Riu Palace Maspalomas – A Review

Riu Palace Maspalomas is located in a peaceful and picturesque setting, making it the ideal destination for couples or adults looking for an intimate holiday spot near the beach and sand dunes.

Set in beautiful surroundings near the beach and sand dunes

I was impressed with the beautiful setting of the Riu Palace Maspalomas. Situated in a tranquil area, it’s surrounded by wonderful scenery including palm trees, and is just a 15-minute walk away from both the beach and sand dunes.

The interesting architectural design of this resort gives you plenty to look at; its walls are made to resemble those of an old fortress while all buildings have been tastefully fashioned into a classic colonial style…

The sunbathing terraces here are perfect for admiring views that include thermal springs as well as stunning birdlife flying in the sky above – great for anyone looking for unwinding holiday experiences!

I recently stayed at the Riu Palace Maspalomas, and it did not disappoint! Located on the stunning island of Gran Canaria near Maspalomas beach, its renovated rooms boast balconies with beautiful views of either the sand dunes or nearby area.

During my visit I was able to enjoy a relaxing pool day in their elegant pool area as well as getting to experience all the other great facilities they offer including access to a spa and gym facilities, free WiFi, onsite parking, an iron and board and even a hair dryer for those who need one.

The best part is that this hotel can tailor-fit any holiday you want – from different board basis options such as full board or half board to their separate adults only section which makes them perfect for couples who are seeking more peaceful holidays away from families with kids.

They also provide special assistance accommodations for guests requiring those services too so nobody should feel left out when booking here. If you are ever looking for something fun to do during your stay then there’s plenty of local attractions within walking distance such as restaurants or equipment hire so that you can explore some of the amazing sand dunes in addition many excursions operate daily in the nearby locations too.

The feedback given by other guests has been incredibly positive with most people raving about how much they enjoyed staying here due mainly thanks to its ideal location – making sure nothing is too far away-but environmental surroundings coupled with wonderful service staff really cemented why this resort deserves its top rating across TripAdvisor reviews! In terms of accommodation price and flight tickets there’s lots of budget friendly options available plus packages put together by package holiday providers so it’s worth doing your research before committing somewhere! Lastly if money is somewhat tight I’d recommend looking into nearby properties offering similar services since bargains can be found in every corner when searching around until finally deciding upon yours truly –Riu Palace Mespaloma –sail away into paradise today- blurted forth directly from me onto thee!

Facilities and Services

The resort offers a range of amenities to make your stay comfortable, such as an elegant pool area, spa and gym facilities, wifi, parking and ironing board.

Elegant pool area

At Riu Palace Maspalomas, I felt instantly relaxed the moment I stepped into its elegant pool area. There are two outdoor pools surrounded by lush green gardens and adorned with daybeds for soaking up some sun.

The area is well-maintained, with crystal clear waters and comfortable flooring – perfect for taking a dip! For those looking to pamper themselves further, the hotel offers a wellness center featuring beauty treatments alongside massage services for ultimate relaxation.

To stay active during my holiday an onsite gym was available that offered all kinds of fitness equipment including weights machines and cardio trainers. All in all, staying at Riu Palace Maspalomas made me feel refreshed from start to finish thanks to its stunning poolside accommodation.

Spa and gym facilities

At Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas, you can enjoy a range of spa and gym facilities in luxurious surroundings. The hotel has an elegant pool area as well as a fully equipped gym for all guests to use.

From yoga classes and aerobic exercises classes to weights rooms and cardio equipment, the hotel has everything you need to stay fit during your holiday. Moreover, the spa offers various treatments including massages, facials, body scrubs and manicures so that guests can relax their mind and body.

Reviews are highly positive about both the spa services as well as the gym program with many praising it for its attentive staff members who provide great assistance for every type of guest needs.


At Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas, wifi is available in all areas of the resort. Guests can access the internet for free in select rooms and around the hotel grounds. However, wifi does come at an additional charge outside of those designated ‘free’ areas – however, these fees are generally in line with other hotels on Gran Canaria.

Some guests have raised complaints about slow connection speeds or intermittent disruptions when using their own devices – but this appears to be a rare occurrence according to online reviews of the resort.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a holiday that will keep you connected during your stay – then Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas should provide everything that you need!


At Riu Palace Maspalomas, guests can keep up their fitness routine in an elegant gym. Inside the facility, there are two running machines and cross trainers offering a great way to get cardio without going out into the sun.

There are also some classes available such as aerobics to help maintain one’s active lifestyle. For those looking for something different, there is basketball and volleyball activities held onsite that allow travelers to enjoy a quick game or contest with fellow holidayers whilst getting fit! The gym may not be huge but it offers enough equipment and recreational sports which make exercising easy during your stay at Riu Palace Maspalomas!


At Riu Palace Maspalomas, we are dedicated to providing our guests with a comfortable and convenient stay. That’s why the hotel offers free parking for all of its guests, meaning you don’t have to worry about looking for or paying for parking during your holiday! There is no on-site parking available at the hotel, but there’s an nearby alternative only a few minutes away in the form of Hotel Riu Palace Meloneras which also provides free private parking.

