Cordial Green Golf Maspalomas – Hotel Review

The Cordial Green Golf Maspalomas offers a range of facilities and services, including multiple restaurants, lounges, pool areas and leisure activities such as guided bike tours. A variety of self-catering and bed & breakfast options are also available for guests to choose from.

Facilities, including restaurants and pool areas

I was delighted to find that the Cordial Green Golf hotel in Maspalomas had all the modern amenities my family could need.

Self-catering and bed and breakfast options

At Bunaglows Cordial Green Golf, we offer both self-catering and bed and breakfast options to meet the varying needs of our guests.

Spa and leisure activities

At the Cordial Green Golf hotel, guests can enjoy a wealth of spa and leisure activities that will make their stay truly relaxing. From the rooftop terrace with panoramic views to the outdoor swimming pool and free shuttle service to local areas, there is plenty on offer for an unforgettable getaway.

  1. Outdoor Swimming Pool – enjoy taking a dip in the large heated pool under starry night skies or relax around it on one of the many comfortable sun loungers provided
  2. Rooftop Terrace – unwind on top of this terrace with breathtaking views across Maspalomas golf course perfect for those seeking out privacy during their escape
  3. 10km Running Route – embark upon a rewarding adventure as you take in some fresh air along this 10km running trail which passes by iconic locations such as Dunes del Sur Nature Reserve4. Fitness Center – stay fit during your holiday with access to modern fitness equipment including treadmills, weights machines, exercise bikes etc., all helping you maintain your health regime away from home5. Beauty Room & Treatments – pamper yourself at our beauty room featuring professional nail treatments, facial masks and much more! 6. Spa Facilities – treat yourself to some much deserved ‘me-time’ at either our sauna or steam room before indulging into some tranquility through session based massage therapy performed by experienced professionals 7 . Kids Club & Animation Program – engage young minds through fun filled activities within our Kids Club allowing for parents freedom while exploring other parts of Gran Canaria 8 . Live Shows & Performance nights – experience nightly performances featuring traditional Spanish music throughout summer months plus interactive games hosted by specialist event organizer offering memorable experiences 9MiniGolf Courses – putt away stress levels within this action packed facility open daily from morning till late 10 Free Shuttles Service– avoid traffic jams via convenient shuttles operated both town center villages plus airport

Accommodation Options

Guests can choose from Superior One Bedroom bungalows and Two bedroom Plus apartments that provide a luxurious yet comfortable stay.

Superior One Bedroom bungalow

The Superior One Bedroom Bungalows at Cordial Green Golf Maspalomas offer guests the perfect combination of modern style and comfort. The bungalows are designed to provide everything needed for a relaxing self-catering stay, with top quality furnishings, air conditioning, flat screen TVs, and free WiFi.

For outdoor relaxation there are two stunning pools surrounded by beautiful gardens and also unobstructed views of Maspalomas golf course. Whether you’re looking for an intimate private holiday or a high-end all-inclusive experience the Superior One Bedroom Bungalows at Cordial Green Golf Maspalomas can accommodate your needs in luxurious surroundings.

Two Bedroom bungalow Plus

Cordial Green Golf hotel offers a Two Bedroom bungalow Plus for groups of 4 to 6 people. These two-storey spacious houses come with two bedrooms, one bedroom on the lower floor and second bedroom on the upstairs.

The accommodation options also come with separate living area, kitchen, bathroom and balcony or terrace. There is no air conditioning in these houses however they are located close enough that you can enjoy pleasant temperatures inside even during hot summer days.

Notable amenities offered include WI FI connection, flat Screen TV with digital channels in each room and full laundry service as standard features. With its village atmosphere and colorful facades it makes Cordial Green Golf Bungalows truly special place to stay while vacationing in Gran Canaria.

Board Basis and Child Policies

Guests staying at Cordial Green Golf Maspalomas will have the option to choose from a variety of dining options, and there are certain age restrictions that apply for children. Additionally, free infant and child places may also be available…

Options for dining and age restrictions

At the Bungalows Cordial Green Golf, guests have the flexibility to choose from multiple dining options. The hotel offers breakfast, lunch and dinner on a daily basis as well as half board and full board options. With half-board dining, guests can choose between a variety of dishes in different restaurants each day. Some facilities may require an age or height restriction for entry – children should check the individual feature listing before entering the area. For those wanting more freedom when it comes to their food, self-catering is available with superior one bedroom bungalows that provide kitchen amenities including electric stoves, dishwasher and refrigerator. Whatever your preference for food and drink there’s plenty of choice at this family focused resort making it ideal for all ages!

Free infant and child places

At Cordial Green Golf Maspalomas, traveling families with infants and children are welcomed with open arms. The hotel offers free infant and child places, making it a great option for parents looking to save on their holiday budget.

