Palmitos Park Maspalomas

Planning a trip can be tough. You want to make sure you’re choosing the right spots, especially when it’s about Gran Canaria. I’ve been there — feeling unsure but eager to explore the best attractions. That’s why I dug deep into Palmitos Park Maspalomas, a gem hidden in southern Gran Canaria that promises an unforgettable experience with its lush botanical garden filled with subtropical plants and the largest collection of orchids in the Canary Islands. This article breaks down everything from its scenic locations to thrilling shows, making your trip planning easier. Get ready for an adventure!

Key Takeaways

  • Palmitos Park Maspalomas is a lush paradise in southern Gran Canaria featuring the largest collection of orchids in the Canary Islands, exotic birds, and animal exhibits like Spectacled Caimans and Canary Island Lizards.
  • The park offers interactive experiences such as the “Dolphin Encounter” program, stunning dolphin and bird shows, and an Aquarium Poema del Mar that showcases vibrant marine life. Visitors can also enjoy the Angry Birds Activity Park with a 2 Parks Ticket.
  • Nearby attractions include Aqualand for water slides, Holiday World for rides and games, and Submarine Adventure tours. Getting to Palmitos Park is easy with options like buses, taxis, or renting a car. Affordable accommodations are available near the park for convenience.

Location and climate

Palmitos Park sits snug in the Los Palmitos ravine on the southern side of Gran Canaria. This spot promises a blend of natural beauty with its unique location tucked away among steep valley sides.

The journey here is as much a part of the adventure as the park itself – winding through breathtaking landscapes that prepare you for the magic inside.

This sunny corner of Gran Canaria gets pretty warm, making it perfect for those who love soaking up some heat while exploring. High temperatures are common, so wearing light clothes and staying hydrated makes all the difference in enjoying your day at Palmitos Park Maspalomas.

Whether you’re watching dolphins leap or marveling at exotic birds, this climate adds to the vibrant atmosphere that makes every visit memorable.


Moving from the warm climate and lush surroundings, let’s talk about how Palmitos Park is set up. The layout is like a treasure map filled with surprise spots around every corner. Paths wind through botanical gardens where subtropical plants greet you with a splash of color.

Each twist and turn brings you to new discoveries, from quiet ponds teeming with life to towering palms that seem to touch the sky.

The park splits into sections, each holding its own magic. You’ll step into places where parrots chatter above your head and spots where dolphins leap in sync. It’s laid out so you’re always stumbling upon something exciting—a perfect mix of nature’s beauty and thrilling shows that keep your eyes wide open in wonder.

I walked my way through these sections, feeling lost in a world far away from the ordinary—every area promising fun meals for thought and sights that dazzle.

Sections of the park

Palmitos Park Maspalomas Gran Canaria feels like stepping into a different world. Let me guide you through its magical sections, each promising its own unique adventure.

  1. Botanical Garden: Imagine walking through a lush paradise filled with subtropical plants. This place is not just about the greenery; it’s home to the largest collection of orchids in the Canary Islands. The air smells sweet and fresh, making you want to stay forever.
  2. Palm Collection: Next stop, an impressive array of palm trees! From tall and towering to short and stubby, each one tells a story. You’ll feel tiny standing next to these giants.
  3. Animal Exhibits: Now, this part gets exciting! Colorful birds fly overhead, singing their songs. Don’t miss the Spectacled Caiman lounging around – but keep your fingers to yourself! And let’s not forget about the Canary Island Lizard; it might just give you a curious look.

Each section of Palmitos Park brings something new to see and do. You can wander in gardens, stand under giant palms, or chat with birds and lizards (okay, maybe they won’t chat back). It’s all here waiting for you!


Oh, the gallery in Palmitos Park Maspalomas is a must-see! It’s like stepping into a rainbow with all those colors. You get to see the largest collection of orchids in the Canary Islands right there.

Each one is more stunning than the last—like nature decided to show off.

The gallery isn’t just about plants, though. There are photos and paintings that capture the beauty of this place and its critters. It feels like each snapshot tells a story of adventure under the sun or among subtropical plants.

Walking through, I can’t help but think “This is what paradise looks like.”.

Attractions at Palmitos Park

Vibrantly colored birds perched on lush tree branches in wildlife photography.

At Palmitos Park, every corner you turn has a new surprise waiting. From the playful dolphins leaping in their pools to the colorful birds soaring overhead, this place is a wonderland for animal lovers like me.

Animal exhibits

I recently visited Palmitos Park in Maspalomas, Spain, and let me tell you, the animal exhibits were out of this world. Walking around, I felt like I was on an adventure in a tropical paradise.

