Vista Oasis Bungalows Maspalomas

Planning a getaway can be as thrilling as it is fraught, particularly when you’re wading through an endless sea of accommodation options. The dream? A place that ticks every box: location, comfort, amenities..

And so the list expands. I’ve found myself in that very boat; trawling through page after page of hotels and bungalows until my vision starts to blur. However, it seems fortune has smiled upon us – I chanced upon a gem that could well be the answer to our collective search: Vista Oasis Bungalows Maspalomas.

With a commendable 3.5-star rating garnered from over 1,479 reviews on Tripadvisor and boasting amenities one might wax lyrical about (indeed, they do have WiFi and an outdoor pool!), this spot appeared too enticing not to delve further into.

Driven by curiosity – because we all know how precious holiday time is – I set off on a quest for more information. What did I uncover? A destination promising far more than mere shelter; here lies an experience worthy of penning down for those back home.

Do stick around for the juicy details… Believe me; it’s something you won’t want to miss!

Key Takeaways


    • Vista Oasis Bungalows Maspalomas has a 3.5 – star rating on TripAdvisor from over 1,479 reviews, showing it’s a popular choice with travellers.
    • The bungalows are close to the beach (just 3km away) and the airport (about 17.9 miles), offering free shuttle services to both places for easy access and convenience.
    • Rooms come well-equipped with cosy bathrooms, satellite/cable TV for a small fee, free WiFi, kitchenettes for self-catering, and private balconies or terraces with views.
    • On-site facilities include an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, children’s club and playgrounds ensuring entertainment for all ages alongside dining options like an on-site restaurant and snack bar serving diverse food and drinks.
    • Safety measures are in place around the pool areas to keep guests safe during their stay at Vista Oasis Bungalows Maspalomas amidst concerns around COVID-19.

Location and Accessibility

Oh, Vista Oasis Bungalows Maspalomas sits close to the beach – fancy a quick dip or a sunbathe? And guess what? It’s not too far from the airport either, so you can hop off your plane and into holiday mode in no time!

Proximity to the nearest beach

So, you’re thinking about hitting the sand soon? Good news – Vista Oasis Bungalows Maspalomas is just 3km away from the nearest beach in Sonnenland. That means, in no time at all, you can be soaking up the sun or taking a dip in the ocean…

And let’s not forget, there’s something quite magical about that salty sea air and the sound of waves crashing. It’s like an instant mood booster.

And here’s a little cherry on top – if walking isn’t your thing or you’re just feeling a bit lazy (hey, we’ve all been there), Vista Oasis has got your back with a free shuttle bus to Maspalomas Beach.

Yep, you read that right – free! This handy service makes popping over to the beach as easy as pie. No fussing with maps or worrying about parking spaces. Just hop on, sit back, and before you know it, you’ll be laying down your towel on some of Gran Canaria’s finest sands.

Now that’s what I call holiday vibes!

Distance from the airport

I’ve got to say, getting to Vista Oasis Bungalows from the airport is a breeze. We’re talking about a journey of roughly 17.9 miles from Airport De Gran Canaria. Not too bad, right? Definitely within the “oh, that’s pretty close” zone.

And here’s a golden nugget – they offer a shuttle bus service! This means you can skip the hassle of trying to figure out local transport or haggling with taxi drivers who see fresh tourists as Christmas come early.

The ride itself is quite straightforward and offers some neat views along the way – think of it as your mini-tour before reaching your holiday haven at Vista Oasis Bungalows Maspalomas.

I always find these initial rides from the airport kind of exciting; they build up my anticipation for what’s waiting at the end. Plus, knowing there’s a shuttle available takes a bit of weight off my shoulders – no need to scramble for Google Maps directions or worry about missing turns!

Accommodation Details

So, you’re thinking about where to crash in Vista Oasis Bungalows Maspalomas, right? Well, let me paint a picture for you: cosy rooms that feel like a hug and all the bits and bobs you need for a top-notch stay.

Description of rooms

Staying at Vista Oasis Bungalows in Maspalomas is like having your little slice of paradise. Each apartment comes with a cosy bathroom, where you can sing your heart out in the shower without judgement.

There’s a living and sleeping area that’s perfect for those nights when you just want to lounge around. And yes, there’s even a telephone – not that I plan on using it much, honestly.

Who wants to make calls when there’s so much to explore? But hey, it’s nice to have options.

The rooms don’t skimp on tech either – with satellite/cable TV ready for those times you need a break from the sun and sea (small fee applies but worth it for lazy evenings). Free WiFi keeps me connected so I can post all my holiday snaps online; let the FOMO kick in for folks back home! Oh, and the kitchenette? It’s got everything I need to whip up snacks or meals on days I feel like playing chef.

For keeping valuables safe, there’s also a secure spot which definitely helps me sleep better at night. The cherry on top has got to be stepping out onto my own balcony or terrace each morning – absolutely priceless views without even needing to leave my room!

