Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas

Seeking out the ideal holiday retreat can prove rather challenging, wouldn’t you agree? You’re after a destination that basks in sunshine, brimming with activities and perhaps a sprinkling of opulence for good measure.

I understand completely – wading through endless possibilities, pondering if the perfect escape will ever present itself. Well, it turns out my pursuit uncovered something quite extraordinary: Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas.

And here’s an enticing snippet – securing your booking directly through their website offers up to 20% off and includes a welcome drink!

Within this blog post, we shall embark on a captivating exploration of all the splendid features that make Hotel Beverly Park in Gran Canaria your ultimate dream vacation spot. From its inviting rooms boasting breathtaking sea views to exhilarating sports adventures and scrumptious culinary delights, prepare to immerse yourself in all the enthralling details that elevate Hotel Beverly Park as an unmatched holiday haven.

Anticipate excitement!

Key Takeaways

  • Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas offers up to 20% off for direct bookings and includes a welcome drink, providing an affordable yet luxurious stay.
  • Situated near Playa del Ingles and the beautiful Maspalomas Dunes, guests have easy access to stunning beaches and local attractions.
  • The hotel boasts various room options including family suites with balconies and twin rooms with sea views, catering to all types of travellers.
  • With facilities like multiple pools, a kids club, buffet services, and evening entertainment, there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy.
  • Guests can take advantage of on – site parking, making it convenient to explore Gran Canaria’s sights by car.

Location of Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas

So, where’s Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas? Right near the fun and sunny Playa del Ingles. And guess what, getting here from the airport is a breeze – it’s not far at all!

Proximity to Playa del Ingles

I’m thrilled to share that Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Playa del Ingles beach. Yep, you read that right. You can literally walk from your room and find yourself standing on one of Gran Canaria’s most famous stretches of sand in no time at all.

It’s like having the beach as your back garden—minus the hassle of mowing the lawn! Whether you fancy an early morning jog by the sea or a leisurely sunset stroll, it’s all right there.

But wait..there’s more! This spot isn’t just about golden sands and rolling waves; it’s buzzing with life too. With Maspalomas dunes as your stunning backdrop, you’re also smack dab in the middle of a lively area packed with bars and restaurants.

Fancy a cold drink after a long day sunbathing? Or maybe some fresh seafood for dinner? No problemo! It’s all within arm’s reach. So yeah, staying at Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas means you’ve got the best mix of relaxation and entertainment—all without needing to figure out local bus schedules or splurge on taxi fares.

And let me not forget to mention—the vibe around here is simply unbeatable. Imagine waking up every morning, stepping outside, and being greeted by that salty sea breeze.. Pure bliss if you ask me! Plus, meeting new friends over lunch or striking up conversations with locals at nearby spots adds that extra sprinkle of magic to your holiday experience.

Trust me; this place has everything needed for making unforgettable memories!

Distance from Airport

So, after talking about how close we are to Playa del Ingles, let’s chat about getting here from the airport. Getting to Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas is a breeze! The place sits 15.7 miles away from Airport De Gran Canaria.

Now, I’ve done this trip, and it’s straightforward – you’ll be at our doorstep in just about 35 minutes if you hop on a coach. Perfect for those who can’t wait to kick off their holiday shoes and dive straight into holiday mode.

Choosing the right transport can make your journey smooth as silk. Coaches are popular—they’re easy on the pocket and pretty comfy too. But hey, if you prefer something more private or faster, taxis or rental cars do the trick beautifully; they zip through the route letting you soak in some lovely views along the way.

Oh—and no worries about getting lost; follow signs for “Maspalomas” once you leave Gran Canaria Airport behind and you’ll find us waiting with open arms (well, not literally but we’re definitely excited to welcome you!).

Accommodation at Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas

Finding the perfect spot to crash at Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas is easy peasy. They’ve got rooms that’ll make you say “wow,” from ones with sea views to family suites where everyone gets a slice of paradise.

