Maspalomas Oasis Club

Searching for that perfect holiday spot which combines excitement, glorious sunshine, and a dash of tranquillity can often feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I understand the struggle – tirelessly flicking through countless options, hoping to align my ideal vacation with reality.

Fortunately, my endeavors led me to uncover Maspalomas Oasis Club, a captivating resort tucked away on Gran Canaria – famed for its breathtaking scenery and unmatched amenities. This club isn’t just remarkable because of its aesthetic appeal; it’s their commitment to delivering an unparalleled experience that truly distinguishes them.

In this article, I’ll delve into everything one needs to know about Maspalomas Oasis Club: from the charming bungalow accommodations and their delectable all-inclusive offerings to their fervent eco-friendly initiatives they hold dear.

Whether you’re embarking on a solo journey or orchestrating an unforgettable family escapade, this insight is bound to streamline your planning process and add an unexpected layer of excitement to your anticipation! Fancy a jaunt under the sun?.

Key Takeaways

  • Maspalomas Oasis Club offers a variety of bungalow options including standard, superior, and deluxe. Each type comes with perks like free WiFi and all-inclusive services if you book through the hotel website.
  • The club is near many attractions in Gran Canaria, such as Compania de la Galleta and C.C. Boulevard Oasis Beach. It’s also close to Maspalomas Dunes and provides a free bus service to the beach.
  • There are lots of dining choices within the club, including a buffet restaurant, pool bar, and theme nights offering different cuisines from around the world.
  • For fun activities, guests can enjoy swimming pools, tennis courts, evening entertainment programs suitable for both adults and kids alike.
  • Maspalomas Oasis Club is taking steps towards sustainability through initiatives like water saving measures and recycling programs.


Location of Maspalomas Oasis Club

Maspalomas Oasis Club finds its cosy spot right in the heart of Gran Canaria, Maspalomas. Tucked away at Avda. T.O. Air Marín, s/n, 35100 Campo Internacional de Maspalomas, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, it’s a gem waiting to be discovered.

Fancy a stroll? Well, you’re only a 10-minute walk from the breathtaking Maspalomas Oasis and those iconic dunes that have graced many a postcard and Instagram feed! Plus – and this is the cherry on top – there’s a free daily bus service ready to whisk you away to and from the beach.

So yes, getting sand between your toes has never been easier.

The location honestly couldn’t be more ideal if it tried – surrounded by all that natural beauty while boasting ease of access to Playa de Maspalomas hotels and buzzing local life.

I mean, who wouldn’t want their holiday snaps to feature those picturesque dunes or the sparkling blue sea as their backdrop? And let’s not forget about topping up our tan or taking evening strolls along the beach..

There’s just something magical about this place that photos barely do justice (but hey, we still try!). With everything so close by yet feeling worlds away from everyday hustle – it’s no wonder why folks keep coming back for more.

Accommodation options

Oh, you’re in for a treat with the places you can stay at Maspalomas Oasis Club! Whether you fancy something cosy or a bit more swanky, they’ve got bungalows that’ll make your holiday snaps look amazing.

Standard Bungalows

I’m all about sharing the scoop on Maspalomas Oasis Club’s standard bungalows, so here goes. These cosy homes away from home are nestled right in Gran Canaria. Imagine waking up surrounded by a lush garden full of palm trees – sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? The vibe is serene and just what you need for a chill holiday.

Plus, these bungalows come with all-inclusive perks. That means your meals, drinks – yes, including those refreshing cocktails – and WiFi won’t cost you extra if you book directly through the hotel’s website.

Now, let’s talk about these bungalows themselves. They’re perfect if you’re after something straightforward yet comfortable. Each one offers enough space to kick back after exploring Maspalomas or lounging by the poolside.

Speaking of pools, there’s this fantastic swimming area where everyone cools off and kids can splash around safely.

So imagine sunbathing in this picturesque setting or taking leisurely strolls in the garden before heading out to explore nearby attractions like Playa del Inglés..

Superior Bungalows

Superior bungalows at Maspalomas Oasis Club are a dream come true for anyone looking for comfort and style. They boast an elegant design that mixes traditional Canarian architecture with modern touches.

Imagine waking up to the sight of extensive gardens, filled with diverse palm trees right outside your window – it’s like having nature as your neighbour! Plus, these bungalows have exclusive benefits if you book through the hotel’s website.

Think about lounging in your own cosy space after a day of exploring Gran Canaria’s stunning landscapes.

The location couldn’t be better; nestled in a bustling tourist area, you’re never far from the best services and facilities. Picture yourself strolling back to your superior bungalow after an evening enjoying local cuisine or soaking up Maspalomas’ vibrant nightlife.

