Holiday World Maspalomas

Planning a trip to Gran Canaria and looking for something that will keep the whole family entertained? It can be tough finding a spot that ticks all the boxes – excitement for the kids, relaxation for the adults, and fun for everyone in between. I’ve been there, scanning through pages of attractions, trying to find that perfect place where we can all let loose and have a good time together.

Thankfully, after much searching, I came across Holiday World Maspalomas. It’s not just any theme park; it’s a haven of joy nestled in the south of Gran Canaria! With over 20 years under its belt as a top spot for fun in the Canary Islands, this place has got something for everyone – thrilling amusement rides, leisure activities like bowling lanes and karaoke zones… even sports bars! And guess what? Getting into Holiday World Maspalomas won’t cost you a dime. Yes—entry is free!

This blog post aims to guide you through everything Holiday World Maspalomas offers—from its heart-pumping rides to chill-out spots—and give you insider tips on making the most out of your visit. Ready for an adventure? Keep reading!

Theme park in Gran Canaria

I recently visited Holiday World Maspalomas, and wow, it’s a must-see spot in Gran Canaria! This place is teeming with fun for everyone, especially families. From the second you walk in, you’re greeted by an array of rides that just scream excitement.

I hopped on the Ferris wheel first – standing tall at 26 meters, it gave me the best view of the entire park and beyond. It’s not just about the views though; this park packs in loads of activities like bowling alleys, singing your heart out with karaoke spots, and mystery-filled escape rooms.

Let me tell you about my favorite part – the thrill rides. They have everything to get your adrenaline pumping. And for those who prefer keeping their feet on the ground but still want some action? There are shows and entertainment that will keep you hooked for hours.

Plus, if you’re like me and enjoy winding down after some heart-racing fun, their sports bar is perfect to catch up on scores while enjoying a snack or two. Whether it’s spending time with family or challenging friends to a game night vibe with bowling lanes nearby – trust me when I say there’s something here for every mood!

Popular among families with children

Kids love Holiday World Maspalomas, and it’s easy to see why. This place is a blast with rides for the little ones who are over 90 centimeters tall. Parents can relax knowing there’s plenty for their kids to enjoy.

The park has been making families happy for more than 20 years. It stands out as the only amusement park in south Gran Canaria designed with children in mind.

The food here is fantastic too, perfect after a day of fun. Families often spend the whole day exploring everything from thrilling roller coasters to engaging shows. With free entry and an easy system to get points cards, it’s simple for everyone to have a great time without worrying about tickets all day long.

Whether you’re hitting high notes in karaoke or sharing laughs in escape rooms, there’s something here that brings families together, making it a top pick for visitors with kids.

Features various attractions and activities

Holiday World Maspalomas is a place where excitement meets the sunny skies of Gran Canaria. From heart-pounding roller coasters to shows that keep you on the edge of your seat, this amusement park has it all.

I tried out the 26-meter Ferris wheel and let me tell you, the view up there? Absolutely breathtaking. And for those who love a good challenge, the escape rooms will test your wit while karaoke spots let you be a star for a night.

Bowling alleys buzz with families laughing and competing. The sports bar became my favorite spot to cool down and catch up on scores. Everywhere I turned, children over 90 centimeters tall were having the time of their lives on rides designed just for them.

With Holiday World Maspalomas’ easy points card system, hopping from one attraction to another was a breeze—a perfect setup ensuring fun doesn’t have to wait.

Now imagine pairing these exciting activities with mouth-watering food options available throughout the park; it’s clear why visitors come back year after year.

What to Do and See in Holiday World Maspalomas

At Holiday World Maspalomas, I always find something exciting around every corner. From fast rides that make your heart race to live shows that keep you on the edge of your seat, this place has it all.

Roller coasters and other thrill rides

I love the thrill rides at Holiday World Maspalomas. They make my heart beat fast! My favorite is the big roller coaster. It zooms up and down so quickly, it feels like I’m flying.

The loops are the best part – they spin me all around.

There’s also this cool ride that drops you from way high up. It lifts you slowly to the top, then whoosh, down you go! It’s scary but so exciting at the same time. Each time I go on these rides, I can’t help but scream and laugh a lot.

