Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Maspalomas located within Gran Canaria?

Every time my family and I visit Gran Canaria, we always make it a point to spend a lot of time in Maspalomas. It’s located in the southern part of the island. The golden dunes and lovely beaches have always been a magnet for us.

How do I get from Las Palmas Airport to Maspalomas?

When we fly into Las Palmas Airport, we usually rent a car because it’s convenient for our family, especially with our young son. It takes around 30 minutes to drive. There are buses too, and they’re pretty reliable, but with our frequent trips and the luggage, the car just works best for us.

What are the main attractions in Maspalomas?

Beyond the stunning dunes, which are a must-visit, we love going to the Maspalomas Lighthouse. The nearby promenade has some lovely restaurants and shops. We’ve also spent many evenings at the botanical garden, Palmitos Park, which our son adores.

Can you recommend family-friendly activities in Maspalomas?

Absolutely! Apart from building sandcastles on the beach, we’ve taken our son to the Holiday World amusement park. Camel rides on the dunes are also a hit. And of course, the Aqualand Maspalomas water park is always a blast.

What's the average temperature in Maspalomas throughout the year?

The climate is one reason we keep coming back. Maspalomas has a lovely temperate climate. Summers usually hover around 25°C to 30°C, while winters are mild, averaging around 18°C to 22°C. It’s almost always sunny, making it a perfect escape.  I writen a more complete article about the weather in maspalomas here

Where can I find nightlife in Maspalomas?

bars, clubs, and entertainment venues catering to all audiences.

How do I get around Gran Canaria using public transport?

Gran Canaria has a comprehensive bus service called “Global.” The buses are regular and connect major towns and tourist destinations across the island. There’s also a bus service in Las Palmas called “Guaguas Municipales” specifically for the city routes.

What are the must-visit places in Gran Canaria outside of Maspalomas?

Beyond Maspalomas, other must-visit places include Las Palmas (the capital), Roque Nublo (a natural monument), Puerto de Mogán (a picturesque port town), and Teror (known for its colonial architecture).

Can you recommend any traditional Canarian restaurants in Maspalomas?

Certainly! “El Senador” near the lighthouse and “Los Porches” are both known for offering traditional Canarian dishes.

What water sports are available in Maspalomas?

You can indulge in various water sports like jet-skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, and paddleboarding. There are numerous centers along the beach that provide equipment and lessons.

Is it safe to swim in the ocean around Maspalomas?

Yes, it’s generally safe. However, as with any beach, always pay attention to flag signals: green for safe, yellow for caution, and red for no swimming.

How does Maspalomas compare to other destinations in the Canary Islands?

Maspalomas, with its iconic dunes and family-friendly attractions, is one of the more popular destinations in the Canary Islands. Other islands and destinations have their unique charm, but Maspalomas is known for its blend of natural beauty and amenities.

Are there any hiking trails around Maspalomas or Gran Canaria?

Yes, Gran Canaria boasts several hiking trails. Popular ones include routes in the Tamadaba Natural Park, the Pilancones Natural Park, and trails leading to Roque Nublo.

What are the cultural events or festivals celebrated in Maspalomas?

Maspalomas celebrates events like the Carnival of Maspalomas and Maspalomas Pride. There are also traditional Canarian festivals celebrated throughout the year.

Can I rent a car in Maspalomas to explore Gran Canaria?

Yes, there are several car rental agencies in Maspalomas where you can rent a vehicle to explore the island at your own pace..  Our favourite company is Cicar

Are there any golf courses in or near Maspalomas?

Yes, you’ll find the Maspalomas Golf Course and the Meloneras Golf Course in the vicinity.

What's the history behind the Maspalomas Lighthouse?

The Maspalomas Lighthouse, or “Faro de Maspalomas,” was built in the 19th century and has since been a significant landmark. It has guided ships for over a century and is now a cultural heritage site.

Are there direct flights from major European cities to Gran Canaria?

Yes, Gran Canaria Airport, located near Las Palmas, serves direct flights from many major European cities.

What languages are spoken in Gran Canaria?

The official language is Spanish, but given the tourist nature of the island, English, German, and other languages are commonly spoken in tourist areas.

What's the local cuisine like in Gran Canaria?

Local cuisine includes dishes like “papas arrugadas” (wrinkled potatoes) with “mojo” sauce, “ropa vieja” (a type of stew), and fresh seafood.

Are there any LGBTQ+ friendly areas or events in Maspalomas?

Yes, Maspalomas is known for being LGBTQ+ friendly. The Yumbo Centrum is a popular spot, and the Maspalomas Pride event is one of the largest LGBTQ+ celebrations in Europe.

How much should I budget for a week's vacation in Maspalomas?

This largely depends on the type of accommodation, dining, and activities you choose. However, you can expect to spend anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand euros for a week, depending on your preferences.

