Gay Hotel Club Torso Maspalomas

Gay Hotel Club Torso Maspalomas


Seeking out the ideal hotel that meets all your expectations can often turn into a rather bothersome endeavour, particularly if you’re in search of an establishment that warmly welcomes the LGBTQ+ community within Maspalomas.

Indeed, I’ve found myself navigating through endless online listings, hoping to find a place that offers not just comfort and acceptance but also a dash of excitement. As luck would have it, my searches led me to discover what could only be described as a hidden gem – Gay Hotel Club Torso Maspalomas.

Nestled in the sun-kissed locale of San Bartolome de Tirajana in Gran Canaria, Spain, this venue isn’t merely about providing superb lodging options; it’s an invitation to enjoy an unparalleled holiday experience.

Having encountered my fair share of underwhelming hotel stays (more than I’d prefer to recall), my thorough exploration into what Club Torso has on offer revealed it possesses every conceivable amenity one might desire – including complimentary Wi-Fi access across all rooms (an absolute necessity for keeping up with our digital lives) and proximity to some truly splendid attractions.

This blog post aims to illuminate why Club Torso could very well be the sanctuary you’ve long been seeking.

Prepare yourself for some intriguing revelations!

Key Takeaways

  • Club Torso Gay Hotel & Resort is in Maspalomas, offering a welcoming space for the LGBTQ+ community with modern bungalows and lots of amenities.
  • There’s easy access to attractions like My Mart, Maspalomas Golf Course, and dining options. Plus, the airport transfer service makes travel stress-free.
  • Guests enjoy heated saltwater pools, a Jacuzzi, an extensive buffet breakfast, gym and sauna facilities amongst lush gardens.
  • The resort is close to vibrant gay clubs and bars perfect for night – time fun.
  • Reviews from past guests praise the location, services, and friendly atmosphere at Club Torso Maspalomas.


Location of Club Torso and Nearby Attractions

After getting to know all about Club Torso Gay Hotel & Resort, I’m excited to share its perfect spot in Maspalomas. It’s right there at Avenida Touroperador Kuoni 46 in San Bartolome de Tirajana.

This place isn’t just any location; it puts you smack dab in the middle of all the fun. You’ve got My Mart for quick shopping trips and if you’re into golf, the Maspalomas Golf Course is practically your backyard.

And let’s not forget, needing medical attention during a holiday is no joke – but with Clinica Oasis nearby, that worry flies out the window.

Now imagine stepping outside Club Torso and being minutes away from some fab attractions. Fancy a dip? The Pool’s close by for that splashy fun under the sun. Also, diving into local cuisine and hanging out where the action is gets way easier because dining options galore surround you here! Plus, getting here from Gran Canaria Airport is a breeze – means more time chilling and less time fretting over travel logistics.

Trust me; this place ticks all the boxes for convenience rolled up with fun attractions just around the corner.

Overview of the Accommodations at Club Torso

Club Torso offers cosy bungalows that feel just like home, only better because you’re on holiday! Each spot comes with top-notch services to make your stay comfy and fun.


I’ve stayed in some fab places around the world, but the bungalows at Club Torso Gran Canaria? They’re on another level. Picture waking up in a modern, stylish bungalow with your own fully equipped kitchen – talk about convenience! It’s like having your little slice of paradise.

The best part? Each one is nestled in this lush tropical garden that feels so private and serene, you’d swear you were miles away from everything.

And let’s chat about luxury for a sec – they offer this posh transfer service for us staying in the bungalows. Felt pretty VIP, not gonna lie. Plus, starting the day with their extensive breakfast buffet..

chef’s kiss! It’s all those little touches that make you feel super special.

So yeah, if finding a cosy yet luxurious spot in Maspalomas is your mission, these bungalows are where it’s at. With swanky amenities and surrounded by nature’s beauty, I couldn’t have asked for more.

Oh, and did I mention how peaceful it was? Absolutely loved kicking back there after a day exploring or chilling by the pool.

Amenities and Services

Club Torso Gay Hotel and Resort is like a little slice of paradise right in the heart of Maspalomas. They’ve really gone all out to make sure guests have everything they could wish for, and then some. Here’s a rundown of the amenities and services that make this place stand out from the crowd.


