not to miss these gatherings because they’re where memories are made. Whether you love watching performances or enjoying free entertainment under the stars, Yumbo Centre has something special waiting for you!

Featured Businesses

A storefront displays shiny jewelry with a bustling city atmosphere.

At Yumbo Centre, you’ll find businesses that catch your eye and make your visit unforgettable. From a place where you can fill prescriptions to shiny jewelry shops, lively dance clubs, cozy bars, mouth-watering restaurants, creamy ice cream shops, vibrant cafes to places that cater to more adult interests – it’s all here!


You know, getting sick or needing a medicine while on vacation can really put a damper on things. That’s why I was so relieved to find the pharmacy right in the Yumbo Centre. They’ve been helping tourists and locals since 1977! This place has everything you might need, from cold medicine to sunscreen.

And let me tell you, the staff there are super helpful. They understand that we’re not all fluent in medical terminology or even Spanish. So they make it easy for us by speaking English and guiding us through their wide selection of health products.

Whether it’s allergy relief or just some vitamins to keep your energy up, this pharmacy’s got your back.

Shiv Jewellery

Shiv Jewellery stands out in Yumbo Centre. The shop is a dazzling spot where everyone, especially those from the LGBTQ+ community, can find something special. This place shines because it offers an amazing range of jewels that catch your eye.

Not just any store, Shiv Jewellery understands what makes you unique and celebrates it.

I stepped into Shiv Jewellery and oh boy, was I surprised! Their collection goes from shiny rings to stunning necklaces that have this way of saying “I’m here!” It’s all about expressing yourself.

Here, being different is what they love most. Whether you’re shopping for a gift or treating yourself, this jewel haven has got you covered with pieces that speak volumes without saying a word.

Mantrix Disco

Mantrix Disco top gay club vibrant atmosphere

Whether you’re looking to meet new friends or just want to enjoy some great music, Mantrix has something special in store.

My visits here always end up being the highlight of my trip. The club showcases a mix of lively tunes and themed nights that promise an unforgettable experience. It’s not just about dancing; it’s where memories are made under the glittering disco balls.

Mantrix Disco stands out as a beacon of joy within Yumbo Centre, solidifying its status as a key player in creating an inclusive environment for people from all walks of life.

Mykonos Bar

Leaving Mantrix Disco behind, I found myself at Mykonos Bar. This place is the biggest gay bar in Yumbo Centre, making it a must-see for anyone visiting Gran Canaria. It’s known as a spot where everyone can have fun, meet new people, and enjoy live entertainment.

The vibe here? Absolutely electric.

Mykonos Bar isn’t just another watering hole; it’s a key part of the LGTBI community within Yumbo Centre. The atmosphere buzzes with energy from dusk till dawn, offering endless opportunities for dancing, socializing, and making lasting memories.

With its diverse crowd and lively events, this bar stands out as a beacon of inclusivity and good times on the island’s vibrant nightlife scene.

Gio Bar Restaurant

Gio Bar Restaurant shines as a friendly spot in Yumbo Centre. It’s famous for welcoming everyone, especially the LGBTQ+ community. I’ve been there, and trust me, it feels like home.

The staff greet you with big smiles and make sure you’re having a great time. Their menu is full of delicious choices that keep me coming back.

They host fun events that turn any night into an adventure. Plus, after reopening post-Covid-19 lockdowns, their safety measures make you feel secure while you enjoy your night out.

Whether it’s live music or drag shows on certain nights, entertainment here never misses a beat.

Ritz – Ice Cream & Pastry Parlour

After a refreshing drink at Gio Bar Restaurant, I made my way to Ritz – Ice Cream & Pastry Parlour. Let me tell you, this place is a dream come true for anyone with a sweet tooth like mine.

They serve up the most delicious ice cream and pastries you can imagine. Each scoop of ice cream tastes like it’s been crafted with joy and care. And the pastries? Oh, they’re just divine!

I tried their signature pastry, which was light, flaky, and filled with rich cream. It paired perfectly with a scoop of their chocolate ice cream. The flavors were incredible! Sitting there in Yumbo Centre Gran Canaria, enjoying these treats made me feel right at home.

