Maspalomas Princess

Maspalomas Princess


Finding the perfect holiday spot can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, right? You’re scrolling through endless options, each claiming to be your next dream vacation spot. I get it; I’ve been there too—swiping up and down, left and right, just trying to find that one place where the sun always shines brighter. Well, guess what? After diving deep into holiday research (and yes, maybe becoming slightly obsessed), I found a gem: Maspalomas Princess.

This isn’t just any hotel—it’s a 4-star resort near Maspalomas Beach that got a fresh look in 2019 and offers an all-inclusive option that’ll make your wallet happy too. It sounds pretty good already, doesn’t it? In this post, I’m going to walk you through everything from its palm-tree-surrounded pools to rooms that’ll have you living like royalty. Trust me; you won’t want to miss out on the details here. Ready for some fun under the sun?

Key Takeaways

  • Maspalomas Princess is a 4-star resort close to Maspalomas Beach in Gran Canaria, Spain. It offers an all-inclusive option and was renovated in 2019.
  • The hotel provides various room types including standard, family rooms, junior suites, and more luxurious suites with added benefits like free pool and beach towel swaps.
  • Facilities include children’s club, multiple dining options covering global cuisines, activities for adults and kids, free parking based on availability, and easy access from the airport within 25-30 minutes by car.
  • Guests can enjoy special meal requests such as vegan or gluten – free options on request. Evening wear dress code applies in dining areas.
  • Reviews give it a solid rating with positives for its food variety and family – friendly environment but noting some negatives regarding bed comfort and dinner seating arrangements.


Location and Surroundings

Maspalomas Princess sits near Maspalomas Beach in the sunny Gran Canaria, Spain. It’s a gem tucked away among palm trees in a tropical garden. Imagine stepping outside and seeing the Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve just around the corner – yes, that’s right! The dunes are so close, you could almost touch them.

And if you’re up for a bit of adventure or simply want to soak in nature’s beauty, Maspalomas Botanical Garden isn’t far either.

Now let’s talk about getting fancy – Meloneras area is only a 20-minute walk away from where I’m staying. Think upscale shops, lovely restaurants and bars where sipping on mojitos becomes an evening ritual..

Ahh, can’t get better than this! So here I am, smack dab between nature and luxury at Maspalomas Princess; honestly feels like hitting the jackpot without even trying too hard.

Distance from Airport

Getting from Gran Canaria Airport to the Maspalomas Princess can take about 25-30 minutes by car. This hotel is 35 kilometers away from the airport. So, you won’t have to worry much about long travel times after you land.

It’s pretty cool that we get a bit of extra time to relax instead of spending it all on the road.

Now, thinking about where you’ll stay once you arrive? Let me walk you through your options at Maspalomas Princess..

All-Inclusive Packages

So, you’re planning a trip to Maspalomas Princess and thinking about going all-inclusive, huh? Smart move. With the all-inclusive option at this gem of a place, you get national drinks plus all meals and snacks at the bars and restaurants from early morning till late evening—specifically 9:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Sounds like a dream, right? But keep in mind there’s a little catch; certain fancy drinks come with extra charges. Still, imagine sipping on your favourite drink without constantly reaching for your wallet.

I’ve got to say, opting for an all-inclusive package really takes the hassle out of worrying about where to eat or what’s included in the bill. You can just roll up, order your meal or beverage (keeping those special drinks in mind), and enjoy the moment.

It’s perfect for when you’re chilling by one of those stunning swimming pools or after working up an appetite with some activities. Just remember–the freedom it brings to not fret over every meal choice is pretty sweet..or savoury if that’s more your thing!

Accommodation Options at Maspalomas Princess

Finding the perfect spot to rest your head at Maspalomas Princess is easy peasy. They’ve got everything from cosy rooms for solo travellers to spacious suites that can fit the whole family.

Standard Room

So, you’re eyeing a stay at Maspalomas Princess, right? Well, the Standard Room might just be your go-to. It’s got everything you need to kick back after a day of adventures. Think cosy beds, a neat bathroom where you can sing your heart out in the shower, and maybe even a view that’ll make your friends back home green with envy.

Now, let’s talk perks. Ever worried about what to wear for dinner while on holiday? This place has got you covered with a dress code — so no pyjamas at the buffet table (joking..

or am I?). Craving something special to eat? Just give the word; they listen and whip up meal options that’ll have you feeling all sorts of fancy. And yes, those early birds catching worms (or discounts in this case) and day pass seekers — there’s something for you too! Trust me; it’s where comfort meets convenience without having to break the bank.

Standard Family Room

I’ve got to tell you about the standard family room at Maspalomas Princess. It’s a real gem for families with kids. The room has this Caribbean-inspired design that just makes you feel like you’re on holiday the moment you step in.

Think bright colours, comfy beds, and enough space so everyone isn’t stepping on each other’s toes – quite important when the little ones are running around after a day full of adventures.

