Maspalomas Princess – Hotel Review

Welcome to Maspalomas Princess, a much-loved 4-star hotel located in Gran Canaria that promises the perfect break for every holidaymaker! Whether you are looking for sun, sand and relaxation or an unforgettable family getaway, this charming resort is the ideal destination.

With wonderful modern rooms, six outdoor pools and five on-site restaurants all within close proximity to the stunning beach of Maspalomas – guests can enjoy having access to great facilities alongside breathtaking views.

Get ready to create lasting memories at this incredible coastal setting – why not make your next adventure one with us?.

Overview of Maspalomas Princess Hotel

Are you looking for a hotel near Maspalomas dunes with luxurious amenities and great service? Look no further! The Maspalomas Princess is an excellent modern resort which has recently been renovated and merged with another great Gran Canaria hotel, Tabaiba Princess. In this review, I’ll summarise what kind of rooms are available at the Maspalomas Princess, some of its facilities and services as well as other attractions located nearby so that you make an informed decision about your next holiday destination. Be prepared to be dazzled by the luxurious beauty of the Maspalomas landscape from one of the best hotels in town!

Family-friendly resort near Maspalomas dunes

Located in Gran Canaria, the Maspalomas Princess is a great option for families looking for an exciting yet peaceful getaway. Its location close to the stunning Maspalomas dunes is perfect for parents and children; it offers an opportunity to explore one of the most visually interesting landscapes in all of Gran Canaria while also providing a secure place away from home.

Staying here allows you access to private outdoor pools, modern clean rooms with balconies or terraces where you can relax after a day exploring around, on-site restaurants, children’s facilities including high chairs and cots, activities ranging from tennis courts to mini golf courses and more! Moreover, because this resort is located near the popular tourist area of Maspalomas you can easily find activities such as shopping, sightseeing sites worth visiting and nearby beaches too.

Recently renovated and merged with Tabaiba Princess

The Maspalomas Princess Hotel in Gran Canaria has recently undergone major renovations and merged with Tabaiba princess, making it a modern and vibrant family-friendly resort. For guests looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, both hotels offer various amenities for adults and children alike.

You can find plenty of activities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, minigolf courses & indoor gaming areas! The hotel also boasts luxurious rooms each done up with bright interiors and modern furnishings.

The services have been improved too; from regular housekeeping to all inclusive options available for those looking for an effortless holiday by the sea! With private gardens, restaurant spaces serving regional delicacies and beachfront views – this is the ideal spot for a relaxing getaway that guarantees peace of mind every step of your stay here…

Room Types at Maspalomas Princess

From standard rooms for families to luxurious suites, Maspalomas Princess Hotel features a range of accommodation options that are sure to suit any traveler’s needs.

Standard Rooms

At Maspalomas Princess Hotel, we provide comfortable standard rooms with single beds and can accommodate up to 4 people. Measuring at approximately 37 square meters in size, these soundproofed rooms have satellite smart-television and Wi-Fi so that you can stay connected.

Plus there are other features such as an ironing board, hairdryer, and air conditioning for added comfort. If you’re looking for a place where multiple family members can stay without feeling cramped, our Standard Rooms will suit your needs perfectly!

Standard Family Rooms

Maspalomas Princess Hotel offers a great option for family travelers, with their Standard Family Rooms. These rooms offer an ample 37 m² of space which accommodate up to four people comfortably.

I particularly love the convenience of these family rooms come with single beds making it easier to set up depending on the makeup of your group – perfect if you’re traveling in a larger party or bringing separate bedding for kids and adults alike! On top of all that, each room is equipped with amenities such as Wi-Fi and satellite television making it easy to stay connected while away from home.

With all types of families catered for at Maspalomas Princess Hotel, there are even special discounts available when booking all-inclusive packages for the duration of your stay; giving parents more peace of mind knowing every detail has been taken care off before they leave home.

Superior Family Rooms

at Maspalomas Princess Hotel are ideal for families of up to five people. Each room is air-conditioned and features premium bedding and a balcony or patio. For added convenience, iron and ironing boards, hairdryers, tea/coffee makers and complimentary Wi-Fi connections are available in each Superior Family Room.

There’s something for every family member too with convenient children facilities on site including kids clubs so adults can have some much needed down time! It’s easy to relax at Maspalomas Princess Hotel knowing you’re in safe hands with 389 different accommodations all tailored towards families who want the perfect holiday experience.