This parlour isn’t just about food; it’s an experience – one that brings people together over the love of sweets. Trust me, if you’re around Yumbo Centre shops or bars and craving something sweet, Ritz is where you want to go.

Gran Café Latino

I discovered Gran Café Latino on my latest trip to Yumbo Centre in Gran Canaria. This place rocks! It’s not just any café. It shines bright as a beacon for the LGTBI community, hosting phenomenal events like Pride by Freedom Maspalomas and the Freedom New Year Festival.

The vibe? Oh, it’s electric! You step in, and you’re greeted with an explosion of energy that sweeps you off your feet – a perfect slice of nightlife nestled within Yumbo Centre’s bustling scene.

The treats here are to die for—imagine sipping on exotic drinks under the stars while dancing to lively tunes that keep your heart thumping all night long. And the crowd? An amazing mix of friendly faces from around the globe, all coming together to celebrate life in spectacular fashion.

Trust me; whether you’re looking for delicious cocktails or simply want to soak up vibrant vibes, Gran Café Latino has got you covered.

Now, let’s move on and talk about some other gems tucked away inside Yumbo Centre…

Toms Cruising Bar

After enjoying a sweet treat at Gran Café Latino, I made my way to Toms Cruising Bar. This place is a gem for the LGTBI community and truly stands out in Yumbo Centre’s vibrant nightlife.

With free shows that range from drag acts to cabaret, there’s never a dull moment here. The atmosphere is electric, filled with laughter and music that invites everyone to join in the fun.

My first visit was unforgettable. As soon as I walked in, the energy of the crowd swept me over. I found myself cheering for an amazing drag performance, something I had never experienced before but instantly loved.

The staff were super welcoming too, making sure everyone had a great time.

Imsei Clinic

At Imsei Clinic right in Yumbo Centre, I found a cozy spot for health and beauty services. They offer everything from quick check-ups to refreshing beauty treatments. It’s a gem for anyone looking to rejuvenate after exploring the shops and bars.

This place stands out because it cares deeply about the LGBTQ+ community, making everyone feel welcome.

My visit there was super chill. The staff treated me like royalty and knew exactly what I needed to unwind. It’s not just another clinic; it’s part of the vibrant scene at Yumbo Centre, surrounded by lively events and friendly faces.

If you’re around, don’t miss out on stopping by Imsei Clinic for that extra bit of care we all deserve sometimes!


Leaving the wellness world of Imsei Clinic behind, I moved on to explore Junior. This spot truly stands out as a gem in Yumbo Centre Gran Canaria. It’s a place where warmth meets excitement.

The cozy terrace at Junior welcomed me with open arms, offering a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere that’s hard to find elsewhere. As I settled in, the unique charm that defines the LGBTQ+ community here became unmistakable.

During my visit, I couldn’t help but notice how Junior contributes to Yumbo Centre’s reputation as an LGTBI nightlife haven. Whether it was sipping on refreshing drinks or engaging in lively conversations with friendly faces around, every moment felt special.

This bar not only serves up delightful experiences but also plays a pivotal role in hosting events that celebrate diversity and inclusion within the LGTBI shopping center realm. My night at Junior was one for the books – full of laughter, great company, and an undeniable sense of belonging.

Popular Activities and Attractions near Yumbo Centre

Right outside Yumbo Centre, adventure calls. Think dashing through golden sands on a camel or zooming around town on an electric scooter. It’s all here, waiting just for you!

Shopping in Puerto Mogan

I had a blast shopping in Puerto Mogan! This spot is famous for its laid-back vibe during the day. Shops spill out colorful souvenirs, trendy outfits, and unique local crafts that you just can’t find anywhere else.

It felt like every corner turned revealed something new.

The cafes and restaurants dotting the area served up some delicious breaks between my shopping sprees. I snagged some locally made items that are perfect reminders of my trip. Trust me, if you’re looking for treasures to bring home or gifts that scream “Gran Canaria,” this is your go-to place.