Shows and entertainment

Holiday World Maspalomas lights up with its range of live performances. Prepare for a treat as acrobats, dancers, and singers take the stage to showcase their talent. It’s like stepping into a world where every show is carefully crafted to entertain you and your family.

From dazzling magic acts to captivating musical performances, there’s always something happening that will keep you engaged.

Taking in a show here feels special because the performers really know how to connect with their audience. You’ll find yourself clapping along, laughing out loud, and maybe even getting pulled up on stage for an interactive segment! The variety guarantees that no two visits feel the same.

Whether it’s an evening of laughter at a comedy skit or marveling at incredible feats during an acrobat show, these moments add sparkle to your Holiday World Maspalomas adventure.

Bowling, escape rooms, and karaoke

I once spent an evening at Holiday World Maspalomas that turned into an adventure of its own. My friends and I kicked things off with bowling. Picture a row of lanes, bright lights, and the sound of pins crashing—it was pure excitement.

Each roll brought cheers or groans, making for some friendly competition.

Next up were the escape rooms. Walking in was like stepping into another world where every clue mattered. We teamed up to solve puzzles and find our way out before time ran out. It felt like being in a detective movie!

We wrapped up the night with karaoke—the icing on the cake! Standing on stage, microphone in hand, singing my heart out to favorite tunes made me feel like a star. Even those who claimed they “couldn’t sing” couldn’t resist joining in.

Sports bar

At the sports tavern in Holiday World Maspalomas, you can catch up on games while enjoying a drink. The place buzzes with fans cheering for their teams. It’s like being at the game but more comfortable.

They serve fantastic food too, so you won’t go hungry.

The screens are big, and there’s one for every angle. This means no craning your neck to see the action. Plus, they have a great selection of drinks to choose from. Whether you’re there to watch football or just hang out with friends, it’s a good spot to relax after a day of fun at the park.

Ticket Options

You can choose fast track tickets to skip the long lines or find deals on combos that save you money. Keep reading to plan your perfect trip!

Fast track tickets

I always go for fast track tickets at Holiday World Maspalomas. They let me skip the long lines, which saves a ton of time. With these tickets, I get on rides much faster. Last time, I rode all my favorites without waiting too much.

Buying them is easy online or at the park entrance. They cost a bit more than regular tickets but are worth every penny for the convenience they offer. Trust me, nothing beats walking past a long line and getting straight onto a ride!

Discounts and packages

Right after figuring out the fast track tickets, I checked for deals to save some bucks. Holiday World Maspalomas offers cool discounts and packages that make the trip lighter on your wallet.

They have family bundles where you get a significant cut-off on ticket prices if you come in a group.

There’s also this sweet deal where buying points in bulk gets you extra credits for rides and games. Last time I went, I snagged an online special that included meal vouchers along with ride points – talk about killing two birds with one stone! The park often ties up with lodgings nearby, so look out for combo deals that include stay and play.

Nearby Attractions

Oh, and if you think the fun ends at Holiday World Maspalomas, guess again! Just around the corner are amazing places waiting for you to explore. Imagine swimming with colorful fish one minute and laughing with Angry Birds the next.

Or maybe sliding down huge water slides catches your fancy? There’s even a chance to go under the sea without getting wet! So keep your adventure spirit ready – there’s a whole world out there just next door to dive into!

Aquario Poema del Mar

I had the chance to visit Aquario Poema del Mar and it blew my mind. This aquarium is right near Holiday World Maspalomas, making it a must-see for anyone in the area. It’s like stepping into another world with giant glass tunnels that let you walk under sharks and rays! The colors of the fish and coral are so bright and beautiful, it feels like they jumped out of a painting.

They have this huge wall-sized tank called ‘The Deep’ which is like looking into the deepest parts of the ocean. I stood there for ages just watching all sorts of sea creatures glide by.

Plus, I learned so much about marine life conservation during my visit, which made me appreciate our oceans even more. If you’re planning a trip to Holiday World Maspalomas, make sure you add Aquario Poema del Mar to your list – it’s an unforgettable experience that brings you face-to-face with the wonders of our seas.

