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Finding the perfect holiday spot can be a bit of a headache, right? You’re scrolling through pages and pages, looking for that special place where relaxation meets adventure. Well, I’ve been there too; staring at my screen unsure where to click next. But guess what? My search led me to an interesting find – The Lopesan Villa Del Conde Resort & Thalasso in Meloneras, Gran Canaria.

This resort isn’t just another dot on the map; it’s a slice of paradise offering more than you’d expect. Nestled in the heart of the Canary Islands, Spain, its unique design draws inspiration from traditional Canary Island architecture making it stand out from the crowd. With 561 rooms to choose from and an array of facilities including a Thalassotherapy centre that utilises seawater treatments—this place is something special. Now if you’re thinking about ditching your daily routine for sunnier days and tranquil nights… keep reading! This article unpacks all you need to know about why Lopesan Villa Del Conde could be your next holiday destination.

Key Takeaways

    • Lopesan Villa Del Conde Resort & Thalasso sits in Meloneras, Gran Canaria and stands out with its Canary Island architecture. It has 561 rooms and features a Thalassotherapy centre using seawater treatments for wellness.
    • Guests have many accommodations to choose from including Double Rooms with garden or sea views, Junior Suites offering VIP benefits, and Twin Rooms mirroring the local style. Adapted rooms ensure comfortable stays for guests with limited mobility.
    • The resort offers a variety of dining options such as Alpendre Noche for unique dishes, Bar Alpendre Restaurant for traditional Canarian cuisine, and several bars like Akorán Bar and Azotea Bar for relaxed drinks. Special areas like the VIP Unique Lounge provide exclusive services to junior suite guests.
    • Board Basis Options include Bed and Breakfast, Half Board which includes breakfasts and dinners, and Half Board Plus adding drinks to meals. This gives guests flexibility in planning their stay according to their food preferences.
    • Facilities cater to different interests such as five outdoor pools (one saltwater), beauty/wellness centres overlooking the ocean, vast gardens ideal for relaxing strolls. The hotel prioritises guest experience through details like multiple dining spaces offering diverse cuisines to priority reservations at à la carte restaurants included in some suite packages.

Location in Meloneras, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

I’m staying at Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso, right here in Meloneras, Gran Canaria. Oh, and it’s a gem! Just imagine stepping out and finding yourself moments away from an inviting beach.

Plus, there’s this charming promenade nearby, lined with shops and eateries begging to be explored. It feels like I’ve stumbled upon the best-kept secret in Spain’s Canary Islands.

This spot is perfect for tourists wanting a mix of relaxation with a dash of adventure. So now that we’ve got our bearings let’s talk about what you can expect inside the resort..

Hotel images and facilities

So, let’s talk about what catches your eye first at Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso – the images. Trust me, they’re as dreamy as they sound. Picture this: five stunning outdoor pools that just invite you for a dip, with one being saltwater and others heated during the cooler winter months.

It’s like they knew exactly what we need! And then, there’s this beauty and wellness centre perched with ocean views.. Talk about feeling pampered while gazing out at the endless blue.

The space around here is massive – we’re talking 56,000 m² worth of pure luxury holiday vibes in gorgeous Gran Canaria. Just strolling through feels like a mini-adventure itself, with every corner offering something new to explore or relax in.

From spacious terraces perfect for catching some sun rays to lush gardens that make you want to play hide and seek, it’s all set up to help us unwind or find our next fun moment. Plus, have I mentioned the rooms yet? Imagine waking up to garden or sea views right from your balcony or terrace – yes please!

Contact information

Getting in touch with Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso is easy peasy. They’re nestled in Meloneras, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain—a spot that’s not just beautiful but also super accessible.

If you’re planning to drop them a line or fancy a chat before your trip (maybe to ask about the incredible sea views or the lush gardens), all you need are their contact details. I’ve got mine saved because honestly, who wouldn’t want an excuse to talk about a holiday?.

Emails zipping back and forth can answer your questions on anything from room availability at this five-star haven to specifics about those tempting dining options—did someone say Bed and Breakfast or Half Board Plus? And if you’re more of a caller, their friendly staff are just a phone call away.

They’ll help sort out everything from check-in times to booking that must-have spa day. Trust me; these folks make planning your stay as smooth as silk.