  1. Colorful birds caught my eye first. The park is home to a vast array of these feathered friends, from tiny finches to majestic eagles. Each bird species has its unique charm and songs, making the aviaries a treat for the senses.
  2. Next up were the Spectacled Caimans lounging in their pools. These reptiles look like small crocodiles and have this calm demeanor about them—until feeding time! Watching them snap up their food with such precision was both thrilling and a bit scary.
  3. Another highlight was seeing the Canary Island Lizard. It’s not something you see every day! These lizards are natives to the islands and have strikingly beautiful patterns on their skin. They blend so well into their surroundings; it’s like playing a game of ‘spot the lizard.’
  4. The “Dolphin Encounter” program at Palmitos Park was an educational journey that introduced me to the intelligence and grace of these marine creatures. Learning about their behaviors and how we can help preserve their natural habitats made me appreciate them even more.
  5. Last but definitely not least were the interactive experiences with some animals. I got up close with some friendly parrots and even had one sit on my shoulder! Their playful nature and bright colors made for perfect photo ops.

Each exhibit taught me something new about our planet’s incredible biodiversity and reminded me of the importance of conservation efforts to protect these amazing creatures’ homes. Walking through Palmitos Park Maspalomas isn’t just fun—it’s an unforgettable learning experience too.

Dolphin and bird shows

So, you’re thinking of visiting Palmitos Park Maspalomas? Great choice! This place isn’t just another zoo; it’s a paradise where the dolphin and bird shows will leave you in awe. Here’s what caught my eye and made my visit unforgettable:

  1. Dolphins leaping out of the water: The dolphin performances are out of this world. You see these intelligent sea mammals twist and turn, making incredible jumps. They even interact with their trainers in ways that show deep trust and understanding.
  2. Birds taking flight above you: During the bird shows, get ready to duck – but in a good way! Exotic birds fly right over your head, some so close you feel the air move. These creatures, from parrots to eagles, show off their natural skills and colors.
  3. Learning with fun: Both shows are not just for entertainment. The trainers share fascinating facts about these animals. You learn about conservation efforts and how each of us can help protect their natural habitats.
  4. Photo opportunities: Imagine capturing a photo with a dolphin or an eagle right behind you! After the shows, there’s a chance to take pictures with some of the stars. It’s a memory you’ll want to keep forever.
  5. The setting makes it special: Palmitos Park does an excellent job setting the stage for these shows. You’re surrounded by beautiful landscapes that make every moment even more magical.
  6. Kids love it: If you’re traveling with family, this is a must-see. Children find these shows captivating. Watching their faces light up with joy is priceless.

Every time I visited Palmitos Park Maspalomas, these experiences felt new and exciting. The dolphin and bird shows stand out as highlights that bring everyone closer to nature’s wonders.

Aquarium Poema del Mar

After enjoying the lively dolphin and bird performances, I made my way to another highlight at Palmitos Park: Aquarium Poema del Mar. This place is a must-see! It’s like stepping into an underwater world where you can come face-to-face with colorful fish and other sea creatures.

The aquarium offers a peek into the deep blue in a way that’s both fun and educational.

At Aquarium Poema del Mar, each tank is full of life, showcasing everything from dazzling tropical fish to mysterious deep-sea animals. Walking through the dimly lit hallways with giant glass tanks on either side feels magical.

You see schools of fish swimming by and get up close with species you’ve only ever seen in books or on TV before. This part of Palmitos Park adds an exciting chapter to your adventure – it’s not just about watching; it’s about exploring and learning something new at every turn.

Angry Birds Activity Park

Oh, the Angry Birds Activity Park at Palmitos Park Maspalomas is a blast! You get to step right into the world of your favorite feathery friends from that game on your phone. It’s all there – slingshots, puzzles, and even those naughty pigs.

The cool part? You need a 2 Parks Ticket to dive in, but it’s so worth it because this place isn’t just for kids. Adults have just as much fun, I kid you not.

I remember zooming down slides and laughing way too loud at the obstacle courses meant for much younger adventurers. There’s something about pretending to be in a video game that brings out the inner child in everyone.

My best moment was hitting a high score at one of their interactive challenges – felt like a champion!

Other Nearby Attractions

A family enjoying rides and water slides at Holiday World.

And guess what? The fun doesn’t stop at Palmitos Park. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away, you’ve got places like Aqualand for water slides and Holiday World for rides that’ll make your heart race.

Plus, there’s this cool Submarine Adventure where you can see underwater without getting wet. So many adventures waiting right next door!

