HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas

Searching for the idyllic holiday stay can often seem a tad like scouring the countryside for that elusive needle in a haystack, can’t it? You’re on the hunt for something that ticks all the boxes: family-friendly yet brimming with luxury, within a stone’s throw of local attractions but also a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle.

I understand this pursuit all too well – many’s the night I’ve found myself deep-diving into hotel reviews at hours when even owls would balk, all in hopes of discovering that hidden gem.

And you know what? That perseverance eventually led me to discover HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas.

Tucked away in Playa del Inglés, this establishment is far from your run-of-the-mill resort; rather, it’s an award-winning sanctuary tailored to families, couples, and solo explorers alike.

Boasting 233 bungalows set amidst one of Gran Canaria’s prime locations, it offers everything from tranquil relaxation to thrilling exploration. This blog aims to guide you through its myriad attractions – think generously-sized accommodations, delicious dining experiences and second-to-none facilities.

Intrigued yet? Let’s delve further!

Key Takeaways

  • HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas offers a variety of accommodation options suited for different needs, including family-friendly bungalows with terraces and superior suites. Each option comes equipped with modern amenities like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and kitchenettes.
  • Guests at the resort can choose from several board basis options – self – catering, bed and breakfast, half board, or all inclusive – allowing flexibility in dining experiences to match their holiday preferences.
  • The resort boasts impressive facilities such as two pools tailored for relaxation and family fun, a children’s splash park, multiple bars and restaurants serving diverse cuisine options, and entertainment activities perfect for all ages.
  • Located in Playa del Inglés close to Gran Canaria’s prime attractions, HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas serves as an ideal base for exploring local sights like Fataga on a 4×4 safari or mingling with locals at small tavernas sipping local wines.
  • With seven eateries on – site offering everything from buffet breakfasts to tapas by the poolside bar; guests have ample dining choices ensuring every meal is both convenient and enjoyable during their stay.

Exclusive Advantages of Staying at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas

Staying at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas isn’t just a bed to sleep in—it’s like getting a golden ticket to fun town, especially for the families. With cool bungalows that welcome you and top-notch services that make you feel like royalty, it’s the place where holiday dreams come true.

Family-friendly bungalows

I absolutely love the idea of holidaying in a place that feels like home but with all the perks of being on holiday. That’s exactly what I found at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas. Their family-friendly bungalows are just perfect for anyone wanting a comfortable stay without missing out on fun.

Each bungalow is spacious, giving my family plenty of room to spread out and relax after a day exploring Gran Canaria.

The best part? These bungalows come with their own terraces! Imagine sipping your morning coffee or having an evening drink while soaking up the beautiful Canarian sunsets.. it’s bliss, I tell you.

Plus, knowing there’s a pool just steps away from our door made every day exciting for the kids (and let’s be honest, for me too). With options ranging from one to two bedrooms, and even some with special dens for teens or kids, finding the right fit was a breeze.

This place really nails down what it means to have stress-free holidays where both parents and children can find their slice of happiness.

Impressive services offered

HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas spoils guests with top-notch services. Yes, from the moment you step in, a welcome drink makes you feel right at home. Fancy a bit of tennis? They’ve got courts ready for action.

Kids won’t get bored either – there’s a water park and playground just for them. Hungry? The children’s buffet serves up tasty treats they’ll love. And let’s not forget about us grown-ups – tapas bar by day turns into an entertainment hub by night, thanks to the fantastic staff.

After dinner, why not challenge your family to a game of billiards or table tennis? And if relaxation is on your mind, the spa services are just what you need. Room service means you can even enjoy all this luxury without leaving your bungalow! Next up, let’s dive into exploring Gran Canaria like a local..

Exploring Gran Canaria like a Local

I always love stepping off the beaten path, and Gran Canaria is perfect for that. A 4×4 safari to Fataga? Yes, please! It’s a thrill, bouncing along dusty tracks, with the wind in my hair and views that stretch forever.

You get to see sides of Gran Canaria most tourists miss – like hidden valleys and tiny villages where time seems to stand still. And let’s not forget about mingling with locals at a small taverna, sipping on local wines..

it’s as authentic as it gets!

