Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas

Searching for that perfect holiday destination can be quite the conundrum, can’t it? You find yourself flicking through a seemingly endless barrage of reviews and photographs, pondering whether that beach truly is a stone’s throw away or if the swimming pool genuinely looks as though it’s leapt straight out of a glossy magazine.

I know the feeling all too well – endlessly scrolling until my thumbs feel like they might just fall off, in pursuit of that ideal blend of serenity and excitement. And you know what? I stumbled upon a real jewel: Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas.

This establishment ticks every single box with its breathtaking location near Playa del Inglés beach – merely 350m distant, to be exact! Boasting pools, sun decks, buffets.. it has everything one could possibly wish for.

In my search for holiday bliss, this hotel distinguished itself not solely due to its amenities but because it encapsulates everything a holiday ought to be: effortless, joyful and utterly unforgettable.

So let me guide you through why this should be your next port of call for a holiday. Ready for some amusing facts and candid insights? Do keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas is near Playa del Inglés beach, only 350m away. It has pools, sun decks, buffets and offers an all-inclusive service 24 hours a day.
  • The hotel provides a variety of room options with balconies or terraces. Twin rooms can have sea or garden views. Larger twin rooms are also available for more space.
  • There are on – site dining options including a main restaurant with buffet breakfast and live cooking stations, theme restaurants for special meals, and snacks available any time.
  • For families, there’s a kids’ club full of fun activities to keep the little ones entertained. The hotel also caters to guests requiring special assistance.
  • Guest reviews highlight the hotel’s proximity to the beach, diverse food options at the buffet, excellent pool facilities, and enjoyable evening entertainment.


So, you’re thinking about where Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas is? Well, it’s like being dropped right into a postcard – close to the beach with all those shops and restaurants just a stone’s throw away.

Fancy a little stroll for dinner or a quick dip in the sea? You won’t have to go far!

Proximity to the beach

I’m just a short walk away from Playa del Inglés beach, only 350m to be exact. This means I can hear the waves and feel the sea breeze as soon as I step outside Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas.

It’s absolutely amazing how quickly you can go from your room to having sand between your toes. Imagine waking up and in a few minutes, you’re soaking up the sun on one of Gran Canaria’s most beautiful beaches – that’s my reality here.

The walk to the beach is an easy one; no map needed. Along the way, there are spots where you can grab a cold drink or a quick bite, making each trip to and from the beach more enjoyable.

The convenience doesn’t stop at just getting there easily; it extends to being able to dash back if I’ve forgotten my sunscreen or want to grab my camera for sunset shots. And trust me, with views this stunning, you’ll want those pictures! Living this close to Playa del Inglés feels like a dream where every day ends with sandy feet and salty hair.

The vibe around here is laid-back but vibrant – exactly what you’d hope for in a seaside escape. People stroll by with surfboards under their arms while families build sandcastles at the water’s edge..

It all adds up to make staying at Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas more than just comfortable; it makes it unforgettable. Who knew paradise was just steps away?.

Nearby restaurants and shopping centres

Staying at Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras means you’re surrounded by awesome places to eat and shop. Just a stone’s throw away, with 67 restaurants and cool spots within 0.3 miles, I had trouble deciding where to eat first! Lux 22 Restaurante caught my eye for dinner, and let me tell ya, it did not disappoint – talk about a feast for the senses! And when I fancied something with a bit of flair, Maldito Carnaval was unbeatable for its vibe.

For shopping enthusiasts like myself, the Yumbo Center was just 10 minutes away. This place is not your ordinary mall; think more along the lines of an entertainment kingdom with shops galore.

From souvenirs that scream ‘Gran Canaria’ to fashion finds that had me pulling out my credit card faster than you can say “shopping spree,” this spot became my go-to. Plus, catching some live music there in the evening? Brilliant way to cap off a day.

Ready for some downtime after all that excitement? The hotel’s outdoor swimming pool waits..

Facilities at Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras

Ah, the Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras.. it’s like a playground for adults! Think sipping cocktails by an outdoor swimming pool and sweating out last night’s indulgences in a state-of-the-art fitness centre.

Outdoor swimming pool

At Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras, cooling off and catching some rays is a breeze with their two outdoor pools. Decked out with sun loungers, it’s the perfect spot to chill with a book or splash around.