Is tap water safe to drink in Gran Canaria?

While the tap water in Gran Canaria is safe for hygiene purposes like bathing and brushing teeth, it’s recommended to drink bottled water.

What's the currency in Gran Canaria?

The currency used is the Euro (€), as Gran Canaria is part of Spain and the European Union.

Are there any natural parks or reserves to visit in Gran Canaria?

Yes, Gran Canaria boasts several natural parks such as the Tamadaba Natural Park, Pilancones Natural Park, and the Nublo Rural Park, among others.

Where can I find traditional Canarian music and dance performances in Maspalomas?

Whenever we visit, we often see traditional Canarian performances at local festivals or special events in hotels. The Yumbo Centrum occasionally hosts cultural nights too.

What are the emergency numbers in Gran Canaria?

112 is the general emergency number that covers everything from medical emergencies to fire and police. We always keep it handy, just in case.

Are there any renowned local festivals in Maspalomas?

Yes! The Maspalomas Carnival is one we never miss when visiting around February or March. The costumes and energy are amazing!

How do I get from Maspalomas to the Roque Nublo?

We usually rent a car for this. It’s about an hour’s drive, and the views along the way are breathtaking.

Can you recommend any thermal spas or wellness centers in Gran Canaria?

While not in Maspalomas itself, my mother and I once visited the Gloria Palace in Amadores for their thalasso therapy. It was rejuvenating!

What are the options for accommodation in Maspalomas, from budget to luxury?

From our visits, there are numerous bungalows and apartments for budget travelers. Mid-range hotels are plenty, and luxury resorts like the Lopesan Baobab and Seaside Palm Beach are our favorites for special occasions.

Are there any restrictions or guidelines for drone usage in Maspalomas or Gran Canaria?

Yes, there are. We learned this when my son brought his drone. You generally need permission to fly in protected areas and near airports.

How kid-friendly is Maspalomas? Are there activities for children?

Absolutely! My son loves the Palmitos Park and the Holiday World amusement center. The beaches are also very family-friendly.

Are there any botanical gardens or tropical parks in Gran Canaria?

Palmitos Park is lovely. It’s not just a botanical garden but also houses birds, dolphins, and other animals. Perfect for a family day out.

Can you suggest any day-trip excursions from Maspalomas?

We’ve enjoyed day trips to the Cueva Pintada Museum, the town of Teror, and Puerto de Mogan. Each offers a unique experience.

What's the best time of year to visit Maspalomas?

Oh, based on our multiple visits, I’d say spring and autumn are fantastic. The weather is pleasant, and it’s not too crowded. However, we’ve been there during different seasons, and each has its charm. Summer can be busier, but it’s great if you love a lively beach scene.

Are the Maspalomas Sand Dunes a protected area?

Yes, they are! My parents always emphasized this to us – the Maspalomas Sand Dunes are a protected natural reserve. It’s crucial to be respectful and not leave any trash behind. We always make sure our son knows the importance of preserving such beautiful places.

What's the difference between Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés?

Maspalomas feels a bit more laid-back and family-friendly, while Playa del Inglés has a more vibrant nightlife and a bustling atmosphere. We’ve visited both many times; Maspalomas for the relaxed beach days and Playa del Inglés when we feel like dancing the night away.

Are there any water parks in Maspalomas?

Yes, Aqualand Maspalomas. We’ve been there several times, and it never gets old. It’s especially fun for our son, but let’s be honest, my husband and I love the slides just as much!

What type of wildlife can be seen in the Maspalomas dunes?

Over the years, we’ve spotted several birds, particularly waders, near the lagoon. My husband once pointed out a Canary Island lizard. The biodiversity isn’t vast, but it’s always fun to spot some native species, especially for our son who loves animals.

What is the time zone of Gran Canaria?

Gran Canaria is in the Western European Time (WET) zone. It’s the same as the mainland Spain time zone. My family and I always set our watches when we land, though it’s usually just an hour’s difference from where we fly from.

Are there any local markets or shopping areas in Maspalomas?

Yes! We love visiting the local markets. The Maspalomas Market and San Fernando Market are our favorites for local produce and crafts. For shopping, the Yumbo Centrum and the Faro 2 Centre are great spots.

What's the local dress code? Do I need to dress modestly?

Gran Canaria is quite relaxed in terms of dress. At the beach, swimwear is fine, but in restaurants and shops, it’s courteous to wear more than just your bikini or trunks. I always carry a wrap or sundress with me. Otherwise, casual attire is the norm.

Can you recommend any camping sites in Gran Canaria?

We once camped at the Presa de Las Niñas. It was beautiful, especially under the stars. You’ll need a permit, though, so plan ahead.

What are the main medical facilities in Maspalomas in case of emergencies?