Then there’s Playa del Inglés. Sure, it’s known for its bustling nightlife and vast beach but taking the time to just wander, finding those quiet spots or watching dolphins? Magic! It feels special — like I’m discovering secrets only locals know about.

The best part? After a day of adventures or just chilling on less crowded parts of the beach, heading back to HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas feels like coming home. Comfortable, welcoming — exactly what you want after exploring all day.

Accommodation Options at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas

Right, so you’re curious about where you’ll lay your head at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas? Well, the choices are splendid! From cosy bungalows perfect for couples to spacious options designed with families in mind—there’s a snug spot for everyone.

Keep reading, and I’ll give you the lowdown on these fab spots to crash.

Premier 1 Bedroom Bungalow with Terrace

I’m staying at the premier 1-bedroom bungalow with terrace at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas and wow, it’s a dream. This place gives you the best of both worlds – roomy on the inside with a lounge area, kitchenette for when I fancy making a snack, and all the tech trimmings like Wi-Fi and flatscreen TV to keep me connected.

Not forgetting essentials like air-conditioning which is a life-saver and a hairdryer that means one less thing to pack.

Stepping outside, my private terrace is where relaxation meets beauty. It’s perfect for enjoying those warm Gran Canaria mornings or chilling after a day exploring Playa del Ingles.

Living here even for just my holiday feels luxurious yet comfortable; it’s like they’ve thought of everything to make this stay memorable. Being in such a central spot means popping out to local attractions or grabbing something from shopping centers is hassle-free too – bonus!

2 Bedroom Bungalow with Teens’ Den and Terrace

Staying at the HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas, I found myself in a 2-bedroom bungalow perfect for families or groups. This place fits up to 5 people easily. It’s got two cosy twin bedrooms and comes with all the comforts of home: air-conditioning for those hot Gran Canaria days, high-speed Wi-Fi to stay connected, and a smart TV for evening entertainment.

The kitchenette was a lifesaver—equipped with a microwave and toaster, making snack time easy.

The lounge area was our go-to spot for chilling out after exploring. And oh, the terrace! That became my favourite place to relax and soak up some sun or enjoy quiet evenings under the stars.

Trust me, if you’re heading to Maspalomas with teens in tow—or anyone who appreciates their own space—this setup is brilliant.

Premier 2 Bedroom Bungalow with Terrace

Moving from a teens’ den to something with more space, the Premier 2 Bedroom Bungalow with Terrace at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas offers just that. Ideal for families or groups, this bungalow comes packed with comforts like a modern kitchenette, cosy lounge area to chill out in, and not forgetting the essential Wi-Fi for all your internet needs.

Air-conditioning keeps you cool while the flatscreen TV has all your entertainment sorted. Plus, stepping outside onto your own terrace means morning coffees or evening drinks are enjoyed with a bit of fresh Canarian air.

This option truly feels like a slice of home but better because you’re on holiday! You get two comfy bedrooms ensuring everyone has their own space. Safety isn’t an issue either; there’s a safe for valuables.

Tackling holiday hair? The included hairdryer sorts that out quick. So yes, if it’s about making those HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas reviews shine or just wanting some lovely photos without leaving your accommodation – this bungalow ticks all the boxes for comfort and convenience on your Gran Canaria stay.

2 Bedroom Bungalow with Kids’ Den and Terrace

I recently stayed in a 2 bedroom bungalow with kids’ den and terrace at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas, and oh boy, what an experience! This place is perfect for families. It comfortably sleeps up to five people, which means plenty of room for the entire gang.

The bedrooms have two cosy twin beds each, so kiddos or friends can share without any fuss. And let’s talk about keeping cool – the air-conditioning was a lifesaver on those warm Gran Canaria nights.

But wait, there’s more! The high-speed Wi-Fi kept us all connected, and the smart TV was a hit for family movie nights. Kitchenette? Check! Microwave and toaster meant quick breakfasts before heading out to explore.

And when we needed some downtime, the lounge area was our go-to spot for relaxing chats over coffee. Plus, having our own terrace meant outdoor meals under the stars—a definite highlight of our stay! Honestly, choosing this bungalow at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas? Best decision ever.