With such an array of stylish options – from Standard Rooms through Junior Suites on offer – it’s easy to find your dream accommodation here! Guests often rave about their stays here and plenty of returning visitors attest to just how wonderful a trip here can be.

Junior Suites

At Maspalomas Princess, we offer a number of Junior Suites for families looking for a luxurious and comfortable stay. All of our Junior Suites come with furnished terraces that overlook the stunning water park – ideal for taking in the beautiful views Gran Canaria has to offer! Each suite also feature modern decor and amenities such as free Wi-Fi access and satellite televisions.

And if you’re bringing along kids, they’ll love use of the dedicated children’s facilities at our family-friendly hotel. With plenty of restaurants and activities available onsite too, Maspalomas Princess is sure to provide your family with an unforgettable holiday experience!

Junior Suites with Private Garden

At Maspalomas Princess Hotel, you’ll find our luxurious Junior Suites with Private Garden. These suites are perfect for couples looking for added privacy and comfort during their vacation.

This luxurious escape features a sliding door that opens up to your own private garden area. Enjoy fabulous views of the water park from the furnished terrace equipped with table chairs and sunbeds, while taking in a few rays or simply enjoying peace and tranquility here at this tranquil resort.

Relax in air-conditioned rooms complete with double bed, smart TV, free Wi-Fi – all completed modern furnishing offering an elevated level of relaxation during your stay here at Maspalomas Princess Hotel.


At Maspalomas Princess Hotel, guests can choose to stay in luxurious suite rooms. These suites offer additional amenities and space compared to the other room types, making them perfect for longer stays or those looking for extra comfort.

Guests can enjoy two bathrooms in their suites as well as a separate living room and bedroom that provides privacy and convenience while relaxing or catching up on work in paradise.

For families staying at Maspalomas Princess, these suite rooms come with high levels of comfort, allowing everyone to enjoy ample personal space without sacrificing their relaxation time together.

Suite Prestige

At Maspalomas Princess, the Suite Prestige provides a luxurious and comfortable stay for travellers. The suite has recently undergone a complete renovation, delivering modern amenities in a spacious 60 sq m room.

It can accommodate up to 3 adults in its queen bed surrounded by LED lighting; while just next to it is an additional twin bed, perfect for friends or family travelling together. Comfortable seating areas, along with Wi-Fi, satellite television and other digital services make this one of the best rooms at the hotel.

Guests who have stayed in this accommodation have praised its ambience and have appreciated the availability of complimentary toiletries. With all these features combined with favourable reviews from previous visitors makes it easy to see why choosing the Suite Prestige should be your first choice when planning your holiday at Maspalomas Princess Hotel!

Facilities and Services

The hotel has a wide assortment of amenities and activities like modern rooms, restaurants, sports activities and many more for guests to enjoy. Read on to find out more about the luxurious Maspalomas Princess!

Modern rooms

At Maspalomas Princess hotel, guests can expect to find modern rooms with stylish interior design. Every room is equipped with Wi-Fi and satellite television, meaning visitors can keep up-to-date with their favorite shows.

The beautifully designed guest accommodation also comes complete with modern amenities, such as air conditioning, safe boxesand comfortable beds for a great night’s rest. To ensure that every visitor enjoys a clean and comfortable stay the hotel provides daily housekeeping services.

Reviews from past travelers have praised the modern rooms for their comfort and design as well as the amenities provided in each one.

On-site restaurants

At Maspalomas Princess hotel, guests can enjoy a wide variety of dining experiences with the facilities on-site. There is a spacious buffet restaurant which also offers al fresco dining as well fantastic food quality that tempts your taste buds.

Besides this, two self-service snack restaurants are located nearby offering quick to eat dishes such as pizza, fried foods etc. Furthermore there are two more eateries; one Italian and the other, Asian dinner restaurants that serve specialties from around the world including sushi rolls and selections of pasta dishes among many others.

A variety of drinks and cocktails from five distinct bars within the premises including four poolside will make sure your holidays here never get boring! With such varied cuisines available at one place along with amenity like private pool, Maspalomas Princess promises an amazing culinary experience for everyone coming in.

Children’s facilities

At Maspalomas Princess Hotel, families get the full experience! The hotel offers a wide variety of engaging and exciting activities that cater to children. From the water park with its four slides, to 6 outdoor pools – there is something to suit everyone.

The kids can also enjoy mini-golf, beach volleyball or relax in one of the family Jacuzzis. There is also an area dedicated just for them – Kids’ Club Mariventur has plenty of games & crafts available, including storytime sessions in multiple languages! And if parents need some alone time – babysitting services are offered on request so they can explore all that Gran Canaria has to offer without worry.