Angry Birds Activity Park

After enjoying the underwater marvels at Aquario Poema del Mar, I headed straight to the Angry Birds Activity Park. This place is a blast for fans of the famous game and anyone looking to have fun.

The park is filled with outdoor challenges and games that make you feel like you’re part of the action.

I spent hours zipping down slides, bouncing on trampolines, and even taking a shot at piggy tower toppling – just like in the game! It’s not just about playing; it’s about living those moments we’ve all enjoyed on screen but way bigger.

They’ve got areas perfect for climbers, explorers, and thinkers alike. And let me tell you, tackling these obstacles gives both your body and brain a workout.

Aqualand Maspalomas

I went to Aqualand Maspalomas and had a blast. It’s a huge water park right near Holiday World Maspalomas. This place has tons of slides, from thrilling ones that make your heart race to gentle ones where you can just relax and float around.

They’ve got this giant wave pool that makes you feel like you’re at the beach without actually being at one.

Eating there was easy because they have plenty of food spots sprinkled throughout the park. I grabbed a bite at one of the restaurants near the kiddie area so I could watch my little cousin go down slide after slide.

The park is super clean, which made me feel good about spending all day there. Finding parking was also not an issue; it was pretty straightforward, just follow the signs.

Submarine Adventure

After splashing around in Aqualand Maspalomas, the adventure continues underwater. The Submarine Adventure near Holiday World Maspalomas is like jumping into a different world. I got to see fish and sea creatures up close without getting wet! Sitting inside that sub, peering through the portholes, felt like being part of a deep-sea exploration team.

The guide pointed out colorful reefs and even some shipwrecks while we cruised beneath the waves. It’s thrilling to watch schools of fish dart by or find an octopus hiding among rocks.

This underwater journey makes for unforgettable memories and cool stories to share back home. And hey, no diving gear required!

Palmitos Park Maspalomas

Palmitos Park in Maspalomas is a must-see for anyone visiting Gran Canaria. This place is a zoo and botanical garden all rolled into one. You’ll find colorful birds, exotic animals, and even dolphins! The park sits in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains, making it not just fun but also breathtaking.

You can watch amazing shows with parrots doing tricks and learn about the importance of conservation. There’s also an aquarium where you can see fish from all around the globe. Walking through the park gives you a chance to see plants that you won’t find anywhere else on the island.

Each step here fills your day with wonder and excitement, perfect for families or anyone looking to escape into nature for a while.

Tips for Visiting Holiday World Maspalomas

Check the park’s schedule and figure out where to park your car before you go. This makes your visit smoother!

Opening times and parking

Holiday World Maspalomas greets guests all year round, each day brimming with joy from morning till late evening. Attraction hours might change, so I always check ahead for the specific times.

This way, I get to plan my day perfectly around the park’s opening hours. Finding a spot for your car is easy too! They’ve got a big parking area right outside. It’s free and finding a spot has never been an issue for me, even on busy days.

After securing your ride and stepping inside, deciding where to start exploring can be a thrill in itself. Next up? Figuring out what attractions to hit first or perhaps where to grab some delicious food!

Best time to visit

Going to Holiday World Maspalomas during the cooler months is my top pick. This means from late October through April, the weather is just perfect. Not too hot, not too cold – ideal for enjoying outdoor rides without sweating buckets or shivering.

Plus, the lines for attractions like roller coasters and Ferris wheels are shorter. I find this time magical because you get more out of your day.

I also pay attention to park hours before planning my trip, since they change with the seasons. Visiting right at opening time or later in the afternoon works best for me. This strategy lets me dodge the biggest crowds and makes finding a good spot to eat at one of the nearby restaurants easier.

Trust me, grabbing a bite without a long wait adds so much joy to the day!

Where to eat

Eating at Holiday World Maspalomas is an adventure by itself. The place teems with fantastic food spots that cater to every taste. You’ll find everything from quick snacks to sit-down meals within the park.

