Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas

anning a holiday can sometimes feel akin to trying to piece together a particularly tricky jigsaw puzzle. The questions of where to stay and what amenities are absolutely essential for creating that idyllic holiday atmosphere are all too familiar, aren’t they? If you’re nodding along, rest assured, you’re in good company.

I’ve felt the strain of combing through endless reviews and scrutinising countless photographs in search of that perfect retreat.

Here’s a spot of brilliant news: I’ve taken on the tedious task so that you don’t have to lift a finger! One revelation stood out starkly during my exhaustive research – Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas shines as the solitary 4-star hotel in Gran Canaria devoted exclusively to gay men.

My discoveries unearthed that this hidden jewel offers far more than merely a cosy nook for slumber; it promises an experience meticulously crafted with your utmost comfort and joy at its core.

From opulent chambers boasting private pools to distinctive amenities such as a nudist area, this blog post is set to escort you through all the delights Seven Hotel has up its sleeve.

Ready for an adventure that will linger fondly in your memory? Keep reading!

Key Takeaways

    • Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas is a unique 4 – star hotel in Gran Canaria for gay men, offering luxurious rooms and villas with private swimming pools.
    • The hotel features special areas like a nudist zone, provides free Wi – Fi across the property, and offers professional massage services at its wellness centre.
    • Guests can enjoy high-quality dining at the on-site restaurant, benefit from services such as room service, shuttle transfers to the airport for a fee, and have the option of late check-out.

Accommodation Options at Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas

So, you’re looking for a cosy spot to crash at Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas, right? Well, they’ve got rooms that’ll make you want to stay in bed all day and villas that scream “luxury” with their own swimming pools.

Trust me, there’s a perfect corner for everyone here.

Standard Bedroom

I stayed in a standard bedroom at Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas, and let me tell you, it was quite the cosy spot. These rooms are far from tiny – they’re spacious enough to do a little dance if that’s what floats your boat.

The private bathrooms? Oh, they’re something else! Specially designed doesn’t even start to cover it. Imagine stepping into a shower that feels like its own mini spa session. Yes, please!

But wait, there’s more – each room comes with its very own furnished terrace. Picture yourself chilling on the terrace with a good book or maybe sipping on something nice as the sun goes down..

Sounds dreamy, right? Well, it totally is. For someone like me who treasures those quiet moments of relaxation whilst being surrounded by beautiful views, this was an absolute win-win situation.

Trust me; grabbing one of those standard bedrooms when booking your stay here is a solid move for comfort and some serious chill vibes.

Suite Room

Stepping into a suite room at Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas feels like entering a little slice of paradise just for me. These rooms aren’t just bigger; they come with their own private bathrooms that scream luxury and terraces where I can lounge all day, sipping something cool.

It’s like having my own personal oasis.

Now, let’s chat about the perks that come with these suites because oh boy, are there perks! First up, who doesn’t love free Wi-Fi? I get it round-the-clock here, perfect for when I want to brag on social media about this amazing place or stream my favourite shows without a hitch.

Then there’s the spa and wellness centre – talk about relaxation heaven. Booking one of these suites means easy access to professional massage services that melt away any stress.

Plus, enjoying top-notch room service while wrapped in a plush robe is my idea of holiday goals.

And here’s the cherry on top: staying in one of these suites means I’m living it up at Gran Canaria’s only 4-star spot dedicated to gay men. So yeah, it’s not just comfortable and luxurious but also an exclusive experience tailored just for guests like me looking for both wellness and fun times under the Canary Islands sun.

Villa with a Private Swimming-Pool

I got to stay in a villa with its own swimming-pool at Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas, and let me tell you, it was like having my little piece of paradise. The exclusive pool area meant I could lounge, swim or just chill with total privacy – no need to share the water or fight for sunbeds.

Plus, free WiFi everywhere meant I could post poolside selfies without any hassle.

Next up? Well, there’s more than just chilling in a private pool. They’ve got some unique facilities that make staying here pretty special..

Unique Facilities at Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas

At Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas, they’ve got some pretty cool stuff you won’t find just anywhere. Fancy a bit of sunbathing without the swimsuit? They’ve got you covered with a special area for nudist fun.

Nudist Area

So, I’ve got this spot at Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas that’s quite the talk of the town.. the nudist area. Now, hear me out – it’s not every day you find a hotel where you can bask under the sun in your birthday suit without a care in the world.

