Santa Mónica Suites Hotel Maspalomas

Accommodation at Santa Mónica Suites Hotel offers a comfy bed and a sweet view, making it hard to leave your room. Curious for more? Keep reading!

Room Options

So, let’s talk about where you’re going to crash after a day of sun, sea, and sand at Santa Mónica Suites Hotel Maspalomas. The hotel offers a range of rooms that are as cosy as a hug and as welcoming as a warm smile. You’re not just getting a place to sleep; it’s more like your own little sanctuary… with a few nice touches thrown in for good measure.

Room TypeDescriptionKey Features
Twin Bedroom SuitePerfect for pairs, this suite comes with a lounge and satellite TV. Ideal for kicking back after a day of exploring.Lounge area, Satellite TV, Optional terrace or balcony
Bathroom AmenitiesEvery suite boasts a well-equipped bathroom, so you can freshen up in style.Toilet paper, Slippers, Private bathroom, Free toiletries, Bathrobes, Hairdryer, Shower

Honestly, it’s those little details that make a difference, right? Imagine slipping into those soft bathrobes and slippers after a refreshing shower. And yes, they’ve thought about the important bits – like making sure you’ve got enough toilet paper and the toiletries. It might sound silly, but it’s those small comforts that turn a good stay into a great one.

And let’s not forget about the option of having a terrace or balcony with some of the twin bedroom suites. Whether you’re a sunrise coffee person or a sunset glass of wine type, having that private outdoor space is such a treat. It’s like having your own little piece of Maspalomas, just steps from your bed.

In summary, whether you’re dozing off in a comfy bed or wrapping yourself in a cosy bathrobe, every room at Santa Mónica Suites Hotel Maspalomas is about pampering you. And frankly, we all deserve a bit of that on our holidays, don’t we?

Dining and Bar Facilities

I have to chat about the dining and eating spots at Santa Mónica Suites Hotel Maspalomas. Honestly, the food scene here is mouth-watering!

  • You’ll kick off each day with a buffet breakfast. And guess what? It’s at a lower price for guests staying at the hotel. Talk about starting your day on the right foot!
  • Evening meals are never dull with a changing menu each night. Whether you’re into Italian, international, European, or good old BBQ, they’ve got you covered.
  • Special diets? No problem! They offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options. So everyone gets something tasty.
  • Thirsty? The hotel bar is where it’s at. Imagine sipping your favourite drink after a day exploring Gran Canaria.
  • Everyone raves about the variety and quality of food in their reviews. “Santa Mónica Suites Hotel Maspalomas reviews” are filled with happy stomachs.
  • Secure yourself some free parking when you reserve a spot. It’s always nice to know your car has a comfy place too!

Picture munching on your favourite breakfast with views of the dunes… Yes, that’s how mornings here start!

Unique Features of Santa Mónica Suites Hotel

Santa Mónica Suites Hotel has some cool tricks up its sleeve that make it stand out—like a secret passage to the dunes and being super kind to the planet! Fancy finding out more? Keep reading, ’cause this place is full of surprises.

Direct Access to Maspalomas Dunes

I’ve got to say, having direct access to the Maspalomas Dunes from Santa Mónica Suites Hotel is a game changer. Imagine waking up, sipping your morning coffee, and then strolling straight into those vast golden sands – feels like walking into a dream, doesn’t it? The views of the sea blending with the dunes create this surreal painting that no artist could ever capture perfectly.

And trust me, photos don’t do justice either; you’ve got to see it for yourself.

The convenience of stepping out from the hotel right onto Playa del Ingles means you’re not just close to nature’s masterpiece but also seamlessly connected to one of Gran Canaria’s most beautiful beaches.

It’s an unbeatable combo for beach lovers and explorers alike. Next up, let’s talk about how this place respects Mother Nature while offering such mind-blowing experiences.

Environmental Sensitivity

Santa Mónica Suites Hotel really stands out because it cares a lot about the environment. It’s nestled right next to the Maspalomas Dunes, a very special place that we need to keep safe.

The hotel has won awards for being so good to nature. They have this thing called a Travel Sustainable Level 3+ badge, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. It shows they’re serious about keeping the planet healthy.

They’ve got all these cool ways of running things that don’t hurt the earth much. I’m talking solar panels, recycling like champs, and using water in smart ways so there’s enough for everyone—including the plants and animals around us.