This means that access to your vehicle whenever you need it is just moments away from Riu Palace Maspalomas – making things even easier and stress-free. So why not make use of this convenient free facility? We want you feeling as relaxed and welcome as possible when staying with us so feel free to take advantage of this fantastic service while on holiday here!

Iron and Ironing board

As a tourist, I was delighted to find that the Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas offers irons and ironing boards in each of their rooms- even standard rooms! The facilities made my stay convenient and much easier – no more lugging heavy irons around or struggling to fit an outsize ironing board into my suitcase.

They also provide additional services such as laundry, which has been really helpful when it comes to keeping my holiday wardrobe looking perfect without the need for excessive packing! The hotel’s commitment to accommodating such many different needs makes them stand out amongst their competitors; making me feel valued from check-in right through until checkout.

Hair dryer

At Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas, the hair dryer provided in the bathroom is unfortunately not very effective – they are said to be of “ancient box-on-the wall type”. So, if you value having a well-dried head of hair, it’s recommended to bring your own and not rely on this.

That being said, the hotel does offer eco-friendly toiletries like dressing gowns and towels for their guests’ convenience. The rooms also come equipped with balconies as well as minibars and electric kettles for that much needed hot beverage at night.

Other housekeeping services are available on request too so that makes life easier when spending time here!

Board Basis

Whether you opt for full-board, half-board or bed and breakfast, Riu Palace Maspalomas offers something for every budget – so start planning your holiday now!

Options for all-inclusive, half board or bed and breakfast

At the Riu Palace Maspalomas you can choose from all-inclusive, half board and bed and breakfast options to suit whatever your holiday needs. All Inclusive packages offer exceptional value for money with restaurant buffets offering a wide range of international cuisine, plus snacks available throughout the day as well.

Meanwhile Half Board options provide guests with buffet breakfast and dinner for an additional fee while Bed & Breakfast is perfect for those on a budget looking to enjoy the restaurants around in their own time.

Ideal for couples or adults seeking peace and tranquillity during their stay, this 4 star resort has everything you need to relax in style whilst enjoying some fantastic views across Gran Canaria’s rolling sand dunes.

Adults Only

This luxury hotel is perfect for those seeking an adults-only destination; couples and groups of friends are sure to love the tranquil atmosphere.

Perfect for couples and adults seeking a peaceful holiday

The Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas is the perfect choice for couples and adults seeking a peaceful holiday. Located in Gran Canaria, this adults-only hotel has a tranquil atmosphere which allows guests to relax without interruption from noisy children or teenagers.

This is further enhanced by the stunning backdrop of sand dunes and gardens situated in the Dunas de Maspalomas.

As well as being enjoyable to stay somewhere so beautiful, it’s reassuring to know that you are at an adult’s only property. The reputation of attracting a more mature and quiet crowd means that guests can enjoy their vacation at their own pace without worrying about intrusion from activities designed for younger people.

Special Assistance

The Riu Palace Maspalomas also offers special assistance for guests with disabilities, ensuring that they have a comfortable and accessible experience.

Accommodations for guests with special needs

At the Riu Palace Maspalomas, special needs are taken into serious consideration and every effort is made to ensure your comfort. The hotel conforms to strict standards of accessibility for all guests, with a flat layout, spacious interior and dedicated staff available 24/7 to cater to anyone’s needs.

Wheelchair accessible rooms are also available that include additional features such as grab rails in the wet room and support handles throughout. The surrounding environment has been designed with disabled guests in mind too; ramps at entrances help make buildings easier to access while wheelchairs can easily be pushed through wide corridors or doorways.

To further guarantee a smooth stay, preparations can be made prior such as catering menu choices or any other special requests so that everything possible is done ahead of time – leaving you free just to enjoy your holiday!

Nearby Attractions

Whether visitors desire a beach day, fun activities or delicious cuisine, the varied attractions nearby are sure to please – explore them all with Riu Palace Maspalomas’ ideal location!

Nearby restaurants

When staying at the Riu Palace Maspalomas, you won’t have to look far for a delicious meal. There is an impressive range of restaurants in the area surrounding the hotel offering different types of cuisines.

Restaurante Calma Chicha and Restaurante Parque Romantico are just two options to choose from, both boasting 1,359 and 726 reviews respectively on Tripadvisor and receiving high rankings in Playa del Ingles.

Further afield near Hotel Riu Palace Meloneras there’s The 19th Hole – Meloneras with over 1,118 reviews ranking it fifth out of 31 restaurants in Maspalomas – perfect for lunch or dinner overlooking breathtaking views.

Excursions to the sand dunes

Riu Palace Maspalomas provides guests with access to some of the most magnificent and stunning loads of sand in Gran Canaria. There are a great variety of different excursions suitable for all types of visitors, whether it be looking for an adventure or just relaxing under the sun in beautiful dunes.