This exclusive corner is kitted out with comfy sunbeds and its own pool. That means you can lounge about or take a refreshing dip whenever you fancy.

The beauty of this spot lies in its openness and how it lets guests enjoy a laid-back atmosphere. No side-eyes here, just freedom and relaxation at its finest. Honestly, slipping into that pool feels like stepping into another world – one where stress doesn’t exist and tan lines are things of myths.

This unique feature isn’t something I’d ever thought I’d rave about before staying here.. But there’s something liberating about ditching swimwear for once and connecting with nature on a whole new level.

Plus, chatting with folks who share that same sense of adventure adds an interesting twist to holiday tales! So yeah, if you’re looking to spice up your stay with an experience that’s both daring and chill, this nudist area might just be your cup of tea.

Free Wi-Fi Connection

I just love how Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas gets the little things right, like offering free Wi-Fi connection. Imagine being able to stay connected with friends and share all those amazing holiday snaps without worrying about data charges.

The best part? This Wi-Fi isn’t just for a quick check-in online; it’s available 24/7. That means I can stream my favourite shows after a day exploring Gran Canaria or even work remotely if I need to—talk about convenience!

Now, here’s something guests often rave about in their Seven Hotel & Wellness reviews: the ease of staying online anywhere on the property. Whether lounging by my private pool villa, enjoying meals at the on-site restaurant, or chilling in the suite room, seamless internet access follows me everywhere.

And guess what? They promise the best price guarantee while throwing in this fantastic Wi-Fi service for free across all accommodation options! It’s like they understand our deep need to be online without making us jump through hoops (or overpay) for it.

I also noticed you could leave your email with them so an agent can help find you the best option tailored to your Wi-Fi needs among other preferences—it’s these thoughtful touches that really make a difference to my stay.

So yeah, big thumbs up from someone who likes staying connected!

Massage Services

Oh, the massage services at Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas are a real treat for anyone looking to chill out and give their holiday an extra sprinkle of relaxation. The hotel has this wellness centre that’s open every single day.

Here, guests can pick from a variety of professional massage options. Whether you’re in the mood for something soothing to untangle those knots after a long flight or something a bit more intense to revive your muscles after exploring Gran Canaria, they’ve got you covered.

The team behind these magical hands are pros at making sure guests leave feeling like they’re walking on clouds. It’s all about finding what works best for you. Fancy some time in the sauna or perhaps dipping into the jacuzzi sounds more up your alley? Well, good news—these gems are part of the wellness offerings too! Honestly, it’s like they’ve thought of everything to make sure our stay is as comfy and relaxing as possible.

A visit here isn’t just about snoozing in luxury rooms or catching some sun; it’s also about treating ourselves to some top-notch pampering that makes all the difference.

Highlights of Service Offerings at Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas

At Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas, the service shines bright! Think day passes, speedy shuttles, room treats, and even late goodbyes. Makes you want to stick around longer, doesn’t it? Check out what else they’ve got!

Day Pass

I’ve got something cool to share about Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas, especially if you’re not planning to stay overnight but still want a taste of luxury. They offer a day pass option that’s just perfect for guests like us who are curious about enjoying their facilities for a day.

With this pass, I can dive into the spa & wellness centre, hit up the restaurant for some delicious grub, or even chill in the nudist area if I’m feeling adventurous. And guess what? The day pass isn’t just an entry ticket; it also includes access to top-notch massage services and treatments that promise pure bliss.

Now here’s where it gets even better – as a day pass holder, room service is at our beck and call. Fancy a bite while relaxing? No Problem! And there’s no hassle getting there because they’ve sorted out transfer services for us too.

A varied menu awaits those of us keen on sampling breakfast or other meals during our visit. So how do you snag this golden ticket? Just shoot them an email ( or give them a ring (+34 928 777 748).

Trust me; it’s your passport to experiencing Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas without booking a night’s stay.

Transfer Service

So, you’ve just touched down at the airport, luggage in hand and a bit weary from your flight. The last thing you want is to stress about getting to Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas.

Well, guess what? They’ve got you sorted with their transfer service. For 45€ one way, they whisk you away from the airport straight to relaxation mode at the hotel – easy, fast, and most importantly, safe.

It’s like they read my mind because I love it when things are hassle-free.

Now, don’t get me wrong; exploring by yourself has its charms. But after a long flight? All I can think about is sinking into comfort as soon as possible. Plus, this little perk means more time enjoying what matters – like deciding whether to hit the pool or check out that tempting massage service first.

Speaking of pampering..