Camel rides in Maspalomas Dunes

After exploring the shops in Puerto Mogan, you might want to try something completely different. Camel rides in Maspalomas Dunes offer a unique way to see the sights. These desert-like sand dunes are right near Yumbo Centre, making it easy to get from shopping and eating to adventure.

Riding a camel through these vast dunes is an unforgettable experience. It feels like stepping into another world, away from the bustling city life. The guides know just how to make this trip safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Plus, with over 6,000 good reviews, you know this activity is worth it!

E-Scooter Chopper rentals

I have to tell you, the Yumbo Centre doesn’t offer E-Scooter Chopper rentals. This might be a bit of a bummer if you were hoping to zip around on one. But don’t let that stop you! The area is full of life and has so much more to offer.

While you can’t cruise on an electric scooter from the Yumbo Centre, there are plenty of other ways to explore and enjoy everything this vibrant spot has to offer.

Exploring on foot or finding another ride option could turn into an unexpected adventure. Plus, with all the cafes, bars, and shops around, there’s never a dull moment here. So even without an e-scooter chopper to speed things along, I promise you’ll still have an amazing time discovering what makes the Yumbo Centre stand out.

Yumbo Shopping Centre Official Website

The Yumbo Shopping Centre official website is your go-to place for everything you need to know before visiting. It’s packed with details about shops, bars, and restaurants. You’ll find opening times and a map to guide you around this vibrant spot.

Plus, there’s info on live events like drag shows that make nights here unforgettable.

On my last visit, I used the site to plan our evening. We checked out the best bars and made sure we didn’t miss the famous drag show everyone talks about. The website was super easy to use on my phone and really helped us make the most of our time at Yumbo Centre.

Top Ways to Experience Nearby Attractions

Exploring nearby sights is a breeze – think shopping sprees, bumpy camel rides, and whizzing around on electric scooters. Keep reading to uncover more ways to make your trip unforgettable!

Shopping tours

I had the chance to join one of the shopping tours at Yumbo Centre, and wow, was I in for a treat! The place has three floors packed with a mix of shops. You’ll find everything from unique jewelry at Shiv Jewellery to trendy outfits perfect for a night out.

The vibe is energetic, with folks bustling about, making it an adventure in itself.

Touring around Yumbo Centre, I stumbled upon cool cafes and bars like Gran Café Latino where you can grab a coffee or something stronger if you’re feeling it. And oh, the variety of restaurants meant deciding where to eat was tough but fun.

Every corner turned up something new – from ice cream parlors to gadget stores. This isn’t just any shopping tour; it’s like stepping into a vibrant world where every taste and interest gets its spotlight.

Camel rides

So, let me tell you about the camel rides in Maspalomas Dunes that I got to experience. It felt like stepping into a giant sandbox but with an adventure twist. You sit high up on these gentle giants and slowly trek across the sandy waves.

The guide led us through paths that made me feel like I was in another world.

Seeing the dunes from atop a camel adds this cool layer to your holiday stories. Plus, it’s not every day you get to ride a camel, right? The whole journey felt peaceful, with just the sound of footsteps on sand.

And those views! Honestly, it’s something you’ve got to see for yourself.

E-Scooter rentals

I found out that zipping around on an e-scooter is one of the best ways to see everything Yumbo Centre has to offer. These electric scooters are easy to rent and they make getting from one shop or bar to another a breeze.

Imagine gliding through the three floors packed with stores, cafés, and nightclubs without breaking a sweat. This means more time enjoying what you love and less time walking.

E-scooters aren’t just for daytime exploring either. At night, when Yumbo Centre comes alive with shows and parties, having an e-scooter lets you hop from one event to another without missing a beat.

Planning to be part of big events like Carnival or Pride? An e-scooter becomes your best friend, helping you weave through the crowds and catch all the action up close. Plus, tourists say that using these scooters adds an extra layer of fun to their visit, making every ride an adventure around Yumbo Centre’s vibrant scene.

Yumbo Centre: The Only LGBTQ+ Shopping Centre in the World

Yumbo Centre in Gran Canaria stands out as the sole LGBTQ+ shopping center on the globe. This place is a colorful haven for anyone looking to soak in lively vibes, with floors stacked with shops, cafes, bars, and more.

