Hotel Suites & Villas Maspalomas

Hotel Suites & Villas Maspalomas

Searching for the ideal holiday destination can certainly feel like a chore, can’t it? Each location seemingly offering that familiar trio of sun, sea, and sand but somehow failing to tick every box on your list.

It’s all too easy to find oneself lost in a sea of endless reviews and identical-looking photographs, struggling to discern one resort from another. This becomes even more pronounced when you’re seeking that special combination of luxurious living coupled with homely comforts.

My attention was captured by Hotel Suites & Villas Maspalomas for its distinct proposition: premium 2-bedroom villas among a range of flexible accommodation options suited for everyone from the lone explorer to families or groups of up to five friends.

This blog is designed to take the burden off your shoulders by exploring what sets Suites & Villas By Dunas apart in Maspalomas – ranging from its prime location near immaculate beaches and a top-tier golf course, through to its lively culinary scene and inclusive wellness facilities.

Anticipate insights on everything from their winter-heated pools (indeed, indulging in a swim come December is very much an option) to their dedication towards environmental sustainability practices which allow guests to enjoy their stay without any accompanying guilt.

Are you ready for an adventure?.

Key Takeaways

  • Hotel Suites & Villas Maspalomas offers a range of accommodation including luxurious 2 – bedroom villas perfect for families or groups of up to five friends.
  • The hotel is located near stunning beaches and the Maspalomas Golf Course, providing easy access to both relaxation and activities.
  • Guests can enjoy various dining options within the hotel, from lush breakfast buffets to local and international dishes for lunch and dinner.
  • There are plenty of activities and entertainment available, including camel rides on the beach, bar hopping in Playa del Ingles, visits to Aqualand Maspalomas, and participation in local events like the Maspalomas Carnival.
  • The hotel also focuses on sustainable practices by using solar panels, recycling waste, saving water with special fixtures in rooms, and avoiding plastic straws to protect the environment.


About Suites & Villas By Dunas

Ah, Suites & Villas by Dunas – it’s like stepping into a little slice of paradise in Gran Canaria. You’re in for a treat with its lush surroundings and top-notch service that feels like a warm hug the moment you arrive.


I’m staying at Hotel Suites & Villas by Dunas, and guess what? The location is a real treat. Right on Avda. Sunair s/n in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, España, this place is like hitting the jackpot if you’re into stunning views and easy beach access.

You’ve got the Dunes of Maspalomas and Tony Gallardo Park just a stone’s throw away – talk about being spoilt with nature’s beauty!

And there’s more! For golf lovers, the Maspalomas Golf Course is only 600m away. Fancy a dip? Meloneras Beach is 1.2km down the road, and Maspalomas Beach is not far either, just 2km away.

So whether I’m looking to swing some clubs or lounge by the ocean, everything’s within walking distance or a short ride. Honestly, balancing relaxation with adventure here couldn’t be easier – it’s all at my doorstep!


Staying at Suites & Villas by Dunas feels like stepping into a personal oasis, surrounded by lush native vegetation and tall palm trees. The vibe is pure relaxation – think of it as your own slice of paradise on Gran Canaria.

Each morning, I’m greeted by the warm sunlight spilling over the hotel’s pools, adding to that tranquil ambiance we’re all after during a holiday.

Rooms here are more than just a place to crash after a long day of exploring. They’re spacious, filled with all the comforts you’d expect from a top-notch stay—comfy beds, clean bathrooms, and those little touches that make you smile.

Plus, waking up to the sounds of nature right outside my window? Priceless! And let me tell you about meals; having options for where and what to eat within the hotel makes life so easy.

Now, thinking about food has made me hungry.. Let’s talk about dining options next.

Dining Options

I’m all about the food, so let me take you through what’s cooking at Hotel Suites & Villas by Dunas. They’ve got this amazing array of dining options that will keep your taste buds dancing from morning till night.

You can kick-start your day with a lush breakfast buffet filled with all sorts of goodies. Lunch and dinner? They’ve got you covered there too – think plates piled high with local delights and international favourites that make every meal feel like a celebration.

And if you’re thinking about stepping out for a bite, Maspalomas doesn’t disappoint. I wandered over to places like The New Rustico Maspalomas and Bar Taste — trust me, they’re worth pulling up a chair at.

Whether it’s sipping on drinks by the pool or tucking into tasty snacks between meals, the all-inclusive deal here means you won’t have to worry about where your next meal is coming from.

Plus, being close to other fantastic restaurants gives those adventurous eaters among us (yep, that’s me) plenty of excuses to explore more flavours around town.