Accommodation Options

So, you’re thinking about where to stay at Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso, right? Well, let me spill the tea – they’ve got rooms that’ll make your jaw drop! Whether you want to wake up with the sea kissing your feet or prefer a garden view where you can gossip with the flowers on your balcony..

They’ve got it all sorted for you. And if you fancy feeling a bit more royal, their Junior Suites will definitely have you walking around like you own the place.

Double Rooms with Garden or Sea View and Balcony/Terrace

I stayed in one of the Double Rooms with a stunning sea view and a balcony at Lopesan Villa Del Conde Resort & Thalasso, and let me tell you, it was love at first sight. The room could easily fit up to 3 people since it had a king-size bed and an extra sofa-bed—perfect for friends or small families looking to unwind.

It boasted all the comforts you’d hope for: air-conditioning to keep cool during those sunny days, both bath and shower options because who doesn’t love choices, a minibar filled with treats, and a safety deposit box to store your treasures securely.

And yeah—the average weather info they provided was spot on; Meloneras truly is sunny almost all year round.

Moving on from where you sleep – which trust me, is very comfy – there are Junior Suites waiting to be explored next..

Junior Suites

Staying in a Junior Suite at Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso feels like stepping into a little slice of luxury. Right off the bat, you get these cool perks – your own spot in both the buffet restaurant and pool area, not to mention access to a VIP lounge.

Now that’s what I call living it up! They serve up snacks and drinks there with waiter service, so you can really kick back and relax.

The suite itself comes packed with goodies. Free Wi-Fi? Check. A safe for your valuables and pool towels thrown in for good measure? Absolutely. And if you’re into pampering (who isn’t?), they’ve got luxury bath products, homemade drinks, sweets, and even two bottles of wine waiting for you when you arrive.

Let’s talk comfort – there’s a pillow menu to make sure your sleep is just right. But wait, there’s more: picture starting your day with a Nespresso coffee from your machine before slipping into a UNIQUE adult bathrobe..

Yeah, they’ve seriously thought of everything – even including a relax pack complete with an aromatic candle or bath salts topped with flower petals for that spa vibe in your room.

And because we all hate waiting around on holiday, priority check-in and check-out are part of the deal too. Fancy dining out without the fuss? You’re covered with priority reservations at their à la carte restaurant.

Plus – who could say no to one free spa circuit per person during their stay? All these extras add up to make you feel pretty special; kind of like being part of an exclusive club where everything’s designed just for your comfort.

Twin Rooms

I recently stayed in one of the Twin Rooms at Lopesan Villa Del Conde Resort & Thalasso, and let me tell you, it was a dream come true. These rooms are not just any rooms; they’re a blend of comfort and style that mirrors the charming Canarian architecture around.

With choices of garden or sea views, each morning felt like waking up in paradise.

The room came packed with everything I needed for a comfortable stay – air-conditioning for those warm Gran Canaria nights, Wi-Fi to post all my holiday snaps on Instagram, and a minibar stocked with goodies.

Not to mention, the bath and shower were perfect for unwinding after a day exploring Meloneras. And yes, feeling safe is important to me, so the safety deposit box was definitely appreciated.

Every corner of this picturesque village layout made me feel like I’d stepped into an oasis of tranquillity. The manor houses scattered around added to that unique vibe of staying somewhere really special.

Plus, having my own balcony or terrace? Priceless moments sipping coffee while soaking up those view—it doesn’t get much better than that!

Special Assistance and Adapted Rooms

So, let’s talk about the adapted rooms at Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso. They’ve really thought of everything to make sure guests with limited mobility have a comfortable stay.

First off, these rooms are specially designed to be super accessible. This means wider doors for easier access and no-fuss entry into the room. Bathrooms are also tailored for convenience with walk-in showers and grab rails in all the right places – safety first, right? And let’s not forget the thoughtful extras like lower sinks and mirrors.

It’s clear they’ve put a lot of thought into making these spaces welcoming for everyone.

Now, communicating your needs is a breeze too because the staff here speak English, French, Spanish, and German. That’s pretty handy! Whether you need assistance or just some info on how to make the most out of your stay, they’ve got you covered in multiple languages.