There’s something about savoring a meal after a day packed with fun and excitement—it just tastes better. Craving pizza? They’ve got it. Want some traditional Canarian dishes? No problem.

Just outside the park, options abound in the nearby shopping center as well. Here, you can relax in a café or explore international cuisines in various diners and bistros. This area becomes lively, especially at night, offering not just meals but also entertainment options like live music and performances—perfect for unwinding after a thrilling day.

Next up, let’s talk about tips for visiting Holiday World Maspalomas to make your trip smooth and enjoyable.

Reviews and Recommendations

I had a blast at Holiday World Maspalomas and I’m not the only one. People love this place for its mix of thrill rides and family fun. Everyone raves about the 26-meter Ferris wheel – it’s a must-see.

The food options get big thumbs up too, perfect for refueling after hitting all those rides.

Families particularly appreciate how Holiday World caters to kids over 90 centimeters tall, making it accessible for most little adventurers. Friends tell me they never miss the bowling lanes and escape rooms, great for some friendly competition or team-building fun.

With free entry and an easy points card system, my wallet felt just as happy as I did!

Planning Your Trip to Holiday World Maspalomas

So, you’re thinking about heading to Holiday World Maspalomas? Smart choice! It’s a blast. First things first, check out some cozy places to stay nearby. You’ll find lots of hotels and bed-and-breakfast spots that are perfect for dropping your bags and crashing after a fun day at the park.

And hey, getting there is a piece of cake with buses, taxis, or even renting a car. Trust me, with a little planning, your trip will be all set for adventure and laughs at Holiday World Maspalomas!

Accommodations nearby

Finding a place to stay near Holiday World Maspalomas isn’t hard. Lots of hotels and resorts hug the coastline, offering stunning views and easy access to the park. I stayed at a cozy hotel just five minutes away by foot.

It had a pool, free Wi-Fi, and breakfast included.

Shops and restaurants are also close to these sleeping spots. After a long day at the park, it’s great to have options nearby for grabbing dinner or doing some shopping. A popular center sits right around the corner from where I was staying, making everything super convenient.

Transportation options

I always look for the easiest way to get places and Holiday World Maspalomas is no exception. Good news! You can reach it by bus, car, or even bike if you’re feeling adventurous. The buses are super handy with lots of routes stopping near the fun park.

I found this especially useful because parking can be tight during peak times.

Last time, I rented a bike from a shop near my hotel in San Bartolome de Tirajana and pedaled my way there. It was a bit of an exercise but truly added to the adventure. Plus, biking let me see more of the beautiful surroundings at my own pace.

If cycling isn’t your thing, car rentals offer another flexible option. They let you explore wider areas around Gran Canaria after enjoying your day at the park. No matter how you choose to travel, getting to Holiday World Maspalomas adds an exciting start to a day filled with fun and thrills!


1. What’s the deal with Holiday World Maspalomas?

Oh, let me tell you about Holiday World Maspalomas! It’s this super cool amusement park in Maspalomas, right in the heart of the Canary Islands. They’ve got rides that’ll make your hair stand on end, delicious food to munch on, and even a shopping center nearby for when you need a break from all the excitement.

2. Can I grab a bite there? I’m always hungry.

You bet! There are plenty of restaurants near Holiday World Maspalomas where you can fill up. Whether you’re craving something quick and tasty or want to sit down for a meal, they’ve got options that’ll make your stomach happy.

3. How much does it cost to get into this magical place?

Ah, good question! The ticket price for Holiday World Maspalomas varies depending on what you want to do and how long you plan to stay. But trust me, whatever the cost, it’s totally worth it for all the fun rides and games they have!

4. Is there parking? Because my car needs its beauty rest too.

Absolutely! They’ve thought of everything – including where your car can take a little nap while you’re off having adventures. There’s parking at Holiday World Maspalomas so no worries about finding a spot.

5. When’s the best time to visit? I like planning ahead.

Holiday World Maspalomas has opening times that change with the seasons because even amusement parks need a little downtime now and then. Check their website before you go; it’ll have all the up-to-date info so you can plan your trip perfectly around those sunny Canary Island days.