And hey, there’s even a special pool just for the kids! So while they’re having the time of their lives in safer waters, you can soak up that glorious Canaria sun worry-free.

Talking about relaxing – those umbrellas by the pool have got you covered. Literally. Whether it’s sipping on your favourite drink or simply enjoying the water sparkling under the sunny sky, these pools are where holiday memories are made.

Trust me, between dips in the pool and lounging under an umbrella, you’ll feel like royalty without stepping foot outside Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas.

Fitness centre

I just love keeping fit even when on holiday. Good news is, the Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas has a fitness centre right inside. This means I don’t have to miss my workout routine.

The place is packed with modern equipment for all kinds of exercises. Whether it’s cardio or lifting weights, they’ve got everything covered.

The best part? It’s open throughout my stay here, making it super convenient to pop in whenever I feel like burning some calories. Plus, it’s well-kept and easy to get to from anywhere in the hotel.

For someone who likes staying active on vacation, this fitness centre is absolutely perfect.

Now, after working up a sweat, there’s nothing better than cooling off..

Bars on site

Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras has three bars where the fun never stops. Guests can sip on drinks for free, thanks to the all-inclusive service. It’s like having your own little party hub without needing to step outside the hotel grounds.

The vibe in each bar is just right – not too loud, but definitely far from boring.

The best part? You can join RiuParty events at Hotel Riu Gran Canaria without paying extra. Picture chilling with a cool drink in hand after a sunny day by the pool or beach – it’s the perfect end to any day.

Each bar has its own charm, making it easy to find your favorite spot or hop from one to another for a taste of variety.

So yes, whether you’re keen on trying every cocktail on the menu or just want a quiet place to enjoy a beer, these bars have got you covered. It’s all about relaxation and good times here at Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas.

24-hour all-inclusive service

I love how the Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas has me covered all day, every day, with their 24-hour all-inclusive service. This means I can grab a snack, sip on a drink or even hop onto free WiFi whenever I fancy – night or day! They’ve got entertainment sorted too; think live music and evening shows to keep us all amused.

And guess what? The main restaurant dishes out buffet breakfasts with live cooking stations.. yum!

Moving on from meals and fun times, there’s this theme restaurant onsite that serves fusion dishes you just have to try. Trust me, it’s a whole new world of flavours waiting for you.

Now, let’s talk about where we’re going to crash after all these adventures..

Accommodation Options

You’ve got loads of room choices at Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas, all with nifty balconies or terraces to chill on. Fancy seeing more? Keep scrolling!

Twin Room with Balcony or Terrace

Staying in a twin room with a balcony or terrace at Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas is like having your own little slice of paradise. The rooms come equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, and a mini-fridge to keep your drinks cool (because who doesn’t love a cold drink on a hot day?).

I adore stepping out onto the balcony or terrace in the morning; it’s my favourite spot to sip on some coffee and watch the world wake up.

The best part? You get all this comfort wrapped up in an atmosphere that feels both cosy and luxurious. Whether you’re chilling in the room watching TV after a long day at the beach or getting ready for an evening stroll around Maspalomas, these accommodations ensure you’re doing so in style and comfort.

And let’s not forget – having that outdoor space means extra room to breathe, relax, or even share laughs with friends over something silly someone saw online.. because yes, there’s Wi-Fi too!

Twin Room with Sea View and Balcony or Terrace

I got myself a twin room with a sea view and balcony or terrace at Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas. Oh, the joy of waking up to that stunning sea view every morning! The balcony became my little private spot for sipping coffee and soaking in the scenery.

These rooms are not just about the views, though. They come equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, and a mini-fridge – all the essentials for a comfy stay.

And let’s talk about that 24-hour all-inclusive service! Midnight snacks? Sorted. Thirsty for something cool in the middle of the day? No problem at all. Free WiFi kept me connected with folks back home, sharing photos of those breathtaking seaside moments without leaving my cosy room.

Plus, being this close to Playa del Inglés beach meant I could stroll down to the beautiful sands anytime I fancied – ultimate convenience!

Twin Room with Garden View and Balcony or Terrace

Moving away from the sea view, let’s talk about something a bit more grounded. The Twin Room with Garden View and Balcony or Terrace at Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas offers a calming look at nature without leaving your room.

Here, guests find themselves waking up to views of lush gardens—a reminder that beauty isn’t just found in wide-open waters but also in the tranquility of green spaces. This room isn’t just about what you see outside though; it packs comfort inside as well.