This is also one of Europe’s top conservation areas, so you could observe rare plants and wildlife living within this untouched ecosystem while visiting. It’s no wonder why these spectacular sand dune tours are becoming increasingly popular among guests at Riu Palace Maspalomas.

Not only will they enjoy awe inspiring scenery around them but also explore some famous nearby attractions such as viewpoints from where you can take amazing pictures, The Old Port which was once a trading hub years ago and El Cortijo de Las Palmeras, which is a lush agricultural spot right along beaches’ shoreline offering true holiday relaxation! Unforgettable experiences await on these guided tours – there really isn’t anything quite like it!

Reviews and Ratings

Highly rated on Tripadvisor, with guest reviews and experiences to back it up. Read more to know what people have to say about their stay at Riu Palace Maspalomas!

Highly rated on Tripadvisor

The Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas is highly rated on Tripadvisor and it’s easy to see why. The rooms are clean, well-designed and guests rave about the comfortable beds and pillows that make for an excellent nights sleep.

There’s plenty of food options at the hotel with a great variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items to choose from. Plus, many guests have commented positively about the wonderful selection of drinks offered both at meal times or relaxing by the pool.

It’s no wonder this five-star hotel has become one of Gran Canaria’s favourite holiday destinations!

Guest reviews and experiences

The guest reviews for Riu Palace Maspalomas have been overwhelmingly positive, with many guests praising the hotel’s prime beachfront location and comfortable beds. Those who stayed at the property appreciate its quality facilities and services, such as its stunning pool area and excellent spa services.

According to verified feedback, clear factors that contribute to a wonderful stay include speedy wifi access in all areas of the resort, ample parking spaces, easily available iron/ironing boards and hairdryers upon request, plus special assistance options offered for those with disabilities or special needs.

There are also great reviews about food experience from breakfast buffets to dinner selections which offer an array of cuisine ranging from classic Spanish dishes to international delights.

Flight and Holiday Deals

Get budget-friendly options and flight-free alternatives for your next holiday at Riu Palace Maspalomas! Read more to see what deals are on offer.

Summer and winter holiday deals

When it comes to booking a holiday, the Riu Palace Maspalomas can provide clients with an array of options including all-inclusive, half board and bed and breakfast. In addition to these packages, there are summer and winter deals available for those looking for value for money.

These attractive offers cover everything from airport transfers to accommodation so customers won’t need to worry about additional costs once they arrive at the resort. Additionally, guests will enjoy complimentary use of the Gym & Spa facilities plus access to high-speed Wi-Fi throughout their stay – which is perfect if you want to upload your holiday shots right away! From budget packages through EasyJet or Expedia – costing £60pp (23kg luggage included) – right up to luxurious full board experiences with First Choice – there’s something suitable for every occasion at Riu Palace Maspalomas.

Don’t forget; all bookings include ATOL protection meaning peace of mind when booking your getaway!

Package holiday providers

Booking a holiday at the Riu Palace Maspalomas can be effortless with package holidays from providers like EasyJet holidays, On the Beach, Jet2 and TUI. These providers offer budget-friendly packages that include flights and accommodation so you can enjoy a hassle-free trip.

For instance, EasyJet holidays has negotiated deals for airfares to Gran Canaria as well as great savings on hotel accommodations so travellers can make their trips more affordable.

On the Beach also offers great all-inclusive package deals that are financially protected under the ATOL scheme, allowing you peace of mind knowing your money is safe when booking through On the Beach.

Budget-friendly options and flight-free alternatives

As a tourist visiting Maspalomas, you don’t have to break the bank for accommodation. Hotel Riu Palace Meloneras offers comfortable and luxurious suites at budget-friendly rates starting from £122.

Additionally, Bungalows Tenesoya is an apartment building catering to gay men offering more affordable prices. For those wanting to forego flight costs altogether, Tenerife holidays for 2023/2024 start from £182 making it a good flight-free alternative to Maspalomas.

For people looking for something even more cost-effective, there are plenty of other places around town that provide great accommodations without breaking the bank. A few examples include Apartamentos Pio XII with rooms available from £50 per night and Heredad De Xerea ranging between €40 and €70 depending on the season.

Recommendations for nearby properties

For those looking for a beach break in Gran Canaria, there are plenty of places to choose from. Hotel Riu Palace Meloneras is one such property located just two miles away and is ideal for tourists seeking the same luxury amenities as Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas but at more affordable prices.

There’s an elegant pool area, spa and gym facilities, free parking, wifi access throughout the hotel and comfortable rooms with ironing board and hair dryer provided. All-inclusive meal packages available include breakfast, lunch or dinner – visitors can also opt to book half board or bed & breakfast only packages too.

It’s perfect for couples wishing to enjoy a peaceful holiday together without children interrupting their fun! Additionally, this location makes it easy to explore nearby attractions such as Paseo Costa Canaria which features beautiful sand dunes surrounded by restaurants serving delicious local specialties!