Activities and Entertainment

After having a lovely meal, it’s time to talk about what really spices up your holiday: the activities and entertainment. Suites & Villas by Dunas rolls out the red carpet for fun, making sure every guest finds something exciting to do.


  • Camel rides on Maspalomas Beach are a must. Imagine trotting along the sand, with the sea breeze in your hair – it’s like stepping into a postcard.
  • Bar hopping in Playa del Ingles is perfect for night owls. Each spot has its own vibe, from chill – out lounges to lively dance floors.
  • A visit to Aqualand Maspalomas promises splashes and laughter. Whether you’re racing down slides or floating lazily on a tube, everyone becomes a kid again here.
  • The hotel organises various events, keeping with local traditions like the vibrant Maspalomas Carnival. Imagine costumes, music, and dances brightening up your stay!
  • For those who love the outdoors, wandering through Maspalomas Natural Park is peaceful bliss. It’s where greenery meets stunning views – don’t forget your camera.
  • Nearby attractions such as the Dunes of Maspalomas and Tony Gallardo Park offer serene escapes into nature. It feels as though time slows down here.


Exploring these activities not only fills your days with joy but also brings you closer to the culture and beauty of Gran Canaria. Whether you’re seeking adventure or tranquillity, there’s always something happening around here that hits the mark.

Amenities and Facilities

Exploring Hotel Suites & Villas Maspalomas feels like stepping into a haven tailored perfectly for relaxation and enjoyment. The place ticks all the boxes for what I’d call a holiday paradise, with its lush surroundings and comprehensive list of amenities that cater to just about every need or whim you might have during your stay.

First off, parking woes are non-existent here. With complimentary parking available, you can bid adieu to those pesky concerns about where to leave your car safely as you unwind.

The internet here isn’t just free; it’s lightning-fast. Whether you’re posting holiday snaps on Instagram or catching up on emails, the Wi-Fi keeps you connected seamlessly.

A dip in the pool? Or perhaps a few laps? Choices abound with not just one but several outdoor swimming pools nestled amidst palm trees. The sun terrace is the cherry on top for those looking to catch some rays or delve into a good book.

For fitness enthusiasts like me, the fitness centre is a godsend. It’s equipped with everything needed to keep up with workout routines, ensuring the holiday indulgences don’t weigh too heavily on those scales.

Mornings at this place are something I always look forward to because breakfast here isn’t just free; it’s an experience! The buffet restaurant serves up a variety of dishes that tantalise the tastebuds and kickstart my day perfectly.

Kids have their own slice of paradise too! The kids’ club and playground mean that our little ones are entertained and taken care of, allowing parents some much-deserved breathing space or romantic moments together.

For those who fancy exploring beyond hotel boundaries, there’s no need to fret about transportation. A handy shuttle service whisks guests off to the beach, making access to Gran Canaria’s stunning coastline effortless.

And let’s not forget about the billiards and bicycle rental services available – perfect for leisurely afternoons or when feeling adventurous.

Babysitting services offer peace of mind for parents yearning for some alone time – be it a romantic dinner or simply relaxing by the bar with a cocktail in hand speaking of which…

Dining out and about within this oasis means spoilt for choice between sipping refreshing beverages at the poolside bar or indulging in expertly mixed cocktails at the cocktail bar – each setting guarantees an ambiance that’s hard to beat.

In essence, Hotel Suites & Villas Maspalomas has thoughtfully curated its amenities and facilities to ensure your stay is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. With such attention to detail ensuring every comfort is catered for, it’s easy to see why this spot remains a favourite amongst travellers seeking luxury amid Gran Canaria’s natural beauty.

Wellness Offerings

I’ve found my happy place at Hotel Suites & Villas Maspalomas, especially with their wellness offerings. Here’s a rundown of what makes this spot a slice of heaven for those like me seeking relaxation and rejuvenation under the warm sun.

First off, the setting itself is pure bliss. The hotel nests among native vegetation and palm trees, creating an oasis that instantly soothes your soul. Waking up to pools bathed in sunlight sets a serene tone for the day.

Then there’s the spa – oh, the spa! With treatments that whisk you away to a world of calm, it’s my go-to for unwinding after a day of exploring Gran Canaria. From massages that melt away tension to facials leaving your skin glowing, they’ve got it all.

Yoga sessions are available too, and they are not just any classes. Imagine doing yoga as the sun rises or sets, surrounded by lush greenery. It’s an experience that energises and calms in equal measure.

For those looking to keep active, the fitness centre is top-notch. Equipped with everything you need for a full workout, it’s easy to stay on track with your fitness goals while indulging in holiday treats.

And let’s talk about those swimming pools – they’re not just for lounging beside (though that’s always an option!). Aquatic workouts here are surprisingly refreshing; I mean, who knew exercise could be so much fun?