With air conditioning for those hot Canaria days, satellite TV for a bit of entertainment, and a mini-fridge to keep your drinks cool—everything is set for two people to have a brilliant stay.

But wait, there’s more—including free WiFi and 24-hour all-inclusive service which means your snack attacks are well taken care of any time of day (or night). Plus having your own balcony or terrace? That’s like the cherry on top—perfect for enjoying that warm weather Gran Canaria is famous for or simply unwinding with a book while soaking up some sun rays.

It’s not just an accommodation option; it’s your private retreat within Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas where relaxation meets convenience.

Larger Twin Room with Balcony or Terrace

Staying at Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas, I got to experience one of their larger twin rooms with a balcony or terrace. Oh, and it’s as spacious as it sounds! The room comes equipped with modern touches like air conditioning (a must-have), satellite TV for those lazy evenings in, and a mini-fridge perfect for keeping my snacks cool.

Stepping out onto the balcony or terrace each morning was a treat; the view made my coffee taste that bit sweeter.

The best part? These rooms offer plenty of space. So, if you’re anything like me and overpack, there’s enough room to spread out your belongings without turning your living space into an obstacle course.

Trust me, after a day exploring Maspalomas or lounging by the pool, coming back to a comfortable and airy room makes all the difference. Plus, who doesn’t love starting their day with breakfast al fresco on their own private terrace? It’s moments like these that truly make holidays special.

Dining Options

Oh, you’re in for a treat with the dining at Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras! Their food scene will keep your taste buds dancing from morning till night.

On-site restaurants

So, let’s chat about the on-site restaurants at Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas. They bring the game to a whole new level with their buffet breakfast and live cooking stations.

Imagine starting your day watching chefs whip up delicious omelettes just the way you like them – talk about breakfast goals! And if you’re anything like me, snacking is practically a hobby.

Well, good news: there are snacks available too, making it impossible to go hungry here.

But wait, there’s more – for those evenings when you fancy something extra special, they’ve got this theme restaurant offering fusion dishes that’ll make your taste buds dance. Booking a table here means treating yourself to an unforgettable meal in a setting that feels both exclusive and welcoming.

It’s pretty much food heaven for anyone who loves trying new things without having to step outside the hotel.

Now, moving beyond just eating..


Moving from the charm of the on-site restaurants, we find ourselves at the heart of dining delight – the buffet. The main restaurant unfolds a world where breakfast turns into an exhibition with live cooking stations and a plentiful spread that’s hard to resist.

Imagine walking down an aisle, greeted by an array of dishes where you’re spoilt for choice. From snacks that whisper sweet nothings to your taste buds, to a banquet that celebrates diversity in cuisine.

The best part? It’s all wrapped up in the all-inclusive service. No need to fumble through your wallet or ponder over prices. You just focus on what matters most – feasting to your heart’s content while basking in Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas’ vibrant atmosphere.

Every meal is like a mini adventure, promising new flavours and discoveries with each visit.

All-inclusive package

So, you’re thinking about the all-inclusive package at Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas, right? Here’s the scoop. This deal is pretty sweet! You get a buffet breakfast every morning with live cooking stations – think fresh pancakes and omelettes made just how you like them.

But that’s not all. Throughout the day, there are snacks available whenever hunger strikes. And let me tell you, they’ve got options for everyone.

Now, onto the fun stuff – entertainment and activities. The hotel has daytime programmes filled with games and sports. Fancy trying windsurfing or maybe golf? They’ve got you covered as part of the all-inclusive package.

And when the sun sets, don’t even think about turning in early because there are evening shows and live music to keep you entertained.

Families listen up! Your little ones won’t feel left out here. There’s a children’s pool where they can splash around safely, a playground for their adventures, and special activity programs designed to keep them busy and happy.

And let’s not forget – this all comes without any extra charges popping up on your bill. Plus, free WiFi means you can post all those holiday snaps without waiting till you find a café with free internet.

Additional Services

Oh, and don’t forget about the extra perks! From special help for those who need it, to spots for your car, and even a fun club for kids. There’s just so much more to explore.

Special Assistance

Everyone deserves a worry-free holiday, right? That’s why Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas goes the extra mile for guests who need special assistance. They’ve got accessible rooms that make moving around easier for those with disabilities.