It’s comforting to know that help is always at hand in language I can understand—makes me feel right at home even though I’m miles away from it! Plus, hearing that this place has bagged awards for their stellar facilities and services? Just icing on the cake if you ask me.

Board Basis Options

Right, so you’re thinking about where to lay your head and fill your belly at Lopesan Villa del Conde? Well, they’ve got you sorted with a few choices – like waking up to a lush breakfast or going all out with half board, where dinner’s on the menu too.

Fancy something in between? They’ve even got a Half Board Plus option.. makes deciding what to eat one less thing to worry about! Keen to hear more about what tickles your fancy food-wise? Keep reading!

Bed and Breakfast

I’m thrilled to share that Lopesan Villa Del Conde Resort & Thalasso offers a fantastic Bed and Breakfast option. Imagine waking up in a comfy king-size bed, stretching out, and knowing you’ve got a delicious breakfast waiting for you downstairs.

This plan is perfect for those who love to start their day with a hearty meal but also want the freedom to explore local dining spots for lunch and dinner. You get the best of both worlds – a secure spot to begin your day’s adventure with energy and the liberty to taste Gran Canaria at its finest through its various eateries.

The resort sits in beautiful Meloneras, making it an ideal starting point for tourists like me who can’t wait to dive into everything this stunning area has to offer. Whether I decide on spending my day lounging by the pool or venturing out into Maspalomas, knowing that my morning will kick off with a variety of tasty breakfast options gives me peace of mind.

Plus, it’s reassuring to know that there are options available catering up to three people per room – makes planning much easier!

And here’s another tidbit – after enjoying all those breakfast goodies, you might want something different for your next meal..

Half Board

Half Board at Lopesan Villa Del Conde Resort & Thalasso means I get breakfast and dinner included. This is great because it leaves me free to explore or relax during the day without worrying about where to eat.

The resort has a fantastic pool bar where I can grab snacks and drinks while enjoying the sea views from the terrace. It feels like getting the best of both worlds, really.

The dinners are something else too – imagine sitting down to a meal as the sun sets, with choices that make every evening feel special. And if one night I decide to explore local eateries in Meloneras, Gran Canaria, I’m not locked into eating at the hotel – flexibility at its finest! The Half Board option here just fits perfectly with how I like my holidays: planned but with room for adventure.

Half Board Plus

So, if the regular half board at Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso sounds good, wait until you hear about Half Board Plus. This one’s a game-changer for anyone craving a bit more pampering during their stay.

It takes the ease of having your breakfast and dinner sorted, then adds a lovely twist—drinks included with your meals. Yes, that means you can enjoy that glass of wine or a cold beer without fretting over extra costs.

And here’s something special for those staying in junior suites—you get not only this upgraded dining experience but also exclusive perks like access to a reserved area in the buffet restaurant and one free spa circuit per visit.

Fancy, right? Strolling back from Meloneras beach as the sun sets and knowing a delicious meal awaits without worrying about the bill.. now that’s what I call holiday bliss!

Dining Options

Oh boy, the dining options at Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso are a real treat! You won’t know where to start with so many choices. From cosy spots for a night-time snack to lush places for a fancy dinner, your taste buds are in for a holiday too.

Alpendre Noche

I had a chance to dine at Alpendre Noche and, wow, was I blown away! This spot is different from other dining options at Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso. Think unique dishes that you can’t find just anywhere.

If you’re staying here with a Bed and Breakfast or Half Board plan, you’re in luck because Alpendre Noche might just be on your list of places to eat.

The atmosphere here? Absolutely stunning. It’s not every day you get to enjoy a meal in such an enchanting setting. The vibe definitely adds something special to the whole experience.

For anyone visiting Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso, marking down Alpendre Noche for dinner is a must-do. Trust me; it’s more than just eating – it’s about creating memories around good food and great company.

Bar Alpendre Restaurant

So, there’s this spot at Lopesan Villa Del Conde Resort & Thalasso that caught my eye – Bar Alpendre Restaurant. It’s part of the dining options they have on offer and trust me, it’s quite something! This place serves up a mix of traditional Canarian dishes along with some international cuisine.

I’m talking about flavors that’ll make your taste buds dance in joy. And guess what? They’ve got both indoor and outdoor seating so you can enjoy your meal while soaking up the atmosphere.