Plus, staying here makes you feel good because you know you’re not harming those beautiful dunes right outside your door. So yeah, big thumbs up to Santa Mónica Suites Hotel for doing their bit!

Awards and Recognition

Oh, and let’s not forget to chat about the shiny bits – those awards and recognitions. Santa Mónica Suites Hotel isn’t just any hotel; it’s a prize winner, folks! With accolades like the TUI Global Hotel Awards and a Travel Sustainable Level 3+ badge, you know you’re in for something special.

Fancy finding out why everyone’s talking about this place?.

TUI Global Hotel Awards

So, I’ve got to tell you about this amazing thing. Santa Mónica Suites Hotel in Maspalomas has grabbed the top spot at the TUI Global Hotel Awards for the seventh year running by 2024! Yes, you read that right – seven years in a row.

This is huge because it’s like winning an Oscar in the hotel world. It shows just how fantastic they are, from their incredible service to those stunning views of Gran Canaria.

Now, what makes this award so special? Well, imagine being recognised as the best among thousands of hotels worldwide. It means guests love everything about their stay – from checking in until they (sadly) have to say goodbye.

And let’s be real; who wouldn’t want to stay at a place where they’re treated like royalty? The food, the rooms, even parking gets rave reviews! Plus, with all those beautiful photos floating around social media and TripAdvisor singing praises, it’s no wonder everyone wants a piece of Santa Mónica Suites Hotel action.

Travel Sustainable Level 3+

Santa Mónica Suites Hotel takes being green seriously, folks. They’ve stepped up their game and bagged themselves a snazzy Travel Sustainable Level 3+ badge. Now, that’s not just any old award.

It means they’re doing more than just recycling paper and turning off lights when no one’s in the room. They’re all about cutting down on waste, using energy smartly, and making sure local nature stays beautiful.

And let’s be honest—staying somewhere that cares for our planet makes that holiday feel extra good.

They’ve got this commitment to sustainability sorted from top to bottom. From solar panels soaking up the sun’s rays to eco-friendly cleaning products keeping things spick and span without harming the earth..

it’s like they’ve thought of everything! Plus, supporting their local community is big on their list too—they know it’s important for everyone to chip in where they can. Choosing Santa Mónica Suites Hotel? You’re not just picking a place to crash; you’re giving a thumbs-up to helping keep Gran Canaria gorgeous for years to come.

Guest Experiences at Santa Mónica Suites Hotel

Folks, I’ve got to tell you, guests at Santa Mónica Suites Hotel are having a brilliant time! Don’t just take my word for it, go check out what they’re saying.

Verified Reviews from Real Guests

I’ve got to tell you, real guests at Santa Mónica Suites Hotel Maspalomas have left some fantastic reviews. They share their experiences online, and oh boy, do they make me want to book a stay right away! Here’s what they’re raving about:

  1. The views are out of this world.

Picture waking up to sights of the sea and the famous Maspalomas Dunes. Guests love starting their day with such breathtaking views.

  1. Rooms that feel like home.

Many said their rooms were more than comfy. With amenities like fluffy bathrobes and slippers, it’s like a cosy hug after a long day exploring.

  1. A foodie’s paradise.

The hotel buffet and bars get two thumbs up. Fresh, delicious options every day mean your taste buds are always in for a treat.

  1. Kid – friendly fun.

Families can’t stop talking about the kids club. Safe, engaging activities mean parents can relax while kids have the time of their lives.

  1. Parking? No problem!

Visitors driving to the hotel found ample parking spaces—a big relief and a great start to their holiday.

  1. Beach access is a breeze.

With direct access to those stunning dunes and beach, guests say it’s like having a private slice of paradise.

  1. Eco – friendly efforts are appreciated.

Travellers are giving a round of applause for the hotel’s commitment to being kind to our planet.

So there you have it — straight from the horse’s mouth! These guest reviews paint a pretty clear picture: Santa Mónica Suites Hotel Maspalomas is where memories are made, one stay at a time.

Popular Facilities and Services

So, you’re thinking about Santa Mónica Suites Hotel in Maspalomas for your next getaway? Great choice! This place is a treasure trove of amenities. Let’s take a sneak peek at what makes this hotel a hit with guests like us.