  1. Luxury Comfort Plus Rooms – Picture yourself kicking back in a room that’s the last word in comfort, complete with a fully equipped kitchen for when you fancy whipping up a bite to eat.
  2. Heated Saltwater Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi – Imagine taking a dip in a pool where the water’s just the right temperature, or chilling out in a Jacuzzi under the stars… Yep, Club Torso’s got you covered.
  3. Bar & Bistro – Thirsty? Hungry? The onsite Bar & Bistro serves up a storm with an impressive range of drinks and meals that’ll tickle your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.
  4. Buffet Breakfast – Start your day right with their breakfast buffet. It’s not just any breakfast; we’re talking quality nosh that’ll set you up nicely for whatever adventures lie ahead.
  5. Tropical Garden Lounge Areas – This isn’t your average garden. We’re talking carefully landscaped tropical paradise vibes here, folks! Cozy lounge sets dot the area so you can chillax in style.
  6. Gym and Sauna Facilities – For those who like to keep on top of their fitness regime (or simply sweat out last night’s cocktails), there’s a gym and sauna ready to welcome you with open arms.
  7. Large Play Lounge – Now, here’s something you don’t see everywhere! A large play lounge adds an extra dash of fun, whether you’re looking to socialise or just hang out.
  8. Wi-Fi Everywhere – Because let’s face it, being able to Insta your holiday snaps or catch up on emails poolside is pretty much essential these days.
  9. Clothing Optional Policy – Fancy an all-over tan? Club Torso embraces a clothing optional policy around the pool area so you can feel truly free (and get that even tan without pesky lines!).
  10. Airport Transfers – Last but not least, luxury airport transfer service ensures your holiday vibe starts and ends smoothly, whisking you away to and from the resort without any hassle.


So there we have it! Club Torso Gay Hotel doesn’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk with amenities and services designed to make your stay nothing short of fabulous.

Activities and Facilities at Club Torso

At Club Torso, there’s never a dull moment—I mean, how could there be with all the fun right at your fingertips? Say hello to sunny days by the pool and lively evenings in the bistro—it’s like they’ve thought of everything to keep you smiling!

Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi

So, I just had the most incredible time at the Gay Hotel Club Torso Maspalomas. Let me tell you all about their swimming pool and Jacuzzi because, honestly, these were some of my favourite spots there.

The swimming pool? Oh, it’s a dream! Picture yourself lounging in heated saltwater that’s just the right temperature. Now, add clear and clean water that makes every dip feel like swimming in a crystal-clear ocean. That’s exactly what you get at Club Torso. But wait till I talk about the Jacuzzi – it’s like stepping into your personal relaxation zone where every bubble seems to just wash away the day’s stress.

Here are all the deets:


  • The pool is not your average splash zone. It’s actually filled with heated saltwater which feels amazing on your skin. Plus, it’s way better for you than chlorine pools.
  • This saltwater wonderland is kept immaculately clean. You won’t find any unwanted particles floating around here – just pure bliss.
  • The size of the pool is perfect for either doing some serious laps or just floating around soaking up those sunny vibes.
  • Now, moving onto the Jacuzzi – it’s positioned so you’ve got this gorgeous view while you’re chilling in there. Plus, it’s super spacious.
  • The Jacuzzi water is also heated, making it an ideal spot for cooler evenings when you still want to be out in the water.
  • Both the pool and Jacuzzi are surrounded by loungers and chill – out spots. So, if you’re not in the mood to get wet, you can still hang out nearby and catch some rays or maybe doze off with a book.


Oh! And let’s talk ambiance for a sec – both areas have this vibe that screams ‘holiday goals’. It’s serene during the day but can get quite lively if there’s an event going on.

And after all that relaxing in water paradise, you might find yourself getting peckish…

Bar and Bistro

The Bar & Bistro at Club Torso is the perfect spot for food lovers. They serve a wide range of tasty dishes and drinks in a cosy setting that makes you feel right at home. Imagine sipping your favourite drink while chatting with friends or making new ones, all in a warm atmosphere that sets the perfect mood for relaxation and fun.

Now, let’s talk about breakfast – it’s something else here! The resort offers an amazing breakfast buffet that will make any foodie’s heart sing. With quality foods to choose from, you can start your day on the right foot every morning of your stay.

And trust me, having a good breakfast can really set the tone for exploring all those nearby attractions or just lounging by the pool.