Let me tell you more about why it’s a must-visit. The vibe here is just right for both a casual lunch or a romantic dinner under the stars. With its diverse menu, every guest finds something to suit their palate, whether you’re into trying local delights or sticking to more familiar tastes from around the world.

Dining at Bar Alpendre adds that special touch to your stay at Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso, making sure it’s not just another meal but an experience to remember.

Restaurante La Casa Vieja

After enjoying the casual vibe at Bar Alpendre Restaurant, I’m excited to talk about Restaurante La Casa Vieja. This place is a gem within Lopesan Villa Del Conde Resort & Thalasso in Meloneras, Gran Canaria.

It feels like stepping into another world, one that echoes the charm of traditional Canary Islands living. The setting mimics a Canarian village with stunning details, right down to a replica of one of the island’s oldest churches.

Dining here offers more than just food; it’s an experience wrapped in history and culture. They likely include this spot as part of their Bed and Breakfast or Half Board meal plans – talk about convenience! Imagine tucking into delicious meals surrounded by such unique architecture..

It’s definitely on my must-try list for anyone visiting.

Restaurante La Plaza

At Lopesan Villa Del Conde Resort & Thalasso, Restaurante La Plaza offers guests a fantastic dining experience. They serve a mix of hot and cold buffets that include both regional and national dishes.

Plus, there’s always a variety of diet products available for breakfast. I found the quality of food here top-notch, just as many guest reviews have pointed out.

One thing’s for sure – you won’t get bored with the options at Restaurante La Plaza. The place is known for its entertainment too! It’s like they’ve thought about everything to make your meal times not just about eating but an experience to remember.

From the lovely atmosphere to the friendly staff, it all adds up to making dining here something really special on your holiday in Meloneras, Gran Canaria, Spain.

Akorán Bar

I must tell you about Akorán Bar in Lopesan Villa Del Conde Resort & Thalasso. It’s this cosy spot where you can chill with a cool drink in hand. They serve up cocktails, wines, and other refreshing beverages.

Plus, if you’re feeling a bit peckish, they’ve got snacks and light meals too. I love the vibe here; it’s relaxed and just perfect for unwinding after a day exploring Meloneras or lounging by the pool.

The best part? It’s super easy to get to since it’s right within the resort. So, whether I’m craving a mid-day snack or looking to relax with an evening cocktail, Akorán Bar is my go-to place.

With their wide menu, I always find something that hits the spot—whether I’m in the mood for something familiar or wanting to try a new flavour combo. Honestly, hanging out here feels like catching up with old friends in my favourite comfy chair—they’ve nailed that welcoming atmosphere down pat!

Azotea Bar

Oh, the Azotea Bar at Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso is a real gem. The views are something else – think vast Atlantic Ocean and stunning surroundings. It’s that perfect spot where you can chill with a drink in hand, watching the world go by.

And let’s talk about what they serve; it’s not just any food and drinks. The quality here gets thumbs up from guests all over.

The atmosphere? Relaxed with a capital R. Whether it’s live entertainment or themed evenings, there’s always something going on to keep your spirits high. Plus, the staff.. they’re ace! Friendly smiles and attentive service – these folks really make you feel welcome.

It’s one of those places where you come for the view but stay for the vibe.

Tizziri Terrace

I absolutely love dining with a view, and Tizziri Terrace at Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso ticks all the boxes. The place mirrors traditional Canarian architecture which gives it a unique charm.

Whether you’re in for an intimate dinner or having a big get-together, this terrace serves up some stunning views to complement the meal. They’ve got everything from hot and cold buffets to regional dishes that make your taste buds sing.

The variety of cuisine is impressive, offering both local flavours and national favourites. It’s easy to see why it’s such a hit among guests — quality food paired with a relaxing ambience? Sign me up! Plus, knowing that Tizziri Terrace is part of their award-winning Thalassotherapy centre just adds to its appeal.

Here’s hoping your stay includes many visits here because trust me, one visit just won’t cut it! Speaking of experiences not to be missed..

Vip Unique Lounge

So, we’ve just talked about the amazing Tizziri Terrace and now let’s move onto something a bit special for those staying in junior suites: the VIP Unique Lounge. This place is a snug haven of exclusivity at Lopesan Villa Del Conde Resort & Thalasso.