Superior Suite with Terrace

The Superior Suite with Terrace at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas is the perfect spot for up to three guests. It comes with a cosy twin bedroom and a handy sofa-bed in the lounge, making it just right for chilling after a day exploring Playa del Ingles or soaking up the sun on its famous beach.

We’ve got all your needs covered with amenities like tea or coffee-making stuff, a TV for those lazy evenings, a hairdryer (because no one likes wet hair), and air-conditioning to keep you cool.

Now let’s talk about my favourite part: the terrace. This isn’t just any old outdoor space; it’s your own private spot to bask in the Canarian sun with comfy sunbeds waiting for you.

No kitchenette? No problem! You’re smack dab in Playa del Ingles where eateries are begging to be tried. And if you ever fancy leaving this slice of paradise, there’s plenty out there with shopping centres close by and that vast beach only 2km away.

Trust me, living here even for a short while feels like hitting jackpot – comfy inside and adventure-ready outside!

Enjoying the Local Area: Playa del Ingles

I absolutely love exploring Playa del Ingles. This place is full of life, both during the day and at night. Here, everyone finds something fun to do – families enjoy time together while young folks have a blast with the vibrant nightlife.

I’m always amazed by the variety; shops, bars, restaurants, you name it! And guess what? There are 12 shopping centres nearby HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas. It’s like this area was made for tourists who want to soak up some sun and have fun.

Strolling down the streets of Playa del Ingles makes every moment memorable. The mix of friendly faces from around the world and inviting local spots make me feel right at home. Plus, being so close to everything means I never miss out on anything exciting.

Now, let’s talk about those pool areas back at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas..

Facilities at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas

At HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas, the fun never stops with pools, bars, and tons more – you’ve got to see it for yourself!

Restaurants and bars

I get to taste and sip my way through HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas with their seven wonderful bars and eateries. Nothing beats the joy of choosing where to eat – from a hearty buffet breakfast at dawn, a poolside bar for lazy lunchtime snacks, to a lively regular bar where evening drinks spark endless conversations.

The options are delightful.

The kids have their special menus too – making meals stress-free for families like mine. Whether I’m craving tapas or fancy dining near the pool, it’s all here. And three bars by the pool mean I’m never far from a refreshing drink as I soak up the Gran Canaria sun.

Truly, every meal here feels like a celebration – no worries about where to dine next!

Pool areas

Splashing around at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas is a big deal, especially with their pool setup. They’ve got two pools for everyone and then two just for kids, plus a splash park that feels like paradise for the little ones.

Picture slides, sprinklers, and those tipping buckets that surprise you when you least expect it.. pure joy! And if I’m in the mood to relax, there’s this calm pool with a whirlpool bath and water jets.

It’s like they’ve thought about what every single person might want from a pool area – whether it’s fun and games or some serious chill-out time.

They call one the family-friendly pool where all the action happens. Kids playing Marco Polo while parents lounge nearby catching some sun – it’s exactly as lively as it sounds. Then there’s the relaxation pool; my personal escape spot.

With its whirlpool bath and soothing water jets, it’s heaven on earth after a long day exploring Gran Canaria. The best part? Both these areas are designed to make everyone happy – whether you’re five or fifty-five!

Room Types and Board Basis

Guess what? At HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas, there’s a cosy spot for everyone. Whether you’re flying solo, vacationing with your other half or bringing the whole family, they’ve got you covered.

And oh, foodies rejoice! From self-catering to all-inclusive, they cater to every tummy’s whim—so gear up for a feast. Hungry for more juicy deets? Keep reading!

Self Catering

I love the idea of feeling at home even when I’m far away. That’s why the self-catering option at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas is a real game changer for me – and probably for you too! The kitchenette in the bungalows means we can whip up our meals whenever we fancy.

It’s perfect for those moments when you crave a midnight snack or want breakfast in bed without rushing to beat the morning buffet crowd.

Having this choice lets us explore local markets and try cooking with Canarian ingredients. Imagine sizzling up some fresh seafood or tossing together vibrant salads with produce you’ve picked out yourself.