Aqualand Maspalomas

I just have to tell you about Aqualand Maspalomas. It’s a huge splash park in Gran Canaria, and guess what? They’ve got this cool offer where you can get a ticket that lets you into both Aqualand and Palmitos Park.

Yes, two for the price of one kind of deal! This place is like a magnet for fun-seekers with its twisting slides, wave pools, and lazy river rides. Plus, it’s linked to some other neat spots around town like Sioux City Park and Cocodrilo Park Zoo.

Getting there couldn’t be easier. You can hop on a bus or grab a taxi if you’re not up for walking. Once inside, I felt like I’d jumped into my own personal summer paradise – especially sliding down those water chutes! Next on the list is Holiday World, so keep your sandals handy because we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

Holiday World

Holiday World is a blast for everyone who visits. It’s right near Palmitos Park, making it super easy to jump over after seeing all those cool birds and animals. They’ve got restaurants that serve delicious food, so you’re never hungry while exploring.

Plus, the attractions? Top-notch! Families and couples always leave with big smiles on their faces – that’s what I keep hearing from reviews.

Getting there is no sweat either. With hotels like Maspalomas Resort by Dunas just a stone’s throw away, you can roll out of bed and into adventure in no time. Trust me; this place packs fun into every corner.

Submarine Adventure

So, I tried this totally cool thing near Palmitos Park in Maspalomas — a 40-minute Submarine Tour. Imagine slipping beneath the waves like a fish, watching sea life dance by your window.

It’s not every day you get to play submarine captain, but here I was, seeing the ocean in a way most don’t. Bright fish zoomed past us and the seabed was like another planet.

The crew were experts and made sure everyone felt safe and excited. They knew all about the creatures we saw and shared fun facts that made me look at the ocean with new eyes. This wasn’t just a ride; it was an adventure deep into the waters around Gran Canaria, giving me stories to tell for ages.

Trust me, if you’re nearby and wondering what magic lies below those blue waves, this is your answer.

Getting to and Around Palmitos Park

Catching a ride to Palmitos Park is easy peasy! You can hop on a bus, grab a taxi, or if you’re feeling adventurous, drive yourself. Once you’re there, walking around the park is a breeze with plenty of signs to guide you.

Transportation options

I always thought getting around in a new place would be tricky. But my trip to Palmitos Park Maspalomas taught me it’s simpler than I expected. Here’s the lowdown on how I got there and moved around, making my visit a breeze.

  1. I took the bus from Gran Canaria Airport straight to Maspalomas. The ride was smooth and offered great views along the way.
  2. Once at Maspalomas, taxis were everywhere. So, I hopped into one to reach Palmitos Park.
  3. I heard you could also rent a car if you want freedom to explore on your own schedule. Many tourists choose this for flexibility.
  4. Walking is another option if you’re staying close by. It’s a nice way to see more of the area’s beauty.
  5. Lastly, I found out that Palmitos Park offers a combo ticket with Aqualand Maspalomas, including shuttle service between the two attractions.

These options made it easy for me to enjoy my time without worrying about how to get from one place to another. Next up, let’s talk about what makes Palmitos Park so special!

Nearby accommodations

After a long day at Palmitos Park, finding a cozy place to rest is key. Lucky for us, there are great hotels nearby like Maspalomas Resort by Dunas and Casita Blanca cerca del Yumbo.

They offer free parking, which is super handy because who wants to worry about their car after a day of fun? Plus, these places have pools to splash in and are pet-friendly. So, if you’re traveling with your furry friend, they’re welcome too!

Staying close to the park means more time for adventure and less hassle getting around. I picked a spot with easy access so I could beat the crowd in the morning. Trust me, it makes all the difference.

Now let’s dive into some tips for visiting Palmitos Park…

Tips for Visiting

So, you’re planning a trip to Palmitos Park? Awesome choice! Let me share a couple of quick tips to make your visit even better. First off, consider the time of year you want to go.

Maspalomas has lovely weather, but it’s especially beautiful in spring and fall when it’s not too hot. And about money – Maspalomas can be pricey or cheap, based on where you stay and eat.

So, do a bit of homework on places that match your budget beforehand. Trust me; these small steps can make your adventure way smoother!

Best time to visit

I always plan my trip to Palmitos Park Maspalomas during spring or fall. These seasons are perfect because the weather is fantastic. It’s not too hot, and you won’t find yourself in a crowd of tourists either.

I’ve found mornings are the best times to beat any lines for shows, especially the dolphin and bird performances that everyone loves.

Last year, I went in early May and it was an ideal time. The park felt like it was all mine! The animals seemed more active, and with fewer people around, I got great photos without anyone stepping into my shots.