Think top-notch waiter service and some lovely snacks to nibble on while you chill out. Oh, and if you love feeling a bit extra special (who doesn’t?), junior suite guests get priority bookings at that fancy à la carte restaurant.

This lounge isn’t your average spot; it’s decked out with exclusive facilities and services tailored just for junior suite folks. It’s like they took all the good vibes from the resort and packed them into this posh little nook.

Whether you’re sipping on something cool or munching on gourmet bites, being here makes every moment feel like VIP treatment.. because well, it is!

Zythum Pub

I recently had the chance to hang out at Zythum Pub inside Lopesan Villa Del Conde Resort & Thalasso, and oh boy, was I in for a treat! This pub is like a hidden gem for anyone staying at the resort.

It’s smack dab in the middle of everything, so you really can’t miss it. The vibe? Super casual and relaxed – just what you need after a day of exploring or lounging by the pool.

The menu there has something for everyone. Whether you’re craving some light bites or looking for something a bit more filling, they’ve got your back. And don’t even get me started on their drink selection – it’s top-notch! Perfect for chilling out with new friends or unwinding solo.

Trust me, spending an evening here feels like hanging out at your best mate’s place (if your best mate happens to have an amazing bar that is).

Next up, let’s talk about some sports and leisure activities available at the resort..

Activities and Entertainment

Oh, the fun starts here! Imagine days filled with sports, chilling by the pool, and pampering sessions at the spa. There’s something for every mood – whether you’re up for an adventure or just want to relax and be treated like royalty.

Sports and Leisure

I’m always on the lookout for fun and staying active, even on holiday. Lucky for me (and you), Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso is a dream come true for folks like us who can’t sit still. Let me share some of my top picks for sports and leisure at this fantastic resort.

First off, there’s a gym that’s perfect for keeping up with your workout routine. I mean, who wants to miss leg day, right? This place has all the equipment you could need to stay fit.

Then we’ve got not one, but five outdoor pools. They even have a saltwater pool and heated ones when it gets a bit chilly in winter. Talk about variety!

For golf lovers, there’s Meloneras Golf nearby. Imagine teeing off with the stunning views of Gran Canaria around you — pretty epic if you ask me.

The resort also offers a packed programme of sports activities — from yoga classes to keep you zen to more high-energy options that’ll really get your heart pumping.

And hey, if swimming’s your thing, those pools aren’t just for lounging around. They’re great for doing laps and staying in shape while soaking up some sun.

Finally, there are activities designed for guests of all ages. So whether you’re here with family or rolling solo, there’s something that’ll tickle your fancy and keep those endorphins flowing.

In short: At Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso, getting bored isn’t an option. With all these choices to stay active and entertained… well, I might just extend my stay!

Children’s Facilities

Oh, talking about kids’ stuff at Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso gets me all excited! They’ve really thought of everything to keep the little ones happy and entertained. Now, let’s dig into what they’ve got:

    1. First off, there’s a children’s club packed with activities suited for different ages. Think crafts, games, and maybe a bit of educational fun thrown in… but shh, don’t tell the kids it’s educational!
    2. They’ve also got this amazing children’s pool where the kiddos can splash around safely. I mean, what’s a holiday without some water fun, right?
    3. Childcare services are on point here. If you’re looking to have a quiet dinner or maybe just a moment to chill by yourself, they’ve got you covered.
    4. The dining options are something else! Kid – friendly choices mean you won’t have to deal with the whole “I don’t want to eat that” drama. A win for parents everywhere!
    5. And then there’s the extensive garden area – a safe space where kids can run free and explore to their heart’s content. I sometimes wish I could join in… looks like so much fun!

So yeah, if you’re jetting off to Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso in Meloneras with your little adventurers in tow, looks like they’re in for a treat!

Spa and Beauty

So, the spa and beauty facilities at the Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso are a real treat. Trust me, it’s like stepping into a little slice of paradise where luxury meets relaxation. Here’s what I found:

    1. The Thalassotherapy centre offers breathtaking ocean views. Imagine getting a soothing treatment while gazing out at the endless sea – it’s as serene as it sounds.
    2. You can choose between individual or couple’s treatments. Perfect for some alone time or sharing a moment of bliss with your loved one.
    3. Luxury bath products are everywhere. These goodies will leave your skin feeling soft and smelling amazing.
    4. They hand out homemade drinks and sweets, which is a sweet touch, if you ask me! It’s those little extras that make all the difference.
    5. A pillow menu? Yes, you heard right! You can pick just the right pillow to ensure you drift off comfortably after your spa day.
    6. The spa throws in a relax pack too – including an aromatic candle, oil or bath salts and flower petals.