Gym and Sauna

I have to tell you about the gym and sauna at Club Torso. Guests here get to enjoy a fantastic workout space, perfect for keeping up with fitness routines while on holiday. And let’s not forget the sauna—it’s like a secret haven of relaxation.

I’ve spent some afternoons just unwinding there, and believe me, it does wonders for your mind and body.

After hitting the gym or maybe instead of it (because who am I to judge), stepping into the sauna feels like a reward. It’s this cosy spot where you can sit back, relax, and let all worries melt away.

Plus, with both these facilities right on hand, staying healthy or simply chilling out becomes so effortless.

Garden and Relaxation Areas

The Club Torso Gay Hotel in Maspalomas is a real treat for anyone who loves to chill and feel close to nature. They’ve got this amazing tropical garden that’s just perfect for kicking back.

Picture lush greenery all around, with cosy lounge sets dotted here and there – it’s like stepping into a little slice of paradise. And trust me, lounging here after a cool dip in the saltwater pool or a session in the Jacuzzi? Pure bliss.

They really thought about creating spaces where you can relax in peace. You’ll find nooks throughout the garden that are ideal for reading, sipping on something cold from the bar, or just enjoying some quiet time.

Plus, everything’s been landscaped so well; you get that feeling of being tucked away from the world while still soaking up all that gorgeous sunshine Spain is famous for. It’s easy to spend hours here without even realising how much time has flown by!

Reviews of Club Torso from Previous Guests

I stumbled upon reviews about Club Torso Gay Hotel in Maspalomas, and wow, people love this place! With a smashing 4.5 out of 5 rating on Tripadvisor from over 400 reviews, it’s clear I’m not the only one who thinks this spot is special.

It even snagged a Travellers’ Choice award—talk about a feather in its cap! Guests often mention how perfect it is for couples and solo travellers alike.

Diving into the comments, it’s like everyone speaks my language—literally—with glowing remarks mostly in English, Dutch, and French. They rave about everything from the zen vibes by the swimming pool to the mouth-watering breakfast that kick-starts your day just right.

What grabbed my attention were personal shoutouts to the staff for making stays memorable. Honestly? It feels like Club Torso isn’t just another gay hotel in Maspalomas but more like that friend’s house where you’re always welcome and leave planning your next visit.

Policies and Conditions for Staying at Club Torso

After soaking in some amazing reviews from previous visitors, it’s easy to get excited about booking a stay at Club Torso. Yet, it’s wise to familiarise oneself with their policies and conditions.

This isn’t the boring part – promise! It actually helps make your holiday smooth and hassle-free. First off, Club Torso is proudly a haven exclusively for gay men; this creates a unique atmosphere where guests can feel truly at ease.

Booking a room? Well, let me tell you that free Wi-Fi will keep you connected without fussing over data charges – quite handy for posting those poolside selfies or browsing ‘gay clubs open now near me’.

Plus, the resort understands how taxing travel can be (no pun intended), which is why they offer a luxury transfer service for arrivals and departures. Just imagine gliding into Maspalomas feeling like royalty!

Lastly, let’s chat breakfast – because who doesn’t love an extensive buffet to kickstart their day? The hotel prides itself on offering quality morning feasts that are sure to fill you up before exploring Playa del Ingles or lounging by the pool.

So yeah, staying here means enjoying comfort both inside and out. Just ensure you’re ready for days packed with sun, socialising in gay bars near Penn Station vibes (but closer!), and indulging in every amenity Club Torso has rolled out just for you.

Convenient Services at Club Torso

At Club Torso, they’ve got you covered with handy services that make your stay a breeze — think easy brekkie options, smooth airport rides, and always-on Wi-Fi to keep you connected.

Ready to find out more? Keep reading!


I must say, the breakfast at Gay Hotel Club Torso in Maspalomas is a real treat. The resort has loads of options to choose from, making morning meals something to look forward to. They’ve really thought about what guests might like and the variety on offer means everyone finds something tasty to start their day with.

The staff go out of their way to make sure your breakfast is just how you like it – talk about attention to detail! I loved that they asked my preferences and remembered them; it made me feel quite special.

It’s not every day you get that kind of service. So, if you’re keen on starting your mornings with a delicious meal and excellent service, this place won’t disappoint.

Airport Transfers

After enjoying a nice breakfast, it’s comforting to know that getting to and from the airport won’t be a hassle. Gay Hotel Club Torso Maspalomas really shines with its luxury transfer service.