It’s all about accessing premium relaxation while being surrounded by beauty both inside and out. Trust me, staying here means you get more than just a place to sleep – it’s an experience that elevates your holiday to something truly special.

Deluxe Bungalows

Staying in a deluxe bungalow at Maspalomas Oasis Club is like having your own little slice of paradise. These bungalows come with all the perks you could wish for, including free WiFi and all-inclusive service.

The Canarian style architecture adds a touch of local charm, making your stay even more special. Plus, they’re just a 10-minute walk from Maspalomas Oasis and those famous dunes! So, after a day exploring or lounging by the pool, my spot was always inviting with its elegant design and cosy vibes.

The wide gastronomic variety here means you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to food. Trust me; eating becomes an adventure on its own! And let’s talk about that exclusive advantage—I booked through the hotel website and got myself into one of these beautiful accommodations without any hassle.

Honestly? It felt like hitting the jackpot; comfortable living space coupled with top-notch amenities made every moment inside as enjoyable as those spent out under the Canary Islands sun.

All-Inclusive Services and Amenities

At Maspalomas Oasis Club, all-inclusive means you’ll get everything from yummy food to fun sports without paying extra. So, why wait? Jump in and find out more!

Food and Drink options

I’m here to chat about the Maspalomas Oasis Club, and let me tell you, it’s a place where your taste buds will thank you. They’ve seriously got everything to keep your hunger at bay and your thirst quenched – all part of their all-inclusive perks.

So, here’s what’s on the menu:


  1. The buffet restaurant is like opening a treasure chest of flavours. Imagine stepping in and finding dishes from all corners of the world waiting for you. From breakfast till dinner, it’s a food-lover’s dream come true. You want pancakes in the morning? Got it. Fancy some paella for lunch? No problem. Itching for an Italian dinner? Say no more! And trust me, each bite feels like a little celebration.
  2. Pool bar’s where it’s at! There’s nothing like sipping on a cold soda or enjoying some tasty snacks under the sun by the pool. They’ve got drinks that make you feel like you’re on a tropical island and snacks that you just can’t stop nibbling on − talk about holiday goals!
  3. Theme nights are something else! Just when you think it can’t get any better, they bring out theme nights that transport your palate to different parts of the world. One night you’re tasting Spain with some tapas, another night, Italy with pizza and pasta delights − every night is an adventure.
  4. Kids’ options keep the little ones happy too because let’s face it, happy kids mean happy parents! They offer loads of child-friendly meals so even the pickiest eaters will find something they love – making meal times stress-free.
  5. Healthy choices for those looking to keep things light − salads, fruits, and grilled fish are always on offer ensuring everyone has something delightful without straying from their wellness path.


And guess what? All these delicious eats and drinks are included which means your wallet gets a little break too – now isn’t that icing on the cake? Whether I’m lounging by the pool craving something cool or sitting down for dinner fantasising about my next plateful; Maspalomas Oasis Club sure knows how to make this foodie extremely happy.

Sports and Entertainment facilities

So, we’re talking about the Maspalomas Oasis Club and, oh boy, do they know how to keep you entertained. From pool splashes to evening laughs, there’s a little something for everyone. Let me walk you through what you can expect:


  1. Fancy a swim? The swimming pool is fab! It’s big enough for laps or just floating around enjoying the sunshine.
  2. Got kids? They’ll love the children’s playground. It’s safe and packed with fun equipment to keep them busy.
  3. Feeling sporty? Try your hand at archery. Yes, you heard that right—archery! Channel your inner Robin Hood.
  4. Love exploring? The hiking options are fantastic here. Pack your water bottle and get ready to explore the scenic views.
  5. Evening entertainment is top – notch. Every night feels like a party with different shows and activities to enjoy.
  6. Billiards enthusiasts, rejoice! There are tables where you can challenge friends or make new ones over a friendly game.
  7. Need a ride? The shuttle bus service takes you to off – site activities, making it easy to go on adventures without hassle.


And best of all, there’s always someone at the 24-hour front desk ready to help out with anything you need—from car hire to answering questions about all these fun things I’ve just listed.

Trust me; boredom is one word you won’t be using at the Maspalomas Oasis Club!

Sustainable initiatives

Maspalomas Oasis Club is stepping up its game with some eco-friendly moves. We’re talking serious green action here. They’ve rolled out plans that make travel a bit kinder to our planet.

Think using less water, cutting down on waste, and recycling like champs. It’s all about giving back to the beautiful Gran Canaria environment we all adore so much.