Now let’s talk about something everyone loves – food!

Other Facilities

I just love sharing all the cool stuff you can find at the Lopesan Villa Del Conde Resort & Thalasso. This place isn’t just about catching some sun; it’s packed with extras that make every day exciting. Here’s a peek into what makes this spot in Meloneras, Gran Canaria, truly special.

First off, there’s free parking. Yep, no need to worry about where to leave your car while you’re living it up.

The fitness centre is top-notch. Want to keep up with your workouts? They’ve got you covered with all the gear you need.

If chilling by the pool is more your style, the poolside bar will become your new best friend. Cool drinks without even leaving your lounger? Yes, please!

Beach access is direct and easy. Feeling like a quick dip in the sea or a stroll on the sand? Just step out and you’re there.

Bicycle rental comes in handy for exploring further afield. Pedal through beautiful scenery and discover hidden gems around Meloneras.

The children’s playground is perfect for families. It gives kids a place to burn off energy while parents relax or join in on the fun.

Sports and recreational activities are everywhere. From tennis courts to ping-pong tables – if you’re feeling competitive or just want some active fun, there’s plenty to do.

For those who love a bit of relaxation, 24-hour security means peace of mind day or night, ensuring everyone feels safe during their stay.

Baggage storage helps with those awkward check-in and check-out times—no lugging suitcases around when you’d rather be exploring or grabbing one last swim.

Currency exchange on-site cuts out any hassle obtaining local cash for those must-have souvenirs or tasty treats at nearby cafes.

Last but not least, laundry services mean you can pack light and still have fresh clothes ready for whatever adventures come next.

All these facilities make staying here easy-peasy and full of options every single day. Whether it’s action-packed fun or just lounging around soaking up the vibe of Gran Canaria, this resort has got something for everyone.

Sustainable Practices at Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso

So, you’re keen on places that take care of our planet? Well, the Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso is all about that green life. They’ve got this whole sustainability thing sorted – from eco-friendly room options to food practices that don’t hurt the earth.

Fancy a peek at how they do it? Keep reading!

Certified Sustainable Hotel

Lopesan Villa Del Conde Resort & Thalasso isn’t just any resort; it’s a Green & Fair certified hotel. This means they’re serious about being kind to our planet. They’ve worked hard to make sure everything from the rooms to how breakfast is served meets strict sustainable standards.

It’s like giving the Earth a big thumbs up while enjoying your holiday.

They don’t just stop at using less water or saving energy – which, by the way, are super important too. The hotel takes its green badge very seriously, making sure even little things are eco-friendly.

So if you’re staying here, you’re also doing your bit for the environment without even trying! Sounds like a win-win for everyone, right?.

Sustainable practices in room types and board basis options

Eating well and looking after the planet? Yes, it’s a real thing here! I’ve found that the Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso is all about giving us tourists great choices with less harm to our lovely Earth.

They offer Bed and Breakfast or Half Board meal options – both are fantastic ways to start the day full and ready for adventure or end it satisfied without needing to hop around town in search of grub.

This approach cuts down on food waste big time because you’re only eating what you truly fancy. Plus, knowing they’re a Green & Fair certified hotel makes me feel even better about my stay – like I’m doing my bit for sustainability while still having an absolute blast.

The thoughtfulness doesn’t stop at meals, though. Their room types are also part of their eco-friendly mission. Whether you opt for a Double Room with those dreamy Garden or Sea Views and your own Balcony/Terrace, a Junior Suite, or even just a Twin Room – each one fits into their sustainable vision like puzzle pieces.

And honestly? It’s refreshing to see how serious they take this commitment across every aspect of our stay. From where we lay our heads at night to how we fill our bellies in the morning (and let’s not forget those delightful dinners!), it’s clear they’ve put loads of effort into making sure we can enjoy luxury responsibly ..and hey, who wouldn’t want that?.