Plus, it’s a great way to keep an eye on what we eat, making sure there’s always something healthy on the plate amidst all holiday indulgences. So yes, whipping up my own meals adds that cosy touch to my stay, blending freedom with comfort beautifully at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas.

Bed And Breakfast

Moving on from the freedom of self-catering, the bed and breakfast option at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas introduces a bit of pampering into your holiday. Imagine waking up each morning to a ready-made feast.

No need to think about what to cook or where the nearest supermarket is. Instead, you get to enjoy fresh fruits, local Canarian specialities, and all sorts of treats that will have you bouncing out of bed with excitement.

The best part? After filling up on delicious food, I’m all set for a day exploring Gran Canaria or lounging by one of those fantastic pools without having to worry about washing up.

This choice is perfect for folks like me who think holidays are a time to relax and not fret over meals. Plus, it gives me more time to figure out if I want my day filled with adventure outside the hotel or if it’s going to be another lazy pool day—talk about making life easier while staying in paradise!

Half Board

Choosing the half board at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas is like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to enjoy both breakfast and dinner without worrying about where to eat next.

It’s great because it lets you taste a mix of local and international cuisine right at the hotel’s restaurants. And guess what? This option isn’t just for some rooms; it’s available no matter where you choose to stay in the hotel.

I decided to upgrade to half board when I made my booking—best decision ever! Each meal was a chance to try something new, from themed dinners to special menus that changed regularly.

It felt like going on a culinary adventure every day without even leaving the hotel grounds. Plus, not having to plan meals meant more time for me and less hassle during my holiday in Gran Canaria.

All Inclusive

Picking the all-inclusive board at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas makes your holiday as easy as pie. You get to tuck into buffet breakfasts, lunches, and dinners without reaching for your wallet every time.

Fancy a midnight snack or afternoon treat? No worries, snacks and drinks are part of the deal too! And let’s not forget – there’s a whole entertainment program waiting for you. Think aqua gym to shake off that big breakfast, darts to show off your aim, crossfit to keep you fit even on holiday, and dance shows to end your evenings with a bang.

I’ve got to say, it’s like having your cake and eating it too. You can splash around in the pools or take a shot at sports during the day then feed yourself silly with tasty food whenever hunger strikes – all covered under one price.

It really takes the guessing out of budgeting for meals and activities so you have more time (and money) for exploring Gran Canaria or simply lounging by the pool sipping something cold.

Trust me; it’s an absolute game-changer for making holidays stress-free.

Dining at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas

Oh, getting hungry? Well, at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas, you’re in for a treat with their dining options. From morning till night, your taste buds are set to go on a delicious adventure – I mean, who said holiday calories count anyway?.

All Day “Family & Joy” Restaurant

I had a blast at the All Day “Family & Joy” Restaurant. It’s perfect for everyone – families, couples, and even if you’re flying solo! They’ve got a special buffet just for kids, and adults can enjoy tapas or hang out by the pool bar.

The vibe here? Always lively! Plus, they keep things exciting with all sorts of entertainment options.

Eating here means never getting bored with your choices. From morning till night, there’s something delicious waiting for you. I found myself looking forward to meal times just to see what was on offer next! Trust me; it’s not your average food spot.

Whether you’re in the mood for quick bites or want to indulge in a feast, this place has got you covered.

Emblem Restaurant

Moving on from the casual vibe of the “Family & Joy” Restaurant, Emblem Restaurant steps up as a true gem within HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas. This place is all about bringing top-notch food to your table.

The reviews? Oh, they just keep raving about how good everything tastes here.

It’s not every day you come across a spot that makes each meal feel special. But at Emblem Restaurant, they’ve got this knack for turning dining into an experience. Whether it’s breakfast or dinner, the flavors are always spot-on.

Plus, snagging that Travellers’ Choice award? It tells you everything you need to know about their commitment to quality and service. Trust me, if there’s one dining adventure you don’t want to miss while staying here – it’s definitely this one!