Family Suite with Balcony

I stayed in the Family Suite with Balcony at Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas, and it was perfect for us. The room had a great balcony where we could chill and enjoy the fresh air. It’s ideal for families or bigger groups because there’s enough space for everyone to feel comfy.

Plus, getting all our meals, drinks, and snacks included made things so easy. No fuss about finding places to eat or keeping kids happy with snacks.

The beach? Oh, it’s just a quick walk away from Playa del Ingles’ sandy stretches. Imagine stepping out of your room and being on the beach in less than a minute. Now, let’s talk about what you can do around here..

Twin Room with Balcony

The twin room with a balcony at Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas offers a cosy spot for guests. With a private balcony, you get your own outdoor space to chill and take in the views. It’s nice to step outside first thing in the morning or relax there after a day exploring.

These rooms are great for those who love having easy access to fresh air and outdoor areas without leaving their room.

Inside, the twin rooms are set up perfectly for friends or family members sharing. You’ll find two comfy beds ready for a good night’s sleep. Plus, being part of Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas means you’re ticking off comfort and convenience from your holiday list—and who doesn’t want that? Now, if you fancy looking out at the ocean while sipping on something cool, let’s talk about the twin room with sea view and balcony next..

Twin Room with Sea View and Balcony

Moving from the basic twin room, we upgrade to something more special – a Twin Room with Sea View and Balcony. I must say, waking up to the sound of waves and having my morning coffee while gazing at the endless sea is nothing short of magical.

It’s one of those experiences that make holidays unforgettable. These rooms not only offer comfort but also come with a private balcony that puts you right in front of the sea’s beauty.

Imagine sitting there, cool breeze in your hair, watching the sun dip below the horizon.. Yep, it’s as dreamy as it sounds.

Now let’s talk about what makes these rooms stand out at Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas. Besides the amazing view, they’re equipped with everything I need for a comfy stay. The beds are so cosy; I have trouble getting out every morning! And there’s enough space so I don’t feel cramped at all.

Honestly, choosing this room means treating myself to a bit more luxury and picture-perfect moments during my vacation in Gran Canaria. It adds that tranquil atmosphere which really lets me unwind and soak in every second of my getaway.

Facilities at Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas

At Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas, you’re in for a treat with their top-notch facilities—think tasty food spots and fun for the kids! They’ve got everything to make your stay comfy and full of smiles.

Restaurants and Bars

So, I stepped into the buffet at Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas and wow.. it’s a feast for the eyes! They serve up international dishes morning, noon, and night. It’s like they’ve got your taste buds on a world tour without even leaving Gran Canaria.

And let me tell you, the variety? Absolutely smashing! Anything from fresh salads to hot dishes – I mean, you name it.

Now onto the bars – there’s this cosy vibe that makes you want to just sit back and relax with a drink in hand. The staff? Always smiling and ready to whip up whatever tickles your fancy.

And if you’re looking to step out for a bit more buzz, there’s a whole bunch of bars and restaurants just around the corner. You’re never too far from where the action is – perfect for when those night owl tendencies kick in or if you’re keen on tasting what local nightlife has to offer!


I’ve got to talk about the parking at Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas, because let’s face it, having a spot for your car can make or break your holiday vibe. The hotel offers private on-site parking which is pretty awesome if you’re like me and love the idea of zipping off to explore without the hassle of finding public parking.

It’s a paid service, yes, but imagine the peace of mind knowing your car is just there, snug and secure within the property.

The convenience factor is through the roof! I mean, having quick access to my ride means more time enjoying Gran Canaria’s stunning spots without worrying about where I left my car.

Plus, this on-site parking service adds an extra layer of security that I definitely appreciate – knowing that my vehicle is close by and in a safe space gives me one less thing to fret over while I’m trying to unwind.

And who doesn’t love hassle-free exploration? With my car parked right at Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas, hopping over to nearby attractions feels almost too easy.