Activities and sports

At the Maspalomas Princess Hotel, there is something for everyone in terms of activities and sports. From yoga classes to zumba classes, pilates or beach volleyball on their artificial sand beach – all these activities offer an enjoyable way to stay active at the hotel.

The gym is also a great way to start off your day with some energy if you’re looking for something a bit different from group exercises. For younger guests (or just young-at-heart) the hotel’s huge water splash park offers plenty of fun and entertainment in Gran Canaria’s sunniest days.

Additionally, Maspalomas Princess has created an Adults Only Chill Out Area designed so that all our grownup guests can take time out peacefully – perfect for those seeking tranquillity during their stay!

Iron and Ironing board

At Maspalomas Princess, iron and ironing boards are not included in the rooms. However, if you’re staying at the nearby Princess Family Club Riviera or Hotel Grand Riviera & , both have a provision of such amenities for guests who require them.

The Iron and Ironing boards can be found inside the wardrobe in each room at these two hotels. For those who want to take advantage of this service whilst on holiday, Maspalomas Princess is an ideal option with full board packages that offer nights away along with a spacious, modern room that comes complete will all required basics like Iron and Ironing board supplied by Princess Family Club Riviera and Hotel Grand Riviera & .


At Maspalomas Princess Hotel, tourists can take advantage of a handy hairdryer so they look and feel their best while staying at the resort. All rooms are equipped with a hairdryer included in its facilities allowing guests to show off luscious locks during their stay.

In addition, there is also an on-site hair salon which offers typical hairdressing services such as styling, coloring and treatments – something that will guarantee you’ll leave looking glamorous! With this convenient feature available for all those visiting the hotel, it’s simpler than ever to get ready in style no matter what your day brings.

Guest Reviews

With most guests being regular visitors to the hotel, reviews on the Maspalomas Princess are overwhelmingly positive.

Positive feedback

The Maspalomas Princess Hotel can count on a number of positive reviews from guests. One common feature in these comments is the cleanliness at the resort, both inside and out. From sparkling rooms to crystal clear pools, guests praised how clean everything was kept throughout their stay.

Additionally, another popular opinion was that for an all-inclusive resort there was plenty of fresh food with great variety, no matter which restaurant you went to. The pool options available were also greatly appreciated as there were several good choices for adults and children alike – all very clean and well looked after.

Moreover, transportation could easily be found with just one phone call; cars arrived in minutes making it easy to explore more of Gran Canaria Island if desired! Last but not least people noted how friendly and accommodating staff members were; any requests where quickly resolved leaving you free to enjoy your holiday without worry or hassle! All in all this hotel seems like a great choice for family fun by the beach while being taken care of without worrying about anything else during your stay.

Areas for improvement

Some guests have mentioned a few areas in which the Maspalomas Princess Hotel could improve. Common feedback from reviewers include lack of accessibility, facilities and activities for those with reduced mobility; limited options for children’s entertainment, and longer waits in-room service requests.

Guests have also suggested that the hotel may be over-priced when compared to other resorts in Lanzarote. While it is important for hotel management to continually strive towards providing the best possible customer experience, responsive feedback on areas highlighted by guest reviews can make an even bigger difference – letting customers know their concerns are heard and being taken seriously.

Ultimately, addressing any specific issues noted within these reviews helps ensure ongoing client satisfaction as well as improved brand reputation among previous visitors.

Location and Nearby Attractions

Maspalomas Princess Hotel is located by the golden beaches of Gran Canaria, within close proximity to popular tourist attractions such as the Maspalomas Dunes and Las Cucharas Beach.

Close to the beach

If you are looking for a beach vacation, then the Maspalomas Princess Hotel is located in the perfect spot. During your stay, you will be able to enjoy easy access to the beautiful coast of Gran Canaria.

The man-made beach at this hotel makes it great for those who don’t want to go far from their place of accommodation. Plus, there is plenty nearby attractions worth visiting like the picturesque Maspalomas Botanical Garden, nearby golf courses and Holiday World Maspalomas which offer entertainment for all ages.

With such proximity to the sea and sand, staying here means that days spent swimming in its crystal clear waters or even lounging on its golden shores are just an elevator ride away!