And hey, let’s not forget how they’re keeping us safe with extra cleaning and health measures because of COVID-19. This place isn’t just looking after the earth; it’s looking out for us too! From solar panels soaking up the sun to biodegradable products in their bathrooms, Maspalomas Oasis Club shows that taking care of nature can go hand in hand with offering a fab holiday spot.

Booking and Reviews

Booking your stay at Maspalomas Oasis Club is as easy as pie, and what’s even better? You get to read what folks who’ve already visited have to say! Yes, there’s a whole section for reviews – it’s like getting the inside scoop from your mates before you even pack your bags.

How guest reviews work

So, let’s chat about how those guest reviews work for places like Maspalomas Oasis Club in Gran Canaria. I’ve got some inside scoop that just might catch your interest. First up, there’s this platform called, and they’re pretty nifty with their tech to sniff out any fake reviews.

That means you’re getting the real deal when scrolling through what folks have to say about their stays.

Now, diving straight into the numbers – Maspalomas Oasis Club has racked up a whopping 466 guest reviews! These range from “superb” (120 of them, no less!) down to “very poor” (30 people were not having the best of times).

This mix of opinions gives you a pretty broad view on what to expect. And let me tell you – transparency is key here; every review helps paint a more vivid picture for us potential visitors.

Between you and me (and don’t spread it around too much), paying attention to these reviews can make all the difference in setting up that dream holiday vibe..or ending up wishing you’d stayed home.

So yeah, these guest insights are like gold dust for making sure where we book ticks all our boxes!

Guidelines for reviews

All right, talking about reviews, there’s something special you need to know. I found out that the folks at Maspalomas Oasis Club take their reviews very seriously. They check each one before it goes live.

This is to make sure they’re real and helpful – nothing fake makes the cut! It’s all about keeping things relevant for us tourists. So, when you drop a review after your stay – whether it’s raving about the buffet or giving a shout-out to the kid’s club – know that someone reads and values your words.

This extra effort means we can trust what we read on vista oasis maspalomas reviews or maspalomas oasis club tripadvisor pages. Oh, and if you’re planning to share some love (or constructive feedback), keep it clean – no profanity allowed! They aim for authentic chats without any hate speech making its way in.

Now let’s talk about how close this place is to some cool spots..

Nearby attractions and activities

I’ve got some fantastic news for you! Exploring around the Maspalomas Oasis Club is like finding treasure after treasure. The place is bang in the middle of all the action, so you’re never going to find yourself scratching your head, wondering what to do next. Here’s a rundown of spots and activities that’ll make your stay unforgettable.

First off, I can’t stop talking about how we’re just a stone’s throw away from Compania de la Galleta. It’s not just any place—it’s a haven for those with a sweet tooth. Imagine walking into a world filled with the sweet aroma of cookies.

C.C. Boulevard Oasis Beach is up next. Now, this isn’t your average shopping centre. It’s where you find that perfect souvenir to take back home or grab a bite when the hunger pangs hit hard after a day of adventures.

Then, there’s Parque Tony Gallardo. This isn’t your regular park; it’s more like stepping into a piece of art crafted by nature itself. It’s where you feel one with nature without venturing too far from comfort.

You’re probably thinking about beach time by now, right? Well, guess what? The hotel offers free daily bus service to and from the beach. So, getting sandy toes and sun-kissed cheeks couldn’t be easier.

A 10-minute walk will get you to Maspalomas Oasis and the famous dunes. This place is picture-perfect—literally! Your camera won’t know rest as every angle offers a postcard-worthy shot.

Golfers, rejoice! Maspalomas Golf Course is just a 5-minute drive away. Whether you’re looking to improve your swing or simply enjoy hitting balls in scenic surroundings, this spot has got you covered.

Oh, and I almost forgot—the area packs in 33 restaurants within 0.75 miles of Maspalomas Oasis Club! From local delicacies to international cuisines, every meal could be an adventure here.

Lastly, feeling adventurous? The surrounding attractions aren’t just sights; they offer experiences that’ll stick with you long after you’ve left Gran Canaria.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, we’ve talked about the exciting places you can visit around Maspalomas Oasis Club. Now, let’s move on to something equally important: the questions you guys often ask. Everyone has queries before booking their stay, and I’m here to clear up some of the most common ones. This isn’t just any list; it’s your go-to guide for making an informed decision about your next holiday destination.


  1. What accommodation options are available at Maspalomas Oasis Club?

The club boasts a variety of bungalows to cater to all tastes and budgets. You can choose from standard, superior, or deluxe bungalows, each equipped with amenities that ensure a comfortable stay. Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking for luxury, there’s something for everyone.