There are specific child policies in place so that the safety of the kids can be guaranteed at all times. High chairs are available upon request for meals in restaurants while there is an indoor play area stocked with toys, games and dress-up items to keep little ones entertained throughout their stay.

For added comfort during hot days, the pool has kid’s section perfect for splashing around in whilst parents relax nearby. Recognizing that family holidays tend to be more expensive than regular vacations, Cordial Green Golf provides cost savings by offering free stays for those aged 2 years or younger thus ensuring hassle-free fun experiences for everyone involved!

Additional Information

Here, I could find out more about the hotel amenities and services promised by Cordial Hotels & Resorts.

Hotel amenities and services

  1. Facilities at the hotel, ranging from restaurants to a bar/lounge area, as well as free Wi – Fi throughout all areas of the complex.
  2. 266 apartments equipped with kitchenette, a flat screen TV, and refrigerator for self-catering options are available too.
  3. Housekeeping services on weekdays make it easy for me to keep my room refreshed and comfortable during long stays in town 4. Two outdoor pools and an exclusive children’s pool provide countless hours of fun in the sun!
  4. Guests can also enjoy complimentary beach shuttle service – getting from A to B is worry-free when you stay here!
  5. And there are several leisure activities such as ping pong tables or mini golf courses available depending on your mood 7 Massage services help you relax after days spent exploring this vibrant Canary Island paradise!

Promise of Cordial Hotels & Resorts

Cordial Hotels & Resorts promise a pleasant and relaxing stay for all their guests. Each hotel ensures that you are well taken care of with friendly and helpful staff, as well as ensuring cleanliness throughout the property.

The hotels also guarantee tasty local cuisine spread across multiple restaurants located within the facility. Furthermore, some will have swimming pools and an on-site spa offering a variety of treatments to help you unwind after a day exploring the area.

Free shuttle buses connecting with other communities can be accessed from many locations ensuring good connections inside Gran Canaria. Lastly, free WiFi and parking are available at the Cordial Green Golf Maspalomas allowing further added convenience when visiting this beautiful location!

Things to Do Nearby

Explore the stunning beauty of Maspalomas Golf Course, take a refreshing dip at Aqualand Waterpark, marvel at the exotic plants and trees in Botanical Gardens of Maspalomas or create sand art on the pristine beaches surrounding Maspalomas Dunes.

Aqualand Waterpark

Aqualand Maspalomas is the perfect destination for thrillseekers looking for a unique adventure. As one of the largest water parks in Europe, it features an array of impressive slides, ranging from mild and relaxed to intense and daring.

The park offers something for everyone and its rides – particularly those at higher heights – are sure to give you an adrenaline rush like no other! Enjoy exciting speeds on tube slides, wave pools, raft rivers & more as you explore this must-do attraction which has become increasingly popular among visitors to Gran Canaria.

Here there’s plenty of fun activities throughout the day so make sure not to miss out!

Botanical Gardens of Maspalomas

As part of my stay at Cordial Green Golf Maspalomas, I visited the nearby Botanical Gardens of Maspalomas. Descending on a hill between Campo Internacional and Fataga, the gardens consist of lush vegetation filled with cacti, trees and shrubs.

With pathways leading in every direction one can explore the ponds and inviting outdoor seating zones as well as find themselves below tropical palm groves or encircled with plants from all around the world – an incredible/magical experience.

The garden also carries out activities such as walks among its flora for nature lovers to enjoy. My time there was unfortunately brief due to being part of a tour – but it was still easy to appreciate their beauty with what little we had available Whilst there, I heard about how visitors can also take a thrilling 8-hour 4×4 Safari & Camel Ride adventure which completes any trip by enhancing its true botanical journey – something I may return for in the future!

Beaches and Maspalomas Dunes

The Cordial Green Golf Maspalomas is ideally situated close to idyllic beaches in both Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles. Enjoy golden, crystal-clear waters on the coast of Gran Canaria where you can take part in a number of fun activities from boat trips to parasailing.

If it’s relaxation that you’re after then why not spend an afternoon reading under an umbrella or snoozing in one of the many peaceful sun loungers – bliss! For those looking for something a little more adventurous, explore the strikingly beautiful landscape encompassed by sand dunes at nearby Maspalomas Dunes – here you can go surfing, horse riding or embark on romantic walks through natures playground.

Nearby Dining and Shopping Options

Explore the area to find El Faro Lighthouse, El Mercado Municipal and more for exciting food and shopping experiences.

El Faro Lighthouse

The El Faro Lighthouse, located in Maspalomas on Gran Canaria is the perfect destination for tourists to learn about the beauty and history of this fascinating area. The stunning landmark has been recently renovated, displaying the local skills as well as immortalizing its vast past.