  1. Direct beach access – Imagine stepping out of your room and walking straight onto the soft sands of Maspalomas Dunes. It’s real here!
  2. Sauna with a view – You get free sauna access when you book directly, and let me tell you, those panoramic dune views are something else.
  3. Chill-out zone – A perfect spot to unwind after a day exploring Gran Canaria.
  4. Fitness centre – For those who like to keep up their workout routine, even on holiday.
  5. Complimentary parking – No need to worry about where to park your hire; they’ve got it covered.
  6. Kids club – Trust me, the little ones will be more than entertained here while you grab some ‘me time’.
  7. Buffet and bars – The food? Delicious. The drinks? Even better. And the variety will have you spoilt for choice.
  8. Room variety – From cosy singles to spacious apartments, there’s something that’ll fit your need and style.
  9. Eco-friendly practices – It feels good staying somewhere that cares about our planet as much as we do.

Each of these features comes together to create an experience that’s just unforgettable. Whether it’s lounging by the beach or enjoying the local cuisine, you’re in for a treat at Santa Mónica Suites Hotel Maspalomas. So why wait? Your next adventure awaits!

Making a Reservation at Santa Mónica Suites Hotel

Booking your stay at Santa Mónica Suites Hotel is a breeze, and you’re just a click away from starting an amazing holiday adventure!

Online Bookings

I just found out that making a reservation at Santa Mónica Suites Hotel is a breeze on their website. They promise the best price, which sounds like a win-win to me. Plus, I get to see stunning Santa Mónica Suites Hotel Maspalomas photos before deciding.

The cherry on top? If you book directly through their site, they throw in free sauna access. That’s with views of those iconic dunes – talk about an Instagram moment waiting to happen!

Here’s something else cool – there’s no need to worry about payments until you arrive. I love the idea of locking in my stay without upfront costs. This way, I can keep my credit card for actual fun stuff when I get there.

And with that top-notch cancellation policy they have for direct bookings, it feels like all bases are covered. So yeah, clicking that ‘subscribe’ button on their page was pretty much a no-brainer!

Pay on Arrival Options

So, after you’ve teased your travel bug with the simplicity of online bookings, there’s another sweet deal waiting. You can actually pay when you arrive at Santa Mónica Suites Hotel Maspalomas.

Yep, that’s right – keep your wallet snug until you set foot in our sun-kissed haven. This option is perfect for those who might have a change of heart or face any last-minute hitches.

And let’s be honest, having a bit of flexibility in our plans is always a plus, isn’t it?.

This nifty feature comes straight from the hotel’s promise to make your stay as stress-free as possible. Not only do you get to gaze at those breathtaking dunes without a worry, but also enjoy perks like free sauna access if you book directly through their website.

The cherry on top? They boast the best cancellation policy out there, making sure that even the most indecisive among us can book with total peace of mind. So pack your bags and leave the rest till later – Santa Mónica Suites Hotel has got your back!


1. “What’s the scoop on Santa Mónica Suites Hotel in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria?”

Ah, let me tell you! It’s this rather fabulous spot in Gran Canaria, Spain – think sun, sea and sand. They’ve got these lovely apartments where you can kick back after a day exploring the Costa Canaria. And yes, it’s as good as it sounds on TripAdvisor!

2. “How do I snag a reservation at this place?”

Easy peasy! Hop onto Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (honestly, any browser works… even Internet Explorer if you’re feeling nostalgic), type away and book directly. Just watch out for spam – nobody likes an unexpected side of that with their holiday plans.

3. “I’ve heard their food is something else – what’s the deal?”

Oh, absolutely! The buffet at Santa Mónica Suites is like a mini trip around the world on your plate – delicious doesn’t even start to cover it. Plus, they’ve got bars where you can sip something cool as the sun sets… pure bliss!

4. “Can I bring my little monsters along? Do they have stuff for kids?”

Absolutely bring them along – the more the merrier! They’ve got a kids club that’ll keep your little adventurers busy while you get some well-deserved ‘me time’. Trust me; they’ll love it so much; they won’t want to leave.

5. “Is parking going to be a headache there?”

Not at all! They’ve thought of everything – including where you’re going to park your car (because let’s face it, no one wants to deal with parking fees on holiday). So yes, there’s plenty of space for your ride.

6. “Got any tips for making the most out of my stay?”

Well now… make sure to explore beyond just Google Chrome or Safari when looking up things to do in Islas Canarias; sometimes those hidden gems aren’t always top of the search results list thanks to algorithms and whatnot (ahem… hate speech filters gone wild?). Also? Don’t forget sunscreen—Gran Canaria isn’t shy about showing off its sunny disposition!