Nearby Attractions in Meloneras

Oh, Meloneras isn’t just about kicking back by the pool – though that’s pretty great too. This place is bursting with fun spots to explore! From golden beaches where you can splash around to chic shops for a bit of retail therapy, it’s all happening here.

And hey, if you’re feeling adventurous, there are historical sites and dunes that look like they’ve jumped straight out of a postcard. Trust me, boredom is one word you won’t learn in Meloneras!

Things to do

So, you’re planning a trip to Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso? Well, lucky you! Meloneras isn’t just about the sun and the sea; it’s packed with things to keep everyone busy.

Just a short walk and you’ll hit some modern shopping malls where “shop till you drop” could very well become your holiday mantra. Fancy a bit of glitz? High-end boutiques and stylish restaurants are dotted all around – perfect for those Instagram shots.

And there’s more. Ever tried your hand at golf? Meloneras Golf is right on your doorstep, boasting greens that could make even the most seasoned golfer weak at the knees. Nights out here are something else too, with bars buzzing until late – ideal for letting loose after a day in the sun.

Ah, and if you’re visiting during Maspalomas Carnival or Gay Pride Maspalomas, expect an explosion of colour and joy like nowhere else. Trust me, between exploring local culture or lounging by stunning beaches like Meloneras sand or Maspalomas Beach..

boredom will be the last thing on your mind!

Where to stay

Choosing a place to stay can make or break your holiday. Lucky for me, I found Lopesan Villa Del Conde Resort & Thalasso in Meloneras, Gran Canaria. This resort is just a stone’s throw away from the beach and a lovely promenade full of shops and eateries.

With free parking on site, it was super easy for me to come and go as I pleased. The resort isn’t just about its prime location; it’s brimming with facilities that cater to every whim – whether you fancy lazing by one of their pools or indulging in some spa time.

The options for rooms are pretty diverse too! You’ve got double rooms with stunning garden or sea views (imagine waking up to that!), junior suites if you’re feeling fancy, and twin rooms – perfect if you’re tagging along with a buddy.

Each room has its own balcony or terrace – my little slice of paradise where I could enjoy my morning coffee or catch those dreamy sunsets. And let’s not forget about the dining options; they have this spot called “Alpendre Noche” which quite literally had me at ‘hello’, plus several other bars and restaurants within the resort calling out to be tried..

Trust me, deciding where to eat was probably the hardest decision I had to make!


1. “What’s the big deal with Lopesan Villa Del Conde Resort & Thalasso, anyway?”

Well, let me tell you – this place is a slice of paradise in Meloneras, Gran Canaria. Imagine waking up to sea views that look like they’ve been lifted straight from a postcard… Yeah, that’s what we’re talking about! Plus, it’s got all the trimmings: a gym for those who want to keep fit on holiday (or pretend to), and even a fancy Thalasso spa for when you need some serious chill time.

2. “Can I find any good reviews on this resort?”

Absolutely! Just pop over to TripAdvisor or hit up Google Chrome (or Mozilla Firefox if that’s more your jam) and type away. You’ll find heaps of glowing reviews raving about everything from the stunning location right down to the delicious set menus at dinner.

3. “Is it easy peasy to book a stay there?”

You betcha! Whether you’re all about or First Choice, securing your spot at Lopesan Villa Del Conde Resort & Thalasso is as simple as pie. Just don’t forget your password when you log in – we wouldn’t want any swearing fits now, would we?

4. “I heard something about air passenger duty… What’s that all about?”

Ah, yes – the joys of travel taxes. If you’re flying in from afar, make sure you check out how much air passenger duty might add to your ticket price. It’s not exactly fun paying extra fees but think of it as your golden ticket to relaxation station!

5. “Tell me they do lunches too!”

Oh, they’ve got you covered! From light bites by the poolside to hearty meals that’ll fill you up after a long day exploring – lunchtime is always an adventure here. And hey, if spam sandwiches are your thing (no judgement here!), just remember: what happens at Lopesan stays at Lopesan…

6. “Privacy policy? Do I need to worry about my info being shared around like last night’s gossip?”

Fear not! The resort takes privacy very seriously (unlike Aunt Mabel with her neighbourhood tales). Your details are safe as houses here – no profanity-laden emails or unwanted spam will darken your inbox after signing up or subscribing for updates.