  1. Can I expect any special benefits if I book directly through the Maspalomas Oasis Club website?

Oh yes! Booking directly grants you several exclusive perks including free WiFi throughout your stay and access to all-inclusive services. Not to mention, it’s an easy and safe booking process with a complimentary beach bus thrown into the mix.


  1. Are there dining options within the club?


Absolutely! With a buffet restaurant and pool bar on site, your taste buds are in for a treat. The club prides itself on offering diverse culinary experiences catering to various preferences.


  1. What leisure facilities does Maspalomas Oasis Club offer?

The club doesn’t skimp on entertainment and sporting facilities – think swimming pools, tennis courts, and lively evening entertainment programs suitable for both adults and kids alike.

  1. Is Maspalomas Oasis Club family – friendly?

Kids have a blast here thanks to our dedicated kids’ club that keeps them entertained with various games and activities under professional supervision – so parents can enjoy some well-deserved downtime.

  1. How close is the hotel to nearby attractions?

One of the best things is its location – nestled in Gran Canaria’s tourist hotspot; it’s just a stone’s throw away from fascinating attractions like Playa del Inglés and Las Palmas.

  1. What environmental initiatives does Maspalomas Oasis Club implement?

We are committed to sustainability through actions like energy-saving measures, waste reduction practices, and supporting local community projects because we care deeply about our planet.

  1. Are car parking facilities available?

Yes indeed! Guests arriving by car will find ample parking space available at no additional cost – because who wants to worry about parking fees while on vacation?

  1. How do guest reviews impact my stay?

We value transparency; thus, guest reviews provide insightful feedback reflecting real experiences at our hotel. It helps us improve where necessary while giving future guests honest expectations.

  1. I have dietary restrictions; can Maspalomas Oasis Club accommodate me?

Worry not! Our chefs are more than happy to cater to various dietary needs upon request because we believe everyone deserves delightful dining experiences without any stress.

Landing on this FAQ section means you’re one step closer to making your holiday dreams come true at Maspalomas Oasis Club Gran Canaria – where every day feels like stepping into a slice of paradise!

Contact and reservation information

Now, who wouldn’t fancy a stay at Maspalomas Oasis Club? This place rolls out the red carpet with different types of bungalows and all those fun activities. Fancy a dip in the pool or a bite to eat? They’ve got you sorted.

Plus, they’re thinking green which is pretty cool if you ask me. Want to make it official with a booking? Their website’s your best mate for snagging sweet deals including free stuff like WiFi and beach bus rides.

Right near the action in Gran Canaria, so adventures are literally on your doorstep.

Fancy checking out what others thought about their stay before making up your mind? Head over to their review section – real opinions from guests who’ve enjoyed their time under the Spanish sun.

Oh, and when you’re ready to commit (I mean, why wouldn’t you?), getting in touch is a breeze – just pick up the blower or drop them an email.

How’s that for easy peasy holiday planning? Give them a shout – adventure awaits!


1. What’s the deal with Maspalomas Oasis Club?

Ah, Maspalomas Oasis Club… It’s this gem of a hotel in Gran Canaria, Spain. Picture this: flats that make you feel right at home, but with the bonus of being smack dab in holiday paradise. They’ve got food that’ll make your taste buds dance and a kids club that’ll keep the little ones busy while you sip something cold by the bar. And let’s not forget – those photos you’ve seen online? Yeah, it looks just as dreamy in person.

2. How do I get myself a spot at this oasis?

Booking a reservation is easier than finding a cabana on the beach! Just shoot over an email to the gran oasis resort – they’re super helpful and will sort you out faster than you can say “Playa del Ingles.” Trust me; securing your spot is as breezy as the island winds.

3. Will it cost me an arm and a leg?

Here’s where things get even better – prices at Maspalomas Oasis Club are like finding treasure in Canaries… surprisingly affordable! You get all these fabulous amenities without having to sell your favourite surfboard. So yes, living the dream doesn’t have to drain your wallet.

4. Is there space for my car? I plan on bringing half my house…

Worry not! Parking at Maspalomas Oasis Club isn’t just available; it’s like they’ve rolled out the red carpet for your ride. Whether you’re rolling up in a mini or an SUV filled with every beach toy known to mankind (because who doesn’t?), there’s plenty of room for everyone.

5. Food – what’s on offer?

Oh, prepare yourself… The buffet here is like embarking on a culinary tour without leaving your chair! From local delicacies that whisper sweet nothings about Gran Canaria to international dishes that scream adventure – every meal is an experience here. And if buffets aren’t your thing (who are you even?), their bars serve up snacks and meals so good, they’ll make you want to write home about them.