The Hospital San Roque Maspalomas is the main medical facility we’re aware of. We’ve never needed it, thankfully, but it’s good to know it’s there.

Are there any adult-only resorts or areas in Maspalomas?

Yes, there are a few adult-only hotels and resorts. They’re perfect if you’re looking for a more serene or romantic environment.

What kind of power outlets are used in Gran Canaria?

They use the standard European two-pin plug, Type C or F. We always pack a couple of adapters, just in case.

Are there direct bus routes from Maspalomas to other parts of the island?

Yes, the Global bus service connects Maspalomas to other parts of the island. It’s how my parents sometimes travel when they visit without us.

Is vegetarian or vegan food easily available in Maspalomas?

Absolutely! Over the years, I’ve noticed more vegetarian and vegan options popping up in restaurants.

Are there any nudist beaches in or near Maspalomas?

Yes, there’s a designated nudist area within the Maspalomas beach itself, towards the dunes.

What's the tipping culture in Gran Canaria?

Tipping isn’t mandatory, but it’s appreciated. We usually leave around 5-10% in restaurants if we’re satisfied with the service.

Can I take a ferry from Gran Canaria to other Canary Islands?

Yes, you can. We’ve taken ferries to Tenerife and Fuerteventura from Gran Canaria. It’s a lovely way to explore more of the archipelago.

What are the visa requirements for visiting Gran Canaria for tourists?

Gran Canaria is part of Spain, so the Schengen visa rules apply. But as always, it’s best to check current visa requirements based on your nationality.

How's the nightlife in Gran Canaria compared to other Canary Islands?

From what I’ve seen, Gran Canaria, especially around Maspalomas and Las Palmas, has a vibrant nightlife. Tenerife also has a lively scene, but some other islands are quieter.

Are there any bike rental services in Maspalomas?

Yes, there are several. We rented bikes once to explore the promenade and nearby areas. It was a lot of fun!

What's the average cost of meals and accommodation in Maspalomas?

This varies greatly. You can find budget eateries as well as upscale restaurants. Same with accommodations – from budget hotels to luxury resorts. We generally budget around €50-€100 per day for meals for the family and accommodations can range from €50 to €250 or more per night, depending on where you’re staying.

Are there any specific local customs or traditions I should be aware of?

People in Gran Canaria tend to dine later in the evening, and siestas are common. Also, the locals are friendly and appreciate it if you greet them with a simple “Hola.”

Which part of Gran Canaria is best for a quiet, relaxing vacation?

For quieter spots, we love Agaete or the mountainous regions like Tejeda.

Can I find English-speaking tour guides in Maspalomas?

Absolutely! Given the number of English-speaking tourists, many tour guides speak English fluently.

Are there any wineries or vineyards to visit in Gran Canaria?

Yes, Gran Canaria has a budding wine industry. We visited Bodega Las Tirajanas once and loved the experience.

Is it common to negotiate prices in the markets of Maspalomas?

In some of the local markets, yes, especially at stalls selling crafts and souvenirs. It’s all part of the fun!

Where can I take Spanish or Canarian cooking classes in Maspalomas?

While I haven’t taken a class myself, some of the bigger hotels and resorts offer cooking workshops for their guests.

Are there any archaeological or historic sites in Gran Canaria?

Yes, the Cueva Pintada Museum and Archaeological Park showcases the indigenous history. It’s quite fascinating!

How accessible is Maspalomas for individuals with disabilities?

Many parts of Maspalomas are accessible. Many hotels and public areas have ramps, and the promenade is quite wheelchair-friendly. However, some of the older areas or natural sites might pose challenges.

What's the fishing scene like in Maspalomas? Can tourists join?

There are fishing tours and charters available. My husband and son once went on a deep-sea fishing excursion and had a blast!

Can you recommend places in Gran Canaria for stargazing or astronomical observations?

The high-altitude areas, especially around Tejeda, are great for stargazing. There’s less light pollution there.

Are there any cave tours or underground adventures in Gran Canaria?

Yes! We once visited the Cueva de los Verdes in the north. It’s a stunning lava tube and a must-visit.

What's the stance on sustainable tourism in Maspalomas?

There’s been a growing emphasis on sustainable tourism. Many hotels are adopting eco-friendly practices, and there’s a push to preserve natural areas.

Can I rent motorbikes or scooters in Maspalomas?

Yes, several rental shops offer scooters and motorbikes. It’s a fun way to explore, but do ensure you have the right driving licenses and insurance.

What are the options for public transport within Maspalomas?

Buses are the main mode of public transport. They’re quite reliable and cover most major spots.

Are there any yoga retreats or wellness resorts in Gran Canaria?

While not exclusively yoga retreats, many resorts offer yoga and wellness programs.