The best part? This type of accommodation understands family needs all too well. From spacious bathrooms where sandy feet can get washed off easily to cosy sleeping arrangements that ensure a good night’s sleep for everyone.

Trust me, winding down here after a day exploring is bliss. And hey, if you thought it couldn’t get better, there’s more to discover about places to eat within Maspalomas Princess next!

Superior Family Room

So, after checking out the standard family room, let’s chat about the superior family rooms at Maspalomas Princess. These spaces are a dream come true for families. Imagine stepping into a room that feels like you’ve just landed in the Caribbean.

That’s right – these rooms have a fun, island-inspired vibe that kids and adults alike will love. And talk about being surrounded by beauty! Each one is nestled in this stunning tropical garden where palm trees sway gently in the breeze.

Now, let me tell you why these rooms are perfect for your family getaway. They’re designed with comfort and enjoyment in mind, ensuring everyone has enough space to relax after a day of adventures.

Plus, having access to all the hotel’s top-notch amenities means there’s always something fun to do without even leaving the grounds. Whether it’s splashing around with the kids or grabbing some delicious food from one of their buffets or bars – everything you need for a memorable holiday is right here.

Junior Suite

Moving on from the spacious Superior Family Room, let’s chat about the Junior Suite at Maspalomas Princess. This part is a hit for families or anyone wanting a bit more room and some stylish comfort.

Picture this: you’re surrounded by lush tropical gardens – yes, we’re talking palm trees that sway as if they’re dancing just for you. It feels like your own slice of paradise.

Now, here’s something neat – when you stay in the Junior Suite, you get towels for both pool and beach fun with two free swaps each week. It’s perfect after a long day splashing around or building sandcastles; no need to bring those heavy towels from home! Plus, there’s this MyPrincess program..

think of it as your golden ticket to discounts and possible room upgrades. Seriously, who doesn’t love feeling like VIP?.

Junior Suite Garden

Taking a small step up from the regular Junior Suite, I found myself exploring the wonders of the Junior Suite Garden. This option blew me away with its spacious and modern feel. Imagine waking up, pulling back the curtains to your very own private garden.

It’s like having a little slice of paradise just for you—perfect for those mornings when all you want is some peace, quiet, and maybe a cup of coffee in the great outdoors.

Each suite comes equipped with essentials such as TV, air-con, and Wi-Fi. So yeah, even though you’re basking in nature’s glory outside your door, inside you’ve got all the tech comforts to make your stay extra cosy.

And let’s not forget about that beautiful garden view—it’s something straight out of a holiday brochure! The Maspalomas Princess really knows how to make an impression with these junior suites; it’s like they thought about what I needed before I even knew I needed it.


So, moving on from the lush greenery of the Junior Suite Garden to something even more luxurious – the Suite at Maspalomas Princess. This is where things get really exciting. Imagine stepping into a space that’s all about spoiling you rotten.

I’m talking plush beds, stylish living areas, and those little touches that make you feel like royalty. And yes, there’s a balcony with views that’ll have you pinching yourself every morning.

Now, picture waking up to sunlight filtering through curtains, stretching out on a king-size bed thinking about what buffet delights to try first.. Or maybe planning which pool to dip into.

The Suite isn’t just bigger; it’s an experience wrapped in comfort and luxury. Whether it’s sipping on fine wines or enjoying a quiet evening in your spacious living room, everything here whispers ‘special’.

Trust me, if pampering had an address in Maspalomas Princess Canaria, it would be the suites!

Suite Prestige

Staying in the Suite Prestige at Maspalomas Princess is like stepping into a dream. It’s the top of what this hotel offers. Picture yourself walking into a space that screams luxury from every corner, with more room than you could ever need to stretch out and relax.

The best bit? The hotel’s common areas have just had a makeover, and they are stunning – it all feels brand new, making your stay even more special.

After waking up in the massive bed that feels like sleeping on a cloud, I head down for breakfast. Imagine starting your day sipping freshly squeezed juices and tucking into an array of dishes that would impress even the pickiest eaters..

Now let’s look at what else Maspalomas Princess has up its sleeve for guests!

Facilities and Services at Maspalomas Princess


At Maspalomas Princess, you’re in for a treat with our sparkling pools, yummy food spots and fun activities. Who wouldn’t want to read more about this paradise spot?.

Facilities for Children

The Maspalomas Princess shines as a beacon for families, not least because of its fantastic kids’ club. Aimed at little ones aged four and over, it’s a place where laughter never stops and fun is the order of the day.

Special meals? No worries – they’ve got that covered too. From baby food to child-friendly feasts, just say the word, and they’ll whip up something delicious. Oh, and let’s not forget about the pool area! With a dedicated play zone just for children, it’s like stepping into a splashy paradise where every drop of water promises a new adventure.

