Palm Oasis Hotel Maspalomas – Hotel Review

Welcome to Palm Oasis Maspalomas – a haven of tranquility, comfort and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life! If you’re planning a family holiday in Gran Canaria then look no further than Palm Oasis Hotel Maspalomas.

Located in Sonnenland on the south coast, this hotel is the perfect place for an unforgettable holiday with friends or family, offering uniquely adapted apartments coupled with marvellous amenities for your every need.

Our resort boasts great services such as our onsite restaurant, an outdoor pool and excellent entertainment options to ensure you make memories that last a lifetime! Read through more of our TripAdvisor reviews to help decide if we are right for you before booking your stay directly through our online website where exclusive benefits await.

Welcome to Palm Oasis Maspalomas


Are you looking for a memorable holiday experience on Gran Canaria? Do not look any further than Palm Oasis Maspalomas. Located in Sonnenland, this unique fully-equipped hotel offers easy access to the beach and resort centre. From its restaurant serving delicious cuisine to great facilities such as an outdoor pool and gym, this charming retreat has all that you need for an unforgettable holiday. In this blog post, we will review the amazing amenities and experiences of top-rated Palm Oasis Hotel Maspalomas so buckle up!

Book on our official website for advantages

Booking your stay with Palm Oasis Maspalomas on our official website is the ideal way to experience all of its luxury and comfort. Guests can enjoy the spacious studios and apartments equipped with a terrace, providing them with amazing views over Sonnenland.

Additionally, booking through our official website grants guests access to exclusive amenities such as free WiFi and satellite TV for entertainment, along with a hydromassage bath in the rooms for full relaxation after exciting days exploring Gran Canaria’s wonders.

Further convenience comes when staying at this hotel as it provides modern kitchens inside every room which are supplied with all necessary amenities one could need during their vacation here! And best of all – you don’t need to worry about overcrowding on your holiday at Palm Oasis Maspalomas; ensuring that your stay is truly peaceful and relaxing!

Perfect resort for unforgettable holiday in Gran Canaria

Palm Oasis Maspalomas is the perfect place for anyone looking to have an unforgettable holiday in Gran Canaria. Offering incredible views of either the Atlantic Ocean or Maspalomas Dunes, this resort is a tropical paradise filled with heated outdoor pools, lush gardens and activities ranging from golf to rural tourism – all surrounded by majestic palm trees! Located just 4 km away from a sandy beach which can be easily reached via their free shuttle service, Palm Oasis Maspalomas promises both convenience and relaxation during your stay.

What’s more, they also offer child-friendly policies so holiday-makers can enjoy themselves without worry. With great restaurants at their doorstep, plenty of experiences on offer and amenities like gyms and ironing boards equipped in every apartment — it’s no wonder why guests love coming back time after time to explore the wonders that nature has to offer in Gran Canaria!

About the Hotel

Palm Oasis Maspalomas offers unique and fully-equipped apartments, conveniently located in Sonnenland.

Unique and fully equipped apartments

At Palm Oasis Maspalomas, our unique and fully equipped apartments give you all the luxuries of a grand holiday. Comprising spacious bedrooms with twin or king-size beds, living room area with comfortable sofas, flat-screen TV’s and terrace for lounging outside in the sun.

We also have free WiFi service across each apartment that offers cable channels as well as traditional Spanish options to choose from. Every unit is fitted with a private bathroom including a hydromassage bath offering deep relaxing soak after long day.

For families looking to stay longer than a few days, we offer completely-equipped kitchens; while guests preferring independent meals will appreciate nearby dining options.

Located in Sonnenland

Palm Oasis Maspalomas is conveniently situated in San Bartolome de Tirajana, Gran Canaria’s Sonnenland neighborhood. Here you’ll find a plethora of shops, cafes and restaurants that boast menus from around the world.