La Trattoria Dining Restaurant

I found myself at La Trattoria Dining Restaurant, smack in the middle of Playa del Inglés. This place is a gem for folks like me who enjoy good tapas and chilling by the pool with a drink.

They’ve got this exciting entertainment program that keeps the vibes lively all through your stay. Trust me, there’s never a dull moment here.

The food? Oh, it’s fantastic! You get to pick from such a wide variety that deciding becomes the only tough part of your visit. Plus, with bars both by the pool and indoors, my advice is to try something new each time you order – it sort of becomes your little adventure! The atmosphere? Just brilliant; everyone’s having the time of their lives.

I’d say it’s worth checking out if you’re ever in Gran Canaria and craving some fun dining experiences.

Picnic Casual Restaurant

Moving on from La Trattoria, HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas offers another gem – the Picnic Casual Restaurant. Now, this spot is a real treat. Picture grabbing a bite in an easy-going atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.

It’s like having a picnic any day you want without the hassle of packing up everything yourself! And guess what? The hotel even sorts out rides for you to get there. Whether it’s by rental car, bus shuttle or taxi – convenience is the name of the game.

The chatter around town.. and by town I mean those lovely folks leaving reviews online, praise this place for its top-notch food. So, if your taste buds are adventurous or just craving something familiar yet fantastic, give it a whirl.

Who knows? You might just find yourself going back for seconds (or thirds!). Oh – and don’t forget to snap some photos while you’re at it; HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas photos capturing these moments make great memories to look back on!

O2 Arena E-Sports Bar

After grabbing a bite at the Picnic Casual Restaurant, I headed over to the O2 Arena E-Sports Bar. It’s all about gaming and good times here. This place is a hit with guests, thanks to its awesome mix of dining and entertainment.

Think less traditional bar, more interactive fun zone where you can eat, drink, and dive into some serious gaming action.

Guests often rave about their experiences here – it’s easy to see why. With top-notch services and an array of entertainment choices, it nails the perfect evening hangout spot vibe.

Whether you’re with family or flying solo, this e-sports bar promises a unique twist to your typical dining scene. So yes, if you’re up for some lively competition alongside your meal, this is where you want to be!

ORGANIC Gastro Bar

Moving from the electric buzz of the O2 Arena E-Sports Bar, we shift gears towards something greener and fresher. The ORGANIC Gastro Bar at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas is a treasure for anyone looking to indulge in meals that are both healthy and delicious.

This place is all about organic goodness, with dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. Trust me, it’s not just another eatery; it’s where you can taste the best of Canary Islands’ produce.

Eating here makes you feel good inside out – literally! You get a variety of organic and vegetarian options that cater to different dietary needs. And let’s not forget about the vibe – it adds an eco-friendly twist to dining by focusing on sustainable food choices.

Whether you’re a foodie or someone just trying to eat better, this gastro bar has got your back with its fresh and flavourful dishes. So yeah, dining here? Definitely one of my favourite things about staying at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas!

Leisure and Entertainment Facilities

Oh, and if you’re all about having a good time (who isn’t?), HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas has got you covered with its leisure and entertainment facilities. They’ve literally thought of everything – from sports for the active souls to brilliant shows that’ll have you clapping till your hands hurt.

Trust me, there’s no chance for boredom here!

Sports & Leisure

I love staying active even when I’m on holiday. That’s why HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas is my go-to spot in Gran Canaria. They’ve got everything from multi-purpose sports courts to a splash park that isn’t just for kids, trust me.

The family-friendly pool has a whirlpool bath and water jets – perfect for winding down after a game of tennis or football.

The children’s facilities are top-notch too, with slides and sprinklers that keep the little ones entertained for hours. I reckon this place nails the balance between fun and relaxation brilliantly.

Now, let’s talk about what happens as the sun sets..


After a day brimming with sports and fun activities, the excitement doesn’t stop as we glide into evening entertainment at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas. Picture this: Aqua gym to start your morning with a splash, darts competitions that bring out your competitive side, and CrossFit sessions that challenge every muscle in your body.

But wait—there’s more. As the sun sets, the stage lights up with dance shows that’ll have you tapping your feet.