Available facilities

I recently had the chance to stay at Vista Oasis Bungalows in Maspalomas, and oh boy, what an experience! The place is packed with facilities that made my stay super comfy and fun. So, let me walk you through what’s on offer.

First off, there’s free WiFi in all rooms. Now, I know we’re supposed to be on holiday and ‘disconnect’, but being able to post my holiday snaps instantly was a win for me. Plus, checking emails without fretting about extra charges? Yes please!

The outdoor swimming pool is a dream. It’s spacious with plenty of room for everyone. I spent countless hours soaking up the sun on a lounger by the poolside. And if you start feeling a bit warm, just jump in for a refreshing dip.

Now, onto the fully equipped kitchen in each bungalow… it’s a godsend! With a dining table, coffee machine, and toaster among other things, making breakfast felt like home. I even tried cooking dinner one night – nothing fancy though!

They’ve got activities covered too. From live music that had me dancing (or trying to) under the stars to tennis courts where I discovered my not-so-hidden talent for serving! It’s impossible to get bored here.

Foodie alert – there are excellent food and drink options available. The coffee house served some mean espresso shots that kicked start my day perfectly. As for snacks or a proper meal? The snack bar by the pool had me covered.

Lastly, they’ve thought about kids too – there’s a kids club! I spotted happy children running around while their parents relaxed nearby. Everyone seemed content.

And did I mention they speak multiple languages? Yep, from German and English to Spanish and even Swedish – talking to staff was always easy peasy.

Shuttle service is another perk worth mentioning. Heading out for day trips was hassle-free thanks to this handy facility.

There’s also concierge service ready to help with any requests or queries you might have during your stay – talk about feeling pampered!

Lastly, the tour desk was perfect for planning out all my adventures around Gran Canaria without having to stress over details myself.

So there you have it! Vista Oasis Bungalows isn’t just about having a roof over your head while you explore Maspalomas; it’s about experiencing comfort and fun at their best!

Dining Options

Oh, the food at Vista Oasis Bungalows Maspalomas! You’re in for a treat. The on-site restaurant dishes up scrumptious meals that’ll have you coming back for more. Plus, the variety of drinks and snacks is just spot-on – perfect for those lazy poolside afternoons.

On-site restaurant

Eating at the Vista Oasis Bungalows Maspalomas is a treat. The on-site restaurant includes a coffee house and snack bar where I can grab my morning boost or a quick bite. For something more substantial, there’s fruit, wine and champagne to enjoy.

Not to forget, the pool bar serves up some refreshing drinks under the warm Canary sun. It feels like every meal here is designed to keep guests happy and satisfied.

The variety of food and drink options available makes dining in an experience by itself. From sitting down for lunch with views over Gran Canaria, to sipping on wine as the evening settles in; every moment feels special.

And no worries about any parties or pets interrupting our meals since they’re not allowed on premises – which means more peace and quiet while I enjoy my food!

Food & Drink variety

I’ve got to say, the food and drink variety at Vista Oasis Bungalows Maspalomas is like hitting the jackpot for your taste buds. They’ve really gone all out to make sure there’s something for everyone.

First off, they’ve got this buffet restaurant that will sort you out with a hearty breakfast or a delightful dinner. Imagine piling your plate high with local and international treats – it’s like a culinary world tour on a plate. Then there’s the à la carte restaurant. Yes, it’s an extra charge, but oh boy, is it worth it for those nights when you fancy treating yourself to something special.

The on-site coffee house has your back for all those caffeine fixes or when you’re in the mood for something light and sweet. Trust me; their coffee is top-notch. For fruits, wine, champagne, snacks, and more casual bites, the snack bar has got you covered. It’s perfect for those lazy afternoons by the pool.

Speaking of pools, they have a pool bar! I mean, sipping on a cool drink without even leaving the water? Sign me up! It’s brilliant how they’ve thought about making hydration part of the fun.

And yes, if you’re keen on whipping up your own meals (you know, just in case you miss home cooking), each bungalow comes with a fully equipped kitchenette. Talk about convenience!

With supermarkets and shopping centres close by, popping out for some ingredients or even more food options is easy-peasy. You’ll never be stuck for choice!

Now that your appetite is sorted, let’s talk about how to burn off those delicious calories…

Recreational Facilities and Entertainment

At Vista Oasis Bungalows, fun and relaxation go hand in hand. Imagine lounging by the pool with your favourite book or smashing a few balls on the tennis court – it’s all here waiting for you!

Swimming pool and sun terrace

I absolutely adore spending time by the pool, and Vista Oasis Bungalows Maspalomas doesn’t disappoint. The swimming pool is big and always has a welcoming feel, perfect for those sunny days when all you want to do is cool off.