Lastly, personal wellness coaching is available. Getting expert advice tailored just for you helps in crafting the perfect blend of activity and relaxation during your stay.

In all these ways and more, Hotel Suites & Villas Maspalomas makes sure your wellness isn’t just an add-on; it’s part of the experience.

Gastronomic Experiences

Eating here is an adventure in itself. The hotel offers a wide variety of food options that make every meal exciting. Imagine sitting down to eat and the menu presents dishes from all around the world – this is what it feels like.

From local Canarian cuisine that tells the story of the island’s history, to international dishes that bring tastes from far-off places right to your plate, there’s something for everyone.

The chefs are true artists, creating meals that not only taste amazing but look incredible too.

The dining atmosphere adds a whole new layer to each meal. Whether eating inside surrounded by elegant decor or outside where you can feel the gentle breeze and hear nature’s song, it’s special either way.

And let’s not forget about the bars – they’re perfect for sipping on craft cocktails while watching stunning sunsets. It’s moments like these when I really appreciate being here.

Each bite feels like a discovery, with flavours mixing in ways I hadn’t imagined before coming here. Trying out different restaurants within Hotel Suites & Villas Maspalomas introduces me to new favourites almost daily.

Plus, who could pass up on enjoying delicious food with such scenic views? Every meal is not just about eating; it becomes a moment to treasure amid the beauty of Gran Canaria.

Animation and Kids’ Club

I’ve got to tell you, the Hotel Suites & Villas Maspalomas really knows how to keep the little ones happy and busy. Their kids’ club is top-notch with all sorts of activities and entertainment for children.

Trust me, it’s a win-win; the kids have the time of their lives while you get to relax a bit – maybe soak in some sun by the pool or enjoy a quiet meal. And speaking of pools, they’ve got four of them! Two are just for kids and heated during winter, making it perfect for splashing around any time of year.

Truly, they make sure everyone has something fun to do.

Now let’s talk about those special events – oh boy! Alongside all these fantastic day-to-day activities at the kids’ club, being in Maspalomas means your family could also enjoy some thrilling community events like Gay Pride or the famous Maspalomas Carnival.

Imagine that; one moment your kiddos are crafting or playing games at the hotel, and next thing you know, they’re experiencing vibrant local culture right outside their doorstep! It’s these little touches that make staying here more than just a holiday – it’s an adventure they won’t forget.

Exploring Gran Canaria


So, here I am about to share with you the must-do things on Gran Canaria. Trust me, it’s a list you’ll want to keep handy.

Grab your camera because Maspalomas Dunes are first up! These golden sands stretch far and wide, offering the perfect backdrop for those holiday snaps. Imagine standing at the edge of what looks like a mini desert; it’s surreal.

Next, let’s talk about Tony Gallardo Park. This place isn’t just a park; it’s more like an escape into nature. Trails wind through exotic plants and offer peaceful spots to just breathe and relax.

Feeling adventurous? Camel rides on Maspalomas Beach are a hit. It’s not every day you get to ride a camel by the sea, right? Plus, kids absolutely love this unique experience.

For all the foodies out there, dining by the sea in Maspalomas is something you can’t miss. Picture this: Fresh seafood, cool breeze, and a sunset view—perfection.

Bar hopping in Playa del Ingles offers a peek into the vibrant nightlife of Gran Canaria. Each bar has its own vibe, from chill acoustic sets to lively dance floors.

A visit to Aqualand Maspalomas is a must for families or anyone who loves waterparks. Slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers offer endless fun under the sun.

Exploring Gran Canaria wouldn’t be complete without visiting its natural parks. Besides Maspalomas Natural Park, there are several others dotted around the island each offering unique landscapes and wildlife sightings.

This island really packs a punch with its mix of natural beauty and adventure. So grab your hat and sunscreen; Gran Canaria awaits!

Sustainable Practices

I’m all in for keeping our beautiful planet green and happy, which is why I was thrilled to learn about the sustainable practices at Hotel Suites & Villas Maspalomas. They’re doing their bit by being buddies with nature, and honestly, it’s impressive.

For starters, they’ve nestled the hotel right next to Tony Gallardo Park and those famous Dunes of Maspalomas. It’s like they asked themselves how to keep things scenic and serene without messing with Mother Nature’s vibe—and nailed it! Surrounded by native vegetation and palm trees, the place literally whispers “relax” while giving a high five to sustainability.

Their approach isn’t just about location; it’s in everything they do. Waste here doesn’t mean “waste”. They recycle like champs, turning yesterday’s newspapers into tomorrow’s plant pots—or something equally cool.