Now let’s talk about the real MVPs of our evenings, Ana and Anthony. These two lead an entertainment team that knows how to keep the energy sky-high. They’re all about making sure there’s never a dull moment—from live performances that capture everyone’s attention to themed parties where you can dance until your feet beg for mercy! Trust me, summers here are nothing short of legendary thanks to their efforts in keeping the vibe buzzing with excitement and laughter.

Children’s Facilities

HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas shines brightly for families, and here’s why – it’s like a paradise for kids! They’ve got this amazing splash park packed with slides, sprinklers, and tipping buckets.

Imagine the laughter and excitement! And that’s not all. The place also boasts two special pools just for the kiddos alongside a family-friendly pool where everyone can have a good time together.

Now, let’s talk about where the little ones will be crashing after a day full of adventures. The hotel offers these cool 2-bedroom bungalows complete with a kids’ den equipped with fun games and even a teens’ den that comes with its very own games console – talk about being spoilt for choice! Oh, and did I mention there are children’s buffets? That’s right, meals they’ll actually eat without any fuss.

Plus, entertainment staff who know just how to keep the energy up and nighttime shows that’ll have them talking long after they’re back home. HD Parque Cristoba really knows how to roll out the red carpet for its youngest guests.

Spa & Beauty

I got a chance to try out the spa at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas, and let me tell you, it’s a slice of heaven. They offer everything from couples massages to facials and even makeup services.

I went for a foot massage after days of exploring Gran Canaria, and it was bliss. The sauna is perfect for kicking back, and if you’re up for it, they have waxing services too.

Their pool area is something else! It has a relaxation pool with whirlpool bath and water jets – talk about relaxing. And if you have kids tagging along, they’ll love the splash area.

It’s complete with slides, sprinklers, and tipping buckets. So while I chilled in the whirlpool bath enjoying some peace, the kids had their fun just around the corner.

Reviews from Recent Guests

So, I read through a bunch of HD Parque Cristoba Maspalomas reviews on TripAdvisor and guess what? People absolutely adore this place. They’re raving about everything! On average, it’s bagged a fantastic 4.5 out of 5 stars from no less than 1467 reviews.

That’s impressive, right? Guests can’t stop praising the top-notch service, spotless bungalows, and oh – the food is apparently to die for. Seriously, so many of them mentioned they’d love to come back for another stay.

And talk about location! Nestled close to some cool spots like Gran Chaparral and Templo ecuménico de San Salvador, visitors were thrilled with how easy it was to explore Gran Canaria as if they were locals themselves.

The vibes at this hotel seem just right for anyone looking for fun times with family or friends. Plus, with air-conditioning saving the day in those bungalows and snacks always within reach thanks to kitchenettes – let’s just say I’m already checking my calendar for dates!


1. “What’s the deal with HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas, then?”

Ah, HD Parque Cristobal in sunny Gran Canaria – it’s a bit of a gem for families and sun-seekers alike! Picture this: lovely apartments where you can kick back after a day exploring or lounging by the pool. And yes, there’re pools – plural!

2. “Can I sneak a peek at some photos before I book?”

Absolutely! A quick search on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox will whisk you away to galleries full of HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas photos. It’s like getting a virtual tour without having to move an inch from your sofa.

3. “Is there anything for the kids to do or is it snooze city for them?”

Fear not! This place has thought about our little energy bundles – there’s a kids club that’ll keep them entertained (and possibly out of mischief). So, while they’re off being pirates or princesses, you can enjoy that book you’ve been meaning to finish.

4. “What’s the food situation? I’m imagining buffets as far as the eye can see.”

Oh, you hit the nail on the head! The buffet at HD Parque Cristobal does not disappoint – think heaps of options, even for the pickiest eater in your family. And if you fancy something different, there are bars too where you can grab a bite or sip something cool and refreshing.

5. “I’m driving down; what’s parking like? Will I have to circle around forever?”

No circling required here! They’ve got parking sorted so that won’t be adding any grey hairs during your holiday at HD Parque Cristobal Maspalomas. Just remember where you parked… we wouldn’t want an impromptu game of ‘find my car’, would we?