Plus, if you or someone you’re travelling with has specific dietary needs—like gluten-free or vegetarian diets—the restaurants have got your back. It’s nice knowing everyone can enjoy their meals without stress.

Life with little ones can be a bit of a juggle, but here, families are in for a treat. The hotel offers babysitting services and there’s even a kids’ club to keep the young adventurers entertained while adults grab some ‘me time’.

And let’s not forget about the 24-hour front desk and concierge service ready to lend a hand at any hour—whether it’s answering questions or helping you plan your next day out exploring Maspalomas Gran Canaria.

So, pack your bags without worries; this place has thought of everything to make sure your stay is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible!


So, you’ve decided to stay at Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas and you’re bringing your car? Good news! The hotel has got parking sorted for you. Just give them a shout when you book or rock up to the reception, and they’ll help sort out a spot for your ride.

They might even throw in complimentary parking as part of your stay package – sweet deal, right? If you need something extra like valet parking or want to get your car cleaned, just ask.

They’re all about making things easy for guests.

Now, if the hotel’s parking gets packed or you fancy checking out other options, don’t worry. The hotel can point you towards public parking spots nearby. Plus, with the Riu Hotels & Resorts app on hand (or in pocket), finding info on where to park is a breeze.

So really, there’s no hassle with cars here – just more time to enjoy everything this fab place has got to offer!

Kids club

The Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas shines bright for families because of its fantastic kids club. The little ones get their own slice of paradise with loads of fun activities and entertainment just for them.

Think treasure hunts, arts and crafts, and games that keep the giggles coming all day long. It’s a place where they make new friends while you catch some sun or enjoy a peaceful coffee.

Oh, and here’s a nifty tip: grab the Riu Hotels & Resorts app to check out more cool stuff on offer for kids. From special services to extra surprises, it’s like having a magic wand in your pocket! Honestly, seeing my child light up with joy at the kids club makes every moment here priceless.

This spot really gets how to keep both kids and parents over the moon happy!

Guest Reviews

I’ve stayed at Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras Maspalomas and oh boy, the reviews do not lie. People love this place for so many reasons. First off, everyone raves about being so close to Playa del Inglés beach – it’s like having paradise just a few steps away.

Guests can’t get enough of the food either. The buffet? Fantastic! They have a variety of options that keep your taste buds dancing.

The pools are another highlight with folks mentioning how perfect they are for a relaxing dip or catching some sunshine on the loungers. And let’s not forget the evening entertainment; live music and shows that guests enjoy under the stars – it’s something special that keeps everyone talking long after their stay.

Sports fans are in for a treat too, with windsurfing, diving, and golf all nearby. Honestly, staying here made me feel like part of a big happy family where every need was taken care of.

It’s no wonder Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras reviews on TripAdvisor make it sound like a holiday dream come true!


1. “What’s the scoop on Hotel Riu Palace Palmeras in Maspalomas?”

Ah, let me tell you—it’s this fab five-star hotel right in Gran Canaria. People can’t stop chatting about it on TripAdvisor! It’s got everything from swanky apartments to mouth-watering buffets… and yes, even a kids club for the little ones to burn off some steam while you chill.

2. “Can I see what the hotel looks like before I book?”

Absolutely! Just hop onto Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (or whatever browser floats your boat), type away, and voilà—photos galore. You’ll find heaps of snaps from guests and the hotel itself that’ll have you dreaming of sunny Maspalomas in no time.

3. “Is grabbing a bite there going to be a hassle?”

Not at all! The buffet is something else—I mean, who doesn’t love an endless spread of deliciousness? And if you fancy something different, there are bars and options for lunch that’ll tickle your taste buds. Trust me; you won’t go hungry here.

4. “I’ve got kiddos – will they have fun too?”

Oh, absolutely – the kids club is a blast! Your little adventurers will be entertained with loads of activities while you sneak off to enjoy that sauna or just bask in the sun by Playa del Ingles… Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

5. “How does one go about securing a spot at this paradise?”

Easy peasy—just hit up their reservation system online (yes, even Internet Explorer would do the trick). Whether it’s booking those lush rooms or checking out prices so there are no surprises, everything’s at your fingertips.

6. “Parking – is it going to be a nightmare?”

Fear not! They’ve got parking sorted so you can ditch the car worry-free and dive straight into holiday mode… Because let’s face it—who wants to stress about parking when there’s so much fun waiting right outside?