Room Service

I’m all about exploring new places, and nothing beats starting the day with a hearty breakfast in bed. At Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas, you can enjoy room service for breakfast or any meal without leaving your comfy sheets.

They offer a varied menu that promises to satisfy your cravings. It’s perfect for those lazy mornings when getting out of bed feels like climbing Mount Everest.

Craving a snack or a full-blown feast at an odd hour? No problem! Their room service caters to your hunger needs whenever they hit. And let me tell you, munching on delicious food while lounging in my cosy room makes me feel like royalty.

Also, knowing I can connect to free Wi-Fi 24/7 means I can post my foodie adventures online right away, password given at check-in – talk about convenience!

Late Check-Out

So, after enjoying room service that feels like royalty, you might want to hold on to that luxury a bit longer. And guess what? You can with the late check-out option at Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas.

For just 30€ extra per room, you get to laze around until 18:00. Of course, this depends on if there’s space.

Late check-outs are a blessing for night owls or when your flight home is later in the day. No need to rush out of bed or skip that last dip in the pool. Just make sure you arrange it ahead of time since it’s not always available.

Nothing beats squeezing every last minute out of your holiday here without worrying about where to stash your bags or waiting ages for a late flight.

Dining at Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas

Oh, you’re in for a treat with the dining at Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas! The on-site restaurant serves up some seriously yummy dishes that will have your taste buds dancing.

On-site Restaurant

I must say, the on-site restaurant at Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas is something to talk about. The menu is full of choices that make deciding what to eat a pleasant challenge.

Fancy some breakfast in bed? They’ve got room service that brings the goodness right to your door. And let’s not skip over how guests can’t stop raving about the food quality here – we’re talking top-notch, almost Michelin-star level! It feels like every bite tells a story of carefully chosen ingredients and chefs who know their way around a kitchen.

Dining at this place adds so much more to your stay; it turns meal times into highlights of your day. Reviewers online, especially on sites like TripAdvisor for Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas, often shine a light on the dining experience as one of the jewels in this hotel’s crown.

Whether it’s lunch, dinner or anything in between, you’re in for an exquisite treat. Trust me, having tasted food from many corners of Gran Canaria, eating here elevates your holiday from great to unforgettable.

Guest Reviews of Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas

So, let’s chat about what folks are saying after their stay at Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas. The praise is through the roof! People love this place. They’re all over the internet, especially on TripAdvisor and, talking about how amazing their experience was.

From the top-notch service to the incredible facilities – it seems like everyone who stays here leaves more than happy.

Guests often mention how they were blown away by the stunning pools and couldn’t get enough of the delicious food at the on-site restaurant. The rooms? Oh, they talk about them as if they’ve stayed in a palace! Spacious, clean, and with everything you could wish for.

And let me tell you (between us), some even said that staying here made their holiday in Gran Canaria unforgettable. It makes you want to check it out yourself, right?.


1. What’s the scoop on Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas?

Ah, let me tell you… it’s this fab spot in Gran Canaria where you can chill out big time. They’ve got these lush apartments, a hot tub to soak your worries away, and – wait for it – a kids club that’ll keep the little ones busy while you sip something cool by the pool.

2. Can I see what it looks like before I book?

Absolutely! Just hop onto TripAdvisor or Google Chrome (or Mozilla Firefox, Safari… even Internet Explorer if that’s still your jam), and search for “Seven Hotel & Wellness Maspalomas photos”. You’ll find loads of snaps from guests who’ve been there, done that. It’s like getting a sneak peek without leaving your couch!

3. How do I snag a room at this place?

Easy-peasy! Head over to or any browser of your choice and type in “Seven Hotel & Wellness reservation”. Just follow the steps, pop in your credit card details (don’t worry, it’s all above board), and boom – you’re all set for some serious relaxation.

4. Is eating there going to make my wallet cry?

Nah, they’ve got options for every budget. From buffets that’ll have you coming back for seconds (or thirds – no judgement here) to bars where you can grab a quick bite without breaking the bank. And hey, if you fancy treating yourself one night, their food is worth every penny.

5. What about parking? And those extra fees always seem to catch me off guard…

Oh mate, I hear ya! But guess what? Parking’s sorted; they’ve got space for your ride so no need to fret about finding a spot on those busy days. As for fees – just give them a ring or check online under “Seven Hotel & Wellness prices” before booking; no nasty surprises here (and yes, we’re looking at those implied warranties of merchantability with side-eye).