For those who want to experience a bit more adventure during their stay here in Spain, there are plenty of attractions to explore –located nearby– like kid-friendly activities as well as beaches ideal for swimming and sunbathing! Right outside the hotel also lays Maspalomas Dunes; an impressive natural phenomenon where sand dunes form a desert landscape with views over the extensive sea.

Enjoy all these unique offerings without having to go far! Taxis are available at the doorsteps should you have further sightseeing plans beyond what Sonnenland has to offer…

Location and Surroundings

Situated in the vibrant area of Sonnenland, Palm Oasis Maspalomas boasts an enviable location with easy access to both the beach and resort centre.

Prime location with easy access to beach and resort centre

Palm Oasis Maspalomas offers a prime location with easy access to the stunning sandy beach of Maspalomas and resort centre. Not only are guests able to take in panoramic views of both Maspalomas Dunes or the Atlantic Ocean, but they have easy access to the great amenities offered by the local area.

Whether it’s food, drinks, shops or night life you’re looking for, Palm Oasis provides it all within walking distance; there are several restaurants near by as well as plenty of cafes that offer up delicious refreshments throughout your stay.

In addition to this, there’s also a complimentary shuttle service which takes guests down to the beach- approximately 4km away – giving them even more convenience than ever before!

Amenities and Services

Services at Palm Oasis Maspalomas include an on-site restaurant, great facilities for families and adults, child-friendly policies, a gym, as well as iron and ironing board for convenience.

Immerse yourself in unforgettable holiday experience with us!

Restaurant on site

At Palm Oasis Hotel Maspalomas, we have a restaurant on site that provides guests with scrumptious food and great service. Indulge in high-quality Mediterranean dishes prepared by our expert chefs while you stay here at the hotel.

The professional staff of the restaurant are always around to cater to any special requests like dietary requirement or extra helpings. Furthermore, there are two bars/lounges right outside the premises of the hotel for anyone who wishes to enjoy their favorite cocktails or spirits under Gran Canaria’s stars!

Great facilities

At the Palm Oasis Hotel Maspalomas, there are plenty of great facilities that will make your stay a comfortable one. On site you’ll find multiple restaurants and two bars/lounges to relax or have fun at.

Perfect for all occasions! Besides those amenities, there are also two outdoor pools so that guests can take a refreshing dip whenever they’d like. For families travelling with kids, our child-friendly policies and spacious areas in the hotel ensures their safety during the entire stay.

What’s more – we offer great kitchen facilities! From ironing boards to hair dryers, you name it – it’s all here at the Palm Oasis Hotel Maspalomas!

Child-friendly policies

At Palm Oasis Hotel Maspalomas, families travelling with young kids can stay in comfort and peace of mind. To ensure that guests have a memorable experience in the hotel or apartment, they offer an array of child-oriented amenities and services.

A children’s club is provided free of charge for all families to use throughout their stay. This club provides activities such as arts & crafts, decorations, games, movies and much more – giving parents the opportunity to relax while knowing their kids are well looked after by experienced caretakers.

In addition to this feature, every room comes equipped with baby cots and high chairs; perfect for those travelling with infants or toddlers. Furthermore the restaurant offers special kid-friendly menus at affordable prices tailored specifically for smaller appetites and picky eaters alike.


At Palm Oasis Hotel Maspalomas, I can enjoy a great workout in the on-site gym! As a guest I’m able to take advantage of all the amenities and services available there. It provides a spacious fitness area with quality equipment kept at all times.

Whatever type of workout you’re into – whether it’s free weights, cardio machines or even aerobics classes – you’ll find something that suits your needs. The fully equipped gym is easily accessible for hotel guests and is open daily from early morning until late in the evening so I can fit my exercise regime into any time of day! With this prime location and unbeatable service, Palm Oasis Hotel Maspalomas’ gym has everything covered for my complete holiday experience.

Iron and Ironing board

At Palm Oasis Maspalomas, we understand the importance of having an iron and ironing board at hand for your convenience, which is why each apartment has one. A stay here should be worry-free; these essential amenities help to make sure you look sharp every day without any hassle.