Energy? They’re smart about it—using solar panels because if you’ve got sunshine aplenty (and Gran Canaria sure does), why not make electricity out of it? Plus, saying no to plastic straws might seem small but imagine every guest sipping drinks without them—that adds up! Now add water-saving fixtures in rooms..

Yes, each drop counts.

This eco-conscious mindset extends beyond just ticking boxes for ‘green credentials’. It invites us—yes, you and me—to join the journey towards a more sustainable stay without skimping on comfort or fun.

Every little thing we do during our stay impacts that bigger picture of planet care. Who knew relaxing in such an oasis could also mean helping the environment? Well now we both do – gotta love when holiday planning meets planet loving!

Travel Tips and Recommendations

So, we’ve just finished talking about sustainable practices. Now, let’s move on to some travel tips and recommendations for your visit. Trust me, a bit of insight can turn a great holiday into an unforgettable one!


  1. Book early to snag the best deals – especially with the Winter Early Booking Offer for 2024-2025. You’ll not only save some cash but also get your pick of rooms.
  2. Don’t miss out on the Gift Card options – they make fantastic presents for friends or family, or even yourself (we all deserve a treat).
  3. Long stays are a brilliant idea here. With options available, you can soak up more sun and culture without rushing.
  4. Bring your bike or rent one – the hotel is big on cycling with its Cycling Friendly GOLD certification and sponsorship of Cicloturista Gran Canaria Bike Week.
  5. The dunes aren’t just pretty; they’re a must – explore! Hotel Suites & Villas Maspalomas’ proximity to the Dunes of Maspalomas makes it perfect for adventurers.
  6. Think about going all-inclusive. It’s stress-free – with food, drinks, and sometimes even activities covered.
  7. Pack light but smart – comfortable shoes for wandering through those beautiful subtropical gardens and warm evenings at the poolside bars are key.
  8. Take advantage of free cancellation and flexible payment options if plans change; peace of mind matters.
  9. Check out reviews on TripAdvisor before booking; previous guests often share handy insights.
  10. Write down the hotel email address – it’s great for sorting details directly or asking questions pre-arrival.
  11. Sign up for updates if you’re keen on staying in-the-know about offers and news from Hotel Suites & Villas Maspalomas.
  12. Enjoy exclusive advantages like best price guarantees by booking directly through their site or contact points.


Lastly, don’t forget to check parking availability if you’re renting a car – exploring Gran Canaria is easier that way!

Information and Booking


Booking a stay at Hotel Suites & Villas Maspalomas is the smart move for savvy travellers. I found their Winter Early Booking Offer for 2024-2025 too good to pass up – talk about planning ahead! Their website is a breeze to use.

Just pop in your dates, select the kind of room you fancy, and hey presto! You’re all set. Plus, with free cancellation and flexible payment options, it’s stress-free from start to finish.

Need more details? Shoot them an email – they’re quick to respond with all the info you’ll need. And if you want those exclusive advantages like the best guaranteed price (who doesn’t?), make sure to book directly through their site or drop them a line.

With their Cycling Friendly GOLD quality certification, it’s also a paradise for bike lovers like me. Trust me; this place ticks all the boxes for an unforgettable Canarian getaway.


1. “What’s the scoop on Hotel Suites & Villas Maspalomas, then?”

Ah, let me tell you – it’s this fab spot in Gran Canaria where you can kick back and soak up some sun. They’ve got these lush suites and villas that are just the ticket for a bit of R&R. And yes, before you ask, there are plenty of photos online to give you a sneak peek!

2. “Can I trust what I read about them online?”

Absolutely! Dive into those reviews on TripAdvisor or; they’re like little nuggets of truth from folks who’ve been there, done that. Just remember, take ’em with a pinch of salt – everyone’s idea of a good time is different, right?

3. “Do they cater to the kiddos?”

You bet! The kids’ club is ace – it’ll keep your little treasures entertained while you enjoy some well-deserved peace and quiet… maybe at one of their bars or having a nibble at the buffet.

4. “Is getting my car parked going to be a nightmare?”

Not at all! They’ve got parking sorted so you can ditch the car worry-free and get straight into holiday mode.

5. “All inclusive means I don’t have to keep reaching for my wallet, right?”

Spot on! Grab yourself an all-inclusive deal and wave goodbye to counting pennies every time you fancy a snack or drink… It’s like having an endless tab without the fear of the final bill!

6. “And if I need something special or have questions…”

Just ping them an email – they’re pretty quick on the draw when it comes to replying. Whether it’s about your reservation details or specific needs (like making sure there’s room for your wheelchair), they’ve got your back.