Popular tourist area

Maspalomas Princess is nestled in one of the most popular tourist areas you can find. Whether it’s lounging on the white sands of Maspalomas Beach, having a stroll through Fund Grube – Boulevard El and shopping for souvenirs, or exploring the Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve – there’ll be no shortage of things to do here when you stay at Maspalomas Princess! Plus, Holidayworld Maspalomas Center is just 0.7 miles away so you have plenty of options for entertainment.

With all these attractions nearby plus more yet to discover, a visit to this stunning destination will never be enough!

Nearby attractions (list a few)

Maspalomas Princess Hotel is located in the picturesque town of Maspalomas, positioning it close to plenty of attractive sites and attractions. Holidayworld Maspalomas Center is the perfect place for fun-loving families, offering a multitude of amusement rides from rollercoasters, water slides and game rooms. Fund Grube – Boulevard El Faro has everything you need to enjoy a few drinks before heading off for dinner or nightlife entertainment. Families can join together at Playa Del Aguila beach enjoying golden sunsets over the Mediterranean Sea whilst all throughout the Costa Meloneras there are various options to golf with clubs like Maspalomas Golf, Meloneras Golf, and Salobre Golf available nearby. The Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Gran Canaria also offers additional facilities including restaurants and spas as well as lush gardens with walkways around its pool areas creating an oasis away from home. Guests staying at the hotel can also visit Dunas de Maspalomas Natural Park containing some of Europe’s largest sand dunes – a must see destination during your stay here!

Board Basis and Special Assistance

Guests of Maspalomas Princess Hotel can choose from a variety of board basis options, including full board and all-inclusive. Special assistance is also available for those with disabilities or limited mobility.

Options for board basis

At the Maspalomas Princess Hotel, you can choose from a range of board basis packages tailored to suit your needs. The hotel offers everything from B&B (bed and breakfast), Half Board, Full Board, and All-inclusive options.

With the Half Board plan you get buffet-style breakfast along with one other meal – usually dinner. If you opt for the All-inclusive package, in addition to buffet breakfasts and dinners there is a selection of drinks thrown into the mix including cocktails at select bars as well as free ice creams for all ages available at certain times throughout the day or evening.

As this 4-star resort offers a variety of dining options – from buffets to premium gastronomy paired with quality dishes––you can ensure that each member of your family has something they’ll love even if their tastes are different!

Special assistance services

At the Maspalomas Princess hotel, guests can choose from several options of board basis and special assistance services available. The standard all-inclusive package includes unlimited meals and drinks at on-site restaurants as well as access to pools and activities. For those looking for extra luxuries during their stay, they can upgrade to a superior or luxury family room with exclusive features such as live entertainment in evening events or private beach towels. The hotel also offers special assistance services such as priority check-ins/checkouts, airport transfers, and a 24 hour customer service line to answer any queries related to booking information and other matters. To ensure our guests have an enjoyable no matter how busy it gets here we provide additional amenities that are suitable for wheelchair users including lowered sinks and grab bars in rooms accessible by ramps. Moreover, our multilingual staff is willing to assist anyone who desires help regardless of language barriers so you don’t have worry about feeling lost!

Booking and Travel Information

Taking advantage of one of the TUI holiday packages this Spanish island offers has never been easier, thanks to the free app they provide for travelers when making their reservations.

Use of TUI app

At Maspalomas Princess, you can benefit from the latest digital advances to make the most of your holiday. The TUI app helps you plan and manage your stay at ease. With it, I have 24/7 immediate access to support and assistance services no matter where in the world I am.

From booking transfers and tickets to managing restaurant reservations or ordering room service; all this is easy with a few clicks directly on my Smartphone or tablet device. Not only that but they keep me informed about hotel news, offers and activities going on during my stay.

As such, I always feel taken care of while enjoying premium family-friendly experiences at Maspalomas Princess Hotel!

Flight information

When traveling to Maspalomas Princess hotel, the nearest airport is Gran Canaria Airport which is just over 30km away from the resort. To get to and from the hotel you can arrange a taxi or car hire at the airport.

Shuttle services are also available for those who don’t wish to drive by themselves. It’s important to keep in mind that there might be high traffic on national holidays due to increased tourism.

When booking flights, it’s recommended to check prices ahead of time as well as look out for special discounts on international and domestic carriers offered during certain times of the year.