Our attention to detail when it comes to providing guests with all they need in order to enjoy a comfortable stay pays testament to our commitment in making sure your holiday experience is unforgettable.

Hair dryer

At Palm Oasis Maspalomas, we understand the need to look and feel your best on holiday. To make this easier for you, we provide a hairdryer in every en-suite bathroom. This convenient amenity will help save time each morning where you don’t have to worry about travel adaptors or finding a way to dry your hair quickly – it is all available within minutes of stepping out of the shower! With powerful heating elements and two speed settings, our complimentary hairdryers guarantee an efficient drying experience; whether pin-straight sleek hair or beachy waves are your go-to style while travelling.

What Tripadvisor reviews say

The reviews for the Palm Oasis Maspalomas on Tripadvisor are overwhelmingly positive. Guests have praised the approachable and attentive staff, who go out of their way to make sure everything is just right.

It’s a luxurious oasis in Gran Canaria, fresh and clean with a relaxing atmosphere enjoyed by many guests during their stay. These same guests also commented positively about the amazing heated pool that can be used year round! The grounds and gardens of this hotel keep true to its name, as they are spotless and well-maintained too.

Apart from being an impressive sight to behold, visitors were quick to point out how comfortable and spacious the apartments here are – each providing all you need for your holiday away from home.

Furthermore when staying at this establishment there’s no shortage of attractions closeby including some great eateries offering delicious food – something we all deserve a break from whilst on holiday!

Activities and Experiences

At Palm Oasis Maspalomas, you can embark on a journey of extraordinary experiences and discover the beauty of Gran Canaria.

Unforgettable experiences offered at the hotel

At Palm Oasis Hotel Maspalomas, guests are able to have an unforgettable holiday. The hotel offers a variety of fantastic experiences for all the family including golfing, swimming and pool time, rural tourism exploring the nearby sights and attractions, as well as day trips during which you can discover the beauty of Gran Canaria.

You’ll also be able to visit some beautiful gardens or take part in some exciting activities at one of the many water parks available near our resort. For families, there’s even a free Childrens’ club available where young ones can let off steam! With great views across the Maspalomas Dunes or out over the Atlantic Ocean from select balconies and terraces within our accommodation choices – you’re sure to have a memorable stay! Not only that but with access just steps away from Sonnenland beach via complimentary shuttle service provided by us – you really won’t want your vacation here to ever end!

Recommendations for discovering Maspalomas and Gran Canaria

Visiting the dazzling resorts of Maspalomas and Gran Canaria is sure to provide a holiday you’ll never forget. With its stunning views, pristine beaches, lush landscapes and diverse culture there’s something for everyone in this idyllic getaway destination.

At Palm Oasis Hotel Maspalomas we offer guests unbeatable access to unforgettable activities from sunbathing on our nearby beach, passing tranquil mornings exploring the local attractions or testing your golf skills at one of Gran Canaria’s top courses – whatever experience you’re seeking during your stay here with us you won’t be disappointed.

Hike up Mount Teide to watch the breathtaking sunset over Tenerife, book an ATV safari through Parc Natural de Tamadaba or take a trip along Playa del Inglés for some lively pool-side fun – all just minutes away from Palm Oasis Hotel Maspalomas! If luxury relaxation is more your style then discover desert hallmark features at the tranquil Dunas de Mourelo Nature Reserve (located directly behind our resort) or amble round Artifara eco park.

Explore San Bartolomé de Tirajana’ s old fishing harbor surrounded by 12 mountain ranges and shrouded in sublime landscape realism; don’t forget Aqualava Water Park on your list either as it’s great place to cool off when temperatures rise – plus it’s only 4km from hotel so well worth checking out too!

To really rest, kick back and escape it all why not try Adrenaline Climbing Wall & Adventure Centre which includes abseiling medicine wall traverse copellation adventures archery paintball ziplining body-swing challenge high ropes course slack lining bouldering scrambling poachers www circuit… whatever adventure you’re itching for – they can deliver!