It’s like stepping into a world where diversity and joy light up every corner. My visit here opened my eyes to how vibrant nightlife can be, especially with all the free shows that bring drag acts and cabaret right into your evening.

This spot isn’t just about shopping; it’s a community hub where laughter fills the air from sunset till dawn. With events like Pride by Freedom Maspalomas lighting up its calendar, Yumbo Centre becomes more than a destination—it’s an experience.

Walking through its levels, I felt embraced by an atmosphere of acceptance and celebration. Plus, finding everything from tasty eats at various restaurants to unique finds in boutiques made each moment exciting.

Trust me, Yumbo Centre lives up to its fame as a must-visit for tourists wanting a taste of Playa de Ingles’ best entertainment and hospitality.

How to Get to Yumbo Centre

So, you wanna get to Yumbo Centre? Easy peasy! If you’re flying in, grab a taxi or hop on a bus from the airport. These rides will zip straight there. Public transport options are also super handy and can save you some bucks.

Just check the latest schedules and find your best route to dive into the fun at Yumbo Centre!

Directions from the airport

I hopped off my flight feeling the buzz of excitement. The Yumbo Centre in Gran Canaria was calling my name. I needed to figure out the best way to get there from the airport. Lucky for me, taxis and shuttles were right outside waiting.

I found a taxi with a friendly driver who knew exactly where I wanted to go – straight to the heart of Maspalomas.

The ride wasn’t long, and gazing out at the scenic views made time fly by. We talked about local spots and he pointed out places I might enjoy visiting near Yumbo Centre. The fare was reasonable too, no stress on my wallet! Using taxis or shuttles makes getting from the airport to Yumbo Centre hassle-free.

It’s easy peasy – just grab your bags, find a ride, and you’re on your way to an unforgettable adventure in Gran Canaria!

Public transportation options

Once you’ve figured out the directions from the airport, getting to Yumbo Centre couldn’t be easier thanks to the handy taxis and shuttles. I found these options both affordable and convenient.

On my first visit, a friendly taxi driver whisked me straight from the airport to the heart of Gran Canaria’s gay paradise. The drive was smooth and gave me a thrilling glimpse of Maspalomas along the way.

For days when I felt more adventurous, I chose shuttle vehicles. They’re great because they let you meet other tourists heading to Yumbo Centre or nearby attractions. Plus, it’s an eco-friendlier choice than taking a taxi alone.

Both these public conveyances made exploring Yumbo Centre and its vibrant shops, bars, and events totally hassle-free for someone like me who prefers not dealing with car rentals or trying to decipher parking spots on vacation.


1. What’s the Yumbo Centre like at night?

Oh, let me tell you—Yumbo Centre at night is a whole different world! The place lights up with vibrant bars and clubs, and there’s always some kind of drag show or live event that keeps things super lively. It’s like the center wakes up when the sun goes down.

2. Can I find good food in Yumbo Centre?

Absolutely! Whether you’re craving a juicy burger from Burger King or something more exotic from one of the best restaurants around, Yumbo Centre has got your back…and your stomach covered! Breakfast, lunch, dinner—you name it, they serve it.

3. Are there any gay bars in Yumbo Centre?

Yes, and they’re fabulous! The centre is known for its welcoming atmosphere and has some of the best gay bars where everyone can have a great time. Trust me; it’s an experience filled with fun and friendly faces everywhere you look.

4. Is there anything to do during the day?

You betcha! Aside from shopping till you drop at various shops open throughout the day, you can hit a round of crazy golf or just chill with a coffee watching life go by on live cam feeds—if people-watching is your thing.

5. How far is Yumbo Centre from Playa del Ingles beach?

Not far at all—it’s practically next door neighbors! You can easily stroll between Playa del Ingles and Yumbo Centre without breaking much of a sweat. Perfect for those days when you want both beach time and shopping sprees.

6. Will I catch any special events if I visit in 2024?

Definitely keep an eye out because Yumbo Center events 2024 are shaping up to be epic! From carnival celebrations to exclusive drag shows, make sure to check their schedule so you don’t miss out on any action-packed or glitter-filled nights.