Kids club

After sorting out where to park your car, it’s time to think about the little ones. The Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas has got that covered with its fantastic kids club. It’s a place where children can leap into a world of fun and games, surrounded by new friends and caring supervisors.

From arts and crafts to lively games, the club keeps them entertained, giving parents a lovely break.

The kids club isn’t just any space—it’s designed for smiles and laughter. Safe and secure, it offers a variety of activities tailored for younger guests. Think painting sessions that end with more paint on clothes than paper or mini-discos where everyone’s a dance star! And while the kids are having the time of their lives under expert supervision, parents get to enjoy some well-deserved peace or explore what else Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas has on offer.

Special programs at this club make every child’s stay unforgettable. They might start their day as shy newcomers but will end it as confident adventurers who’ve found new playmates.

That feeling right there is what holidays are all about—making memories that sparkle long after you’ve returned home.

Buffet services

So, after the kids are all smiles from their time at the club, let’s talk about where we’re all going to eat. The Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas has this amazing buffet service that keeps everyone coming back for seconds..

or, who am I kidding, thirds! They serve up a storm – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – with dishes from around the world. It’s like taking a global tour without leaving your seat. And guess what? If you’ve opted for an all-inclusive stay – yes, that includes me because who doesn’t love a good deal – then your meals (and even drinks and snacks) are covered.

The vibe in the buffet area is pretty chill too; it feels like grabbing a meal with family minus the hassle of cleaning up. You’ll find every kind of food you can think of: pasta that reminds me why carbs are essential to happiness; salads for when I tell myself tomorrow is when the diet starts; and desserts that make me glad tomorrows are always a day away.

The staff there have got serving down to an art form – quick on their feet and even quicker with a smile. Really ties up my whole experience at Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas into one neat bow of great memories and satisfied cravings!

Food and Drink at Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas

I must say, dining at Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas is a real treat. They’ve got this all-inclusive board basis that covers breakfast, lunch, evening meals, drinks and snacks – pretty much everything you could ask for.

The buffet restaurant? Oh, it’s fabulous. It serves up international dishes across all meals of the day. And let me tell you, the variety and quality of food have gotten some serious thumbs-up in guest reviews.

Now about paying for extras – they use a card-based system here which is super convenient. No need to carry cash around while you’re in your swimsuit! Another thing I found quite delightful were the hot snacks available at the pool bar.

Just imagine soaking up the sun while munching on something yummy.. bliss! Plus, if there’s anything not to your taste or if you have an extra special experience with their food and drink offerings – guess what? The hotel management actually listens and responds to feedback from guests like us.

Talk about feeling valued!

Sports and Entertainment at Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas

Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas is a dream spot for anyone who loves staying active and being entertained. They’ve got three pools, two jacuzzis, and gardens that are just perfect for lounging around.

But here’s the kicker: they also offer tennis! Imagine serving an ace under the bright Gran Canaria sun. And if tennis isn’t your thing, no worries. You can hit the billiards or dartboard, play some table tennis, or even hire a car to explore the island on your own terms.

And let’s not forget about pampering yourself — after all those activities, you deserve it! The hotel offers facial treatments and massages that’ll have you feeling brand new. As evening rolls in, the entertainment doesn’t stop.

There’s always something going on to keep you amused until bedtime. Plus, with sea view rooms and plenty of amenities, there’s never a dull moment here.

Now that we’ve covered what keeps you moving during the day and entertained by night let’s take a peek at what guests think about their stay at this lively resort.

Guest Reviews of Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas

So, I took a good look at what folks are saying about Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas. Turns out, it’s got an average rating of 3 out of 5. Not too shabby for being ranked 34th out of 133 in Playa del Ingles, right? Still, some guests weren’t thrilled about the room quality and how the staff treated them.

And yeah, there’s chatter about the food not hitting the spot for everyone—some mentioned it lacked variety and didn’t always taste great.