Take a tour of the amazing Palm Oasis Maspalomas with all its photos from our stunning rooms to the resort and its prime location.

Photos of the hotel and its surroundings

At Palm Oasis Maspalomas, the stunning visuals of our hotel and its surroundings are sure to take your breath away. Our picturesque grounds offer a privileged environment for a holiday, with lush gardens, magnificent views of the Maspalomas Dunes or skyline towards Gran Canaria’s beaches in the background.

Visually appealing photos on our website allow potential tourists to get an intuitive idea about what they can expect from their holiday – relaxation by tropical pools, loungers by the pool easily accessible, even during off-peak periods.

Photos of surrounding attractions give them a glimpse into exciting activities to explore around them during stay while providing peace of mind during this uncertain time which will surely make your ongoing holiday planning process less stressful.

Nearby Attractions

Enjoy a unique dining experience in the nearby restaurants, explore Gran Canaria’s iconic landmark and popular attractions near the hotel.


If you’re staying at the Palm Oasis Maspalomas, then you won’t be short of culinary options. With a range of restaurants to choose from in close proximity, there’s something for every palate.

The Love and Hate Tattoo Diner is a popular spot with great reviews, as is Bamboo Garden at number 274 on TripAdvisor. Both restaurants offer delicious dishes that will satisfy even the pickiest eater.

Riu Palace Oasis also offers access to some excellent nearby restaurants like El Oasis Tapas y Cocteles and Tavolo14, where guests can enjoy classic tapas or gourmet Italian fare respectively.

Popular attractions near the hotel

The Palm Oasis Maspalomas hotel is conveniently located within a short proximity to some of the most captivating attractions in Gran Canaria. Guests at the hotel can visit Palmitos Park, which houses over 200 species of birds from around the world in tropical green surroundings.

Nature lovers should definitely check out Reserva Natural Especial de Las Dunas de Maspalomas, spread across 2200 hectares with its exotic sand dunes and local species that inhabit this unique habitat.

Other nearby places of interest include El Faro de Maspalomas, Holiday World amusement park, Aqualand waterpark and Palmitos Park which is great for families with children who will be thrilled to see iguanas and reptiles up close! In addition to these renowned attractions there are also stunning beaches nearby like that of Amadores beach where you can experience an unforgettable holiday in sunny Gran Canaria!


1. Where is the Palm Oasis Hotel Maspalomas located?

The Palm Oasis Hotel Maspalomas is a four-star resort located in Gran Canaria, near Costa Meloneras. It’s situated on the south coast of Maspalomas beach, just few minutes’ walk away from the lively restaurants and shops in Playa del Inglés and San Agustín.

2. What facilities does Palm Oasis offer?

Palm Oasis offers a variety of facilities such as an infinity pool, tennis courts, solarium terraces with chaise lounges and umbrellas, children’s pool area with mini slides, gymnasiums equipped with Technogym devices for fitness lovers plus activities like aquaerobics classes and bicycle rental service.

3. What type of food do they serve at Palm Oasis?
The hotel serves different types of food for all tastes from Spanish cuisine to international dishes including Chinese buffet meals accompanied by freshly prepared breakfast pastries as well as snacks throughout each day. A relaxed atmosphere can also be found at the two main bars offering live music while enjoying cocktails or other drinks during sunset hours .
4 .What dress code should I follow when dining at this resort?
When dining inside any restaurant within the hotel premises , guests are asked to wear smart casual clothing such as long trousers for men and dresses/capes for women .Swimwear and shorts are only allowed on exceptional basis when requested during seasonal events held outside around swimming pools areas .

5 . How much would it cost me to stay there ?

Staying at The Palms oasis comes with various cost options depending on how many days you plan your holiday! Depending on which season you visit Mallorca – whether low or high seasons – prices vary accordingly , ranging from Full Board All Inclusive up to half board options that could include half board adult rates starting from € 207 per night