Plus, traveling to Maspalomas then didn’t burn a hole in my pocket since accommodation prices weren’t at their peak yet. Trust me on this one – aiming for off-peak seasons will give you a peaceful visit plus some savings on your trip!

Cost of living in Maspalomas

Living in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria doesn’t break the bank. Food and drinks are reasonable. You can enjoy a meal at a local restaurant without spending too much. Shopping for groceries? The prices are similar to what you might find back home, making it easy to stick to your budget.

And when you fancy a night out, bars and cafes offer good times without high costs.

Staying here varies in price but offers options for every pocketbook. From cozy apartments to luxurious resorts, the choice is yours based on how much you want to spend. Public transport like buses makes getting around cheap and easy, especially if you’re hopping between attractions or going from Palmitos Park to Aqualand Maspalomas.

Plus, with so many beautiful beaches close by, enjoying nature doesn’t cost a dime!

Map of the park

After figuring out the cost of living in Maspalomas, I was all set to explore. So, next up is getting around Palmitos Park. You’ll definitely want to grab a park map at the entrance.

This handy guide made my visit so much smoother. It shows all the paths through the botanical garden and points you to the incredible Palm Collection and orchid display – which, by the way, is said to be the biggest in the Canary Islands.

I found myself constantly referring back to it as I wandered from one exhibit to another. It’s not just about finding your way; this map also highlights little gems around every corner that I might have missed otherwise.

Trust me, holding that guide in my hands felt like having a treasure map – each turn brought a new discovery! From vibrant tropical plants popping with color to those sneaky spots where you can snag an amazing photo or simply enjoy a moment of peace away from crowds…

that map was my key to unlocking everything Palmitos Park had hidden away.

How the 2007 Gran Canaria forest fires affected the park

The 2007 Gran Canaria forest fires hit Palmitos Park hard. Trees burned, animals lost their homes, and parts of the park looked like a sad movie scene. I remember visiting right after they reopened.

It felt eerie but hopeful. Workers were everywhere, fixing paths and planting new trees. They even had to rebuild some animal shelters from scratch.

They told us about the changes in operation too. Shows and attractions were fewer because they focused on fixing the damage. But they also started working on fire prevention big time to keep it safe in the future.

Seeing that effort made me cheer for this place even more.

School excursions to Palmitos Park

School trips to Palmitos Park are a big hit. They offer a special program called the “Dolphin Encounter” that’s just perfect for students of all ages. Kids get up close with these amazing sea creatures and learn tons in a fun way.

Plus, there’s a park map that helps everyone find their favorite attractions and shows without getting lost.

I also found out that these excursions are not just about seeing animals; they’re educational too. Teachers love them because they cover different subjects in an interactive setting.

Students can see birds show off their flying skills and learn about marine life at the aquarium, making learning outside the classroom super exciting.

Visitor reviews and experiences

I had an amazing time at Palmitos Park Maspalomas. Walking through the botanical garden felt like stepping into another world. The subtropical plants were stunning, and the variety of animals made every turn exciting.

I especially loved the dolphin and bird shows. Seeing those dolphins leap out of the water was something else! People around me were just as thrilled, their faces lighting up with each flip and splash.

Talking to others, it’s clear I’m not alone in my feelings. One visitor told me about her “Dolphin Encounter” program experience. She couldn’t stop smiling as she described how interactive and educational it was, a real highlight for both kids and adults.

School groups seemed enchanted by everything too, their laughter filling the air during shows. Reading online reviews later confirmed that many feel this place offers a unique mix of education and fun under one sky—something hard to find elsewhere.


1. How do I get to Palmitos Park Maspalomas?

Oh, getting there is a breeze! You can catch a bus directly to Palmitos Park from various points in Maspalomas. If you’re feeling fancy, grab a taxi. It’s super easy and gets you right to the fun faster.

2. Can I see dolphins at Palmitos Park?

Absolutely! Grab a ticket that includes the dolphin shows—you won’t regret it. These shows are amazing and make for an unforgettable part of your visit. Plus, there are bird shows too!

3. Is it far from Gran Canaria Airport to Palmitos Park?

Not really! The distance isn’t huge, so you’ll be wandering among exotic animals and enjoying incredible shows before you know it.

4. What else can I do in Maspalomas besides visiting Palmitos Park?

Maspalomas is full of surprises! From chilling on Playa del Ingles beach (yes, you can totally walk there) to checking out other cool events around town—there’s always something happening.

5. What should I know about food options inside the park?

Don’t worry; they’ve got you covered with plenty of food choices right inside the park! Whether you’re craving snacks or a full meal, they have options that will keep your adventure going strong.