But here’s where it gets interesting—the views from the sea view rooms really won people over. That said, not everything was a hit; mentions of limited entertainment options popped up too.

Props to hotel management though—they’re on top of things, replying to reviews and talking about making improvements based on feedback. Oh! Speaking of things nearby that might catch your eye..

Nearby Attractions

So, you’re thinking of stepping out and exploring around Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas? Well, you’re in for a treat! First off, those iconic Maspalomas Dunes are just a hop away—imagine the Instagram stories you could tell.

And if sand’s not your thing, Las Burras Beach offers crystal-clear waters that beg for a dip. Trust me, these spots are the local gems you won’t want to miss.

Maspalomas Dunes

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas—I found myself gazing at the vast stretch of golden sand dunes. It’s like stepping onto another planet! With the dunes rolling out for 5km, there’s this sense of endless adventure waiting.

I couldn’t help but laugh as the wind played with my hair; it was pure magic feeling so small in such an immense landscape.

And here’s a little secret between you and me.. catching dawn or dusk at these dunes is an absolute must-do. The way the sun paints everything gold—words can hardly do it justice.

Plus, being so close to these magnificent creations while staying at Hotel Beverly Park is just perfect for anyone wanting to mix relaxation with a bit of exploration. Who knew something as simple as sand could leave such a lasting impression?.

Las Burras Beach

I must say, staying near Las Burras Beach is a dream come true. It’s just a stone’s throw away from Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas, making it super easy to hit the sand for some sunbathing or diving into the Atlantic Ocean whenever I feel like it.

The beach itself offers more than just beautiful views and cool waters; there are tonnes of water activities to keep everyone entertained.

Around this lovely beach area, I found an amazing variety of food options. From Italian to Chinese and even Indian cuisine, my taste buds were never bored. It felt great not having to wander far for a delicious meal after spending hours in the sun or swimming in the sea.

Honestly, having Las Burras Beach so close by really makes staying at Hotel Beverly Park Maspalomas a no-brainer for anyone who loves mixing their relaxation with a bit of adventure and good food.


1. “What’s the scoop on Hotel Beverly Park in Maspalomas?”

Ah, where to start? This gem in Gran Canaria is a hit for families and sun-seekers alike. With swimming pools that’ll make you want to dive right in and a kids club that’s basically child-heaven, it’s got everything you need. Oh, and did I mention the buffet? It’s like they’ve raided your dreams of what holiday eating should be.

2. “Can I really trust the reviews on TripAdvisor about Hotel Beverly Park?”

You bet! Those reviews are as genuine as your craving for a holiday. People love sharing their two pence about their stay – from the friendly waiting staff who remember your drink order (cheers!) to the clean bathrooms (because let’s face it, we all worry about those). Just take a scroll through Google Chrome or Safari… or if you’re feeling nostalgic, Internet Explorer?

3. “Is there anywhere to park my car at Hotel Beverly Park?”

Absolutely! They’ve got parking sorted so you can ditch the car worry-free and slip straight into holiday mode. More time for exploring Maspalomas or chilling by one of those inviting pools.

4. “I’m always hungry – what are my food options?”

Prepare to be wowed! The hotel boasts an impressive buffet with dishes that’ll have you coming back for seconds…or thirds (we’re not judging). And if you fancy something different, there’s always the restaurant ready to serve up some deliciousness.

5.”What kind of rooms can I book at Hotel Beverly Park?”

Dreaming of waking up with views over San Bartolome de Tirajana or maybe just longing for a cosy spot after a day out? They’ve got rooms that tick all boxes – spacious ones with comfy beds and yes, those much-talked-about bathrooms too!

6.”How do I snag myself a reservation at this paradise?”

Easy-peasy! Head over to or First Choice; they’ve got all the deets for securing your spot at this slice of heaven in Las Palmas. Don’t forget to check out those photos – though beware, instant holiday envy is guaranteed.