Flexible booking options

At Maspalomas Princess, I can enjoy the convenience of flexible booking options. Whether travelling with family or friends, these options offer a great choice for planning my stay in Gran Canaria:


  1. Modify or cancel reservations if needed – I can easily make changes to my dates and duration when necessary.
  2. Family – friendly rooms– separate areas within the hotel are available specifically for families, featuring amenities such as children’s beds and TVs in designated rooms as well as access to themed activities at the resort’s entertainment centre.
  3. Adult only area – there is also an adults-only zone which provides a peaceful atmosphere for those seeking a quiet poolside break from their travels over Gran Canaria!
  4. All-inclusive packages – guests have the option to choose between half board and all-inclusive accommodation packages that allow them worry free holidays while still being able to sample local food discoveries along the way!

Health and Safety Measures

At Maspalomas Princess, a wide range of health and safety measures are implemented to provide guests with informative travel advice and convenient online checks for reviews. To know more about these comprehensive offerings, please read further.

Travel Aware policy

The Maspalomas Princess hotel is associated with the Travel Aware policy which focuses on helping travellers stay safe and healthy while on their Holidays abroad. It encourages all travellers to check that their bookings, such as flights, hotels and other services are listed under the policy should anything go wrong or they require assistance.

Additionally it emphasizes the importance of travel insurance for medical coverage during your trip; this important safety precaution has been proven invaluable in situations where medical treatment is needed.

The policy also advises following the Foreign & Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) travel advice red list when visiting a special alert destination before embarking on your journey abroad.

Online health and safety checks for reviews

As a traveller, I understand the importance of Tripadvisor’s online health and safety checks when staying at Maspalomas Princess Hotel. The website is always performing reviews for every hotel listed to ensure that it follows international standards of hygiene and safety.

This can include checking reviews from travellers, looking for personal protective equipment being used by staff, temperature checks being performed on both staff and guests and other precautionary measures in place such as hand sanitisers available around the premises.

Having these checks done allows me to enjoy my stay more confidently knowing that Maspalomas Princess Hotel has adopted the right protocols within its management system which ensure a safe environment for all their guests.

Distance from airport

The Maspalomas Princess hotel is located approximately 34km from Gran Canaria Airport, making it highly accessible and convenient to visitors. Air-conditioned transfer buses can be taken at the airport for a 45-minute journey directly to the hotel.

Alternatively, taxis are available if you prefer a more private door-to-door service in around 30 minutes’ time that costs 40 euros or less. These options make it effortless to get from your flight to your beachside retreat with minimal fuss and delay – perfect for holidaymakers looking for hassle free access!

Conclusion and Recommendations

After reviewing the important facts regarding the Maspalomas Princess hotel, we can conclude that it is a family-friendly resort with modern amenities and great services. It has recently been renovated and merged with Tabaiba Princess, making it more accessible to guests.

The rooms are comfortable, well-equipped, and offer plenty of space for families or couples alike. There is an onsite spa facility for relaxing after a full day of sightseeing or swimming in one of the resort’s six outdoor pools – plus five restaurants offering something to suit everyone’s taste!

The location near Maspalomas dunes make this hotel an ideal base from which to explore Gran Canaria; however, there are not many other attractions nearby so travelers may need to take advantage of taxi services.

As far as recommendations go, those visiting with children should consider booking into one of their Superior Family Rooms which provide better views over the pool area while adults could use any room type depending on their budget and preferences.

It is also recommended that they look into meal plans or utilize special assistance if necessary – both are available at additional cost at this hotel. For activities outside the hotel grounds they can visit Maspalomas beach or Palmitos Park where they can find lots of things to do!


1. What is Maspalomas Princess?

Maspalomas Princess is a 4-star hotel located in Gran Canaria, featuring an all inclusive package as well as unique restaurants and gym facilities.

2. Where can I find the dress code for Maspalomas Princess?

The dress code for Maspalomas Princess depends on which restaurant you choose to dine in – make sure to check the menus available online or ask at reception before dining.

3. What are the food options at Maspalomas Princess?

Maspalomsa Princess offers a variety of Mediterranean dishes with both buffet and à la carte restaurants, plus snacks available throughout the day. The full board option also includes breakfast, lunch & dinner meals with drinks included free of charge!

4. How much does it cost to stay at Maspalomas Princess?

Prices vary depending on when you book your room and what type of accommodation you require but usually range from €30-€50 per night without taking into account any additional offerings such as Extras Packages or all inclusive plans.
5 Is there anything else that guests should be aware of when visiting Maspolamas Princesse?

Aside from being family friendly resort, standard features include multiple swimming pools and entertainment activities during high season periods while English-speaking staff are available should visitors need assistance navigating around Gran Canaria or gathering more information about local attractions nearby!