Plus, there’s this sun terrace that comes along with it – think sunbathing in peace while catching up on your favourite book or simply soaking up the glorious Canarian sunshine. That’s my kind of holiday.

Now, given we’re living in strange times with COVID-19 still around, I’m genuinely impressed with how seriously they take our safety here. They’ve got additional measures in place to make sure everything’s clean and safe without taking away from the fun experience at the pool and sun terrace area.

So yeah, you can chill out without any worries.

Next up on my list? I’m ready to hit those tennis courts – another great feature here at Vista Oasis Bungalows Maspalomas that spells fun for me!

Tennis courts

After lounging by the pool, guests often look for more ways to stay active. That’s where the tennis courts at Vista Oasis Bungalows in Maspalomas come into play. They’re perfect for anyone wanting to hit a few balls and enjoy some friendly competition.

With courts ready and waiting, all you need is your racket and some energy to burn. It’s a fantastic way to mix up your holiday activities, beyond just soaking up the sun or splashing around.

And don’t worry if you’re not the next Grand Slam champion—these tennis courts are about having fun and staying active. Plus, it’s another great reason to get out of your room and enjoy the beautiful Canarian weather! Whether you’re playing doubles with family or challenging a new friend to a match, these facilities add an extra layer of excitement to your stay at Vista Oasis Bungalows Maspalomas.

Children’s club

So, after a fun match on the tennis courts, I discovered something even more exciting – the children’s club at Vista Oasis Bungalows. Trust me; this place is a little slice of heaven for kids.

They’ve got everything from live music and performances to beach outings and loads of games. It’s like they’ve thought of everything to keep those young ones busy and happy.

And here’s the cherry on top: there’s also a playground and a games room right on site! Whether your kids are tiny tots or bigger adventurers, they’re welcome here. The folks at Vista Oasis even sort out free cots for the wee ones under 3 years old.

Plus, in these crazy times, they’re keeping things extra clean and safe without cutting back on the fun. Just so you know, pets have to stay at home – it’s all about safety first!

Customer Impressions and Reviews

I stumbled upon Vista Oasis Bungalows Maspalomas while dreaming of a sunny getaway and, boy, did the reviews catch my eye! With a solid 3.5 out of 5 rating from a whopping 1,479 reviews on TripAdvisor, it’s safe to say I wasn’t the only one curious about this spot.

People really praised the cleanliness – both of the pool and rooms – which is a biggie for me. And let’s not forget the food quality; nothing ruins a holiday like bad grub! Not all feedback was glowing though; it seems opinions on entertainment and room amenities were mixed.

Diving deeper into what guests had to say revealed some interesting tidbits. For starters, many loved how seriously Vista Oasis Bungalows takes its guest reviews—they’ve got strict guidelines in place to spot any fake ones.

That’s comforting, knowing you’re reading the real deal. The details in these reviews are gold dust for making up your mind—stuff like how comfy the beds are or if there’s enough sun loungers by the pool.

And in these COVID-19 times? It looks like they’re not cutting corners with safety and sanitation measures either. Seems they’ve stepped up their game to keep us all safe – which honestly puts my mind at ease.


1. “What’s the deal with Vista Oasis Bungalows in Maspalomas?”

Ah, let me tell you! Vista Oasis is a charming spot in sunny Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. It’s famous for its cosy bungalows and apartments where you can kick back and soak up some Spanish sun. And yes, there are plenty of photos online to prove it – just give Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox a whirl!

2. “Can I trust what I read about Vista Oasis on TripAdvisor?”

Absolutely! You know how it goes: folks love sharing their holiday snaps and stories. So, if you’re eyeing those reviews on TripAdvisor thinking, “Is this place for real?” – well, it most certainly is. Just remember to take the odd grumble with a pinch of salt; not everyone’s a fan of sunshine and relaxation, apparently.

3. “Will my wallet cry if I book a stay at Vista Oasis?”

Fear not! Whether you’re guarding your pennies or ready to splash out, there’s something for everyone. Prices vary like British weather – unpredictable but often pleasantly surprising. Keep an eye out for deals; sometimes they throw in extras like buffet breakfasts that’ll have you rolling out the door.

4. “I’m bringing my mini-me army; will they have fun too?”

Oh, absolutely! The kids’ club at Vista Oasis has more tricks up its sleeve than Mary Poppins on a sugar rush – crafts, games…you name it! Plus, Aqualand Maspalomas isn’t far off if they fancy swapping bungalow life for water slides.

5.”Food? Drinks? Tell me more!”

Hungry? Thirsty? They’ve got you covered with their own restaurants and bars serving up delicious eats and treats that’ll make your taste buds dance flamenco…and yes, before you ask – the buffet is as endless as your appetite (or so we hope).

6.”What about parking my rental car?”

No worries there! They’ve got parking sorted so your car can have its little holiday too while staying snugly parked at the resort—no need to circle around looking for space while muttering under your breath about surcharges.