Now moving on from pint-sized pleasures to tantalising tastes.. Let me tell you about gastronomy at this vibrant holiday haven.


Eating at Maspalomas Princess is like going on a world tour without leaving the hotel. I get to choose from a buffet with live cooking stations, or dive into special dinners at either the Asian or Italian themed restaurants.

They’ve got 10 places to eat and drink! That means lots of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. And if I stick with the all-inclusive option, I can enjoy national drinks and all meals from 9:00 AM till 11:00 PM.

Handy, right?.

Now, let’s talk about those extras because there’s always room for an upgrade! For a bit more cash, they offer the All Inclusive Plus option that adds international drinks and bottled water into the mix.

Oh, and they’re pretty cool about food preferences too—vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free—you name it and they prepare it on request. Just remember to dress smart in the evenings though; they like to keep things classy at their bars and restaurants.

Activities and Sports

I’ve got to say, Maspalomas Princess knows how to keep things lively. They offer a brilliant mix of activities and sports for both kids and adults. Fancy splashing around? The hotel has pools with flume slides that are a hit with the children.

And let’s not forget about us grown-ups – there’s plenty to keep us entertained too.

From morning till evening, you can find something fun to do. Whether you’re up for a bit of friendly competition or just want to relax by the pool, they’ve got you covered. Now, I’m always up for trying new foods wherever I go..

So next up, let’s chat about the gastronomy at Maspalomas Princess.

Parking and Transport Services

After a full day of activities and sports, knowing you have easy options for parking and getting to the hotel is comforting. Maspalomas Princess takes away that worry by offering free parking – yes, it’s absolutely free! And it’s based on who gets there first because space can run out.

Now, let’s talk about getting here from the airport. The hotel doesn’t run its own buses or taxis straight from the landing strip to your holiday doorstep, but grabbing a taxi or hopping on a bus is simple.

Everyone does it, and honestly, it feels like part of the adventure! Plus, with free Wi-Fi all over Maspalomas Princess, you can stay connected and share every step of your journey without spending extra on data.

So whether I’m checking in online while soaking up some sun or finding my way around town, staying connected at no extra charge is pretty sweet.

Reviews and Feedback from Guests

I’ve been poking around, reading what people say about Maspalomas Princess. Guess what? It’s got a solid 4.0 out of 5 rating! Seems like most guests are pretty chuffed, with loads calling their stay “very good” or even “excellent”.

That’s not to say it’s all sunshine and rainbows. Some folks aren’t over the moon about the beds – too lumpy for their liking. And oh, getting a seat at dinner can feel like you’re squished in a tin of sardines.

The food gets thumbs up, though – seems the buffet is a hit! Plus, families love the kids’ club. Yet, every now and then someone mentions wishing for that extra pizzazz you get from more luxurious spots.

So yeah.. while it ticks lots of boxes (great food, fun for kids), if snoozing on cloud-nine is your thing or you fancy VIP treatment 24/7 – might want to keep this in mind before hitting ‘reserve’ on that Maspalomas Princess booking.


1. “What’s the deal with Maspalomas Princess apartments?”

Well, if you’re hunting for a spot that’s as comfy as your favourite pair of slippers but with a bit more sunshine, Maspalomas Princess has got you covered. With rooms that make you go “Wow,” and prices that won’t make your wallet cry, it’s like hitting the holiday jackpot!

2. “Can I find good grub at Maspalomas Princess?”

Oh, absolutely! If your tummy’s rumbling louder than thunder, head over to their buffet or bars. From Canarian delights to non-alcoholic cocktails that’ll have you feeling fancy without the fuzziness—it’s a gastronomic safari! And yes, there’s plenty for the little munchkins too.

3. “Is there anything for kids to do at Maspalomas Princess?”

Are kiddos welcome? You betcha! The kids club is like Disneyland meets Neverland—minus flying off rooftops, of course. It’s packed with fun stuff to keep them busy while you sneak off for some peace… or maybe just another round at the buffet.

4. “How easy is it to book a stay at Maspalomas Princess?”

Easier than finding sand in your shoes after a beach day! Whether you’re all about planning on Instagram or deep-diving into reviews on Facebook and Twitter (watch out for spam!), booking your reservation is as simple as pie – which they probably serve fresh at their buffet!

5. “What should I know about privacy and cookies when using their site?”

Ah, the internet—a place where ‘cookies’ aren’t always edible sadly… But fear not! Whether you’re browsing on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox looking up those rave reviews or eye-catching pics from Playa del Ingles, remember: third-party cookies are watching (not in a creepy way), helping tailor those ads so they’re actually useful.

6. “Got any tips for my stay at Maspalomas Princess?”

Firstly—don’t forget your sunnies; even breakfast outside can turn into an impromptu sungazing event here in San Bartolomé de Tirajana near those beautiful Canary Islands beaches. Oh—and vaping? Leave it behind; embrace those fresh Canaries breezes instead.