Experiencing a visit here is a must for anybody visiting Maspalomas; you’ll find that there are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants around making it all the more enjoyable. What’s more, you’ll able to explore and discover much about its significant historical importance—one more reason you won’t regret exploring this place!

El Mercado Municipal

Located in the vibrant Vegueta neighborhood in the old town of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, El Mercado Municipal is one of the oldest and most prestigious markets in Spain. Inside this beautiful historic market hall you’ll find a wonderful variety of stalls that offer fresh local produce such as fruit, vegetables, seafood, nuts and cheeses that let you experience typical Gran Canarian cooking.

On Saturdays there are also some delicious street food stalls for those looking for snacks or a quick bite to eat. One thing is certain – visiting El Mercado Municipal will be an unforgettable culinary adventure into Spanish culture! The walkthrough displays locals passionately choosing their purchases while conversing with merchants about quality and price making it even more exciting and thrilling.

There’s something here for everyone so do take some time to explore its beauty and enjoy everything on offer at this magnificent locale.

Recent TripAdvisor Reviews

A refreshing take on this hotel experience comes from real guests visiting the Cordial Green Golf Maspalomas, providing an insightful glimpse for other travelers.

Real guest reviews and how they work

Real guest reviews are the backbone of many online hotel booking websites such as TripAdvisor. These reviews provide potential visitors with unbiased, honest and genuine experiences from guests who have already stayed at a particular property.

This helps future guests to make an informed decision based on this feedback before they book their stay, making it easier to pick out exactly what they’re looking for in their ideal vacation destination.

On platforms like TripAdvisor, leaving these reviews is easy – all you need to do is log in with your account details and add a review about your experience at Cordial Green Golf Bungalows outlining what you liked or didn’t like during your stay – whether it’s the facilities, amenities, services or customer service you received.

Guidelines and standards for reviews

When wanting to leave a review on TripAdvisor, it is important to understand the guidelines and standards for reviews that allowable by the website. Reviews left must be honest about the hotel or accommodation and not include any fake content such as overly positive opinions or excessive praise.

Any views expressed in reviews should pertain solely to individual experiences at the property in question. It is also important that any persons who experienced these events during their stay are mentioned within the review, alongside mention of timescales when appropriate.

As well as this, all posted content should adhere to TripAdvisor’s posting guidelines which includes refraining from including inappropriate material such as offensive language or applicable personal data of other guests or staff members.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Overall, the Cordial Green Golf Maspalomas provides a great stay for families and golfers alike. From their excellent facilities to their well-maintained grounds, this hotel is greatly worth a visit! With plenty of activities available nearby, be sure to consider it for your next holiday.

Overall impression of the hotel

Cordial Green Golf Maspalomas is an ideal hotel for any traveler looking for a modern and comfortable place to stay. Guests have mentioned the great food with each night having different themes, as well as the friendly and approachable bar staff.

The hotel boasts modern furnishing across all its different bungalow styles making it appeal to every kind of traveller. And although guests have noted that some rooms don’t come with air conditioning they are usually pleased with their experience in Cordial Green Golf due to their luxury standards and accommodating staff; who ensure guests have everything they need for them to enjoy their holiday near the sand dunes of Maspalomas and beautiful golf course view.

Personalized recommendations for guests.

If you’re looking for personalized recommendations on what to do while staying at the Cordial Green Golf hotel, there are plenty of activities and attractions nearby that you can explore.

For families, spend a day out at Aqualand Waterpark; or admire the flora and fauna in the beautiful Botanical Gardens of Maspalomas. Couples should consider visiting El Faro Lighthouse during sunset – this romantic spot makes for great photographs too! If you’re traveling solo, take a stroll through El Mercado Municipal – get lost in its vibrant atmosphere and sample local delicacies.

Feel free to ask your friendly staff at the reception desk about more unusual sights around Maspalomas – they will be glad to give advice tailored specifically for your needs.


1. What is Cordial Green Golf Maspalomas?

Cordial Green Golf Maspalomas is a resort located in Gran Canaria, Spain and features bungalows that are available through Jet2, TUI and EasyJet for stays.

2. Does the hotel provide food options?

Yes! The Cordial Green Golf Maspalomas has an all-inclusive restaurant offering international cuisine as well as other forms of dining to cater for different dietary requirements.

And send them results on average how long does it take?
3. Where are the bungalows located at Cordial Green Golf?
The bungalows located at Cordial Green Golf are close to Yumbo Centre and within walking distance from some nearby attractions such as the beach and various shopping malls. 4. Is there a check-out time when staying at this hotel? Yes, guests can check out of their rooms at 12pm local time when staying at this hotel. 5 .Are there any reviews available about this hotel ?Yes, there are several reviews available online about the quality of service offered by ​Cordial Green Golf Maspalomas​ – many customers have been pleased with their stay here!