This means you can step off your plane at Gran Canaria Airport and straight into a ride that whisks you away to the hotel without any stress. They sort out all the details for both arrival and departure.

So, say goodbye to figuring out bus schedules or haggling with taxi drivers right after landing.

This service has had thumbs up in many reviews by guests who’ve stayed here before. It’s part of what makes staying at this gay hotel in Maspalomas feel special. The peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of, including how you get there and back, adds so much value to your holiday experience.

You just enjoy your time without worrying about the bits in between – like airport runs!


So, I’ve got to tell you about the Wi-Fi at Gay Hotel Club Torso Maspalomas. It’s free in all rooms! Yes, you read that right. You can stay connected with friends, share your holiday snaps on social media or look up local hotspots without worrying about extra charges.

I mean, who doesn’t love free stuff? And we’re talking speedy connection too – so say goodbye to those pesky loading icons.

Every 28 minutes, someone books a stay here via That’s pretty impressive! Now, I reckon a big part of why guests keep coming back (apart from the fabulous amenities and stunning location) is how easy it is to access information online thanks to the hotel’s reliable Wi-Fi service.

Whether it’s checking out nearby gay clubs and bars or just Googling “what’s the weather going to be like today?”, having quick internet at your fingertips makes everything smoother.

Plus, think about all those cool Instagram stories you can post without burning through mobile data!

Nearby Gay Clubs and Bars

Exploring the night? You’re in luck! Club Torso is a stone’s throw from some of Maspalomas’ best gay clubs and bars. Imagine stepping out as the sun sets, ready to meet new faces and dance the night away.

These spots aren’t just places to grab a drink; they’re vibrant communities where everyone knows your name—or at least pretends to after a few rounds! From pulsing dance floors that invite you to let loose, to cosy corners perfect for deep conversations with strangers who become friends, there’s an energy here that’s hard to match.

Each club has its own vibe, so whether you love pop hits or live DJ beats, you’ll find your rhythm not far from your doorstep.

The magic starts right outside. Picture walking under starlit skies, laughter filling the air as you move from one venue to another. It feels like everyone’s here for a good time. And trust me, these bars serve up more than just drinks; they dish out unforgettable nights filled with music and camaraderie too.

Nights here are about making memories that stick long after your holiday tan fades. So lace up those dancing shoes—I found my favourite spot last time simply by following the sound of music that called my name louder than any Google Chrome search could suggest.

Recommendations and Popular Hotels in the Area

So, you’re thinking about where to stay near Club Torso, right? Well, lucky for you, there’s no shortage of amazing spots around. For starters, AxelBeach Maspalomas is just a stone’s throw away and it’s buzzing with vibes that cater to the gay community.

They’ve got this pool area that feels like an instant party – imagine sunbathing with cool music in the background and meeting new friends.

Then there’s Bohemia Suites & Spa – oh boy, this place is like stepping into luxury but with a laid-back feel. It screams relaxation from the moment you step in. Picture sipping on a cocktail by their rooftop pool while gazing at the breathtaking views of Maspalomas.

Trust me; it’s an experience!

Don’t even get me started on Seaside Sandy Beach Hotel. This gem is close by too and hits all the right notes if family-friendly vibes are what you’re after or if you just fancy somewhere cosy yet classy to crash after exploring Playa del Ingles.

Each spot has its own unique flair but shares one common thing: they know how to make guests feel welcome and ensure your holiday is packed full of memories (and maybe a few new friendships!).

So go ahead, take your pick and dive into the adventure waiting for you in sunny Gran Canaria!


1. What’s the scoop on Gay Hotel Club Torso in Maspalomas, Spain?

Ah, let me tell you about this gem! It’s a fabulous spot nestled right in the heart of Maspalomas. Think sun, fun, and a dash of exclusivity – it’s like they took everything fab about being gay and wrapped it up into one chic hotel experience. And yes, before you ask, it’s as close to Playa del Ingles as your morning coffee is to waking you up – pretty darn close!

2. “I’ve heard bits here and there… but can I surf the web easily from there?”

Oh, absolutely! Whether you’re an avid fan of Safari (the browser, not the adventure), glued to Mozilla Firefox or still hanging onto Internet Explorer for some nostalgic reason (we don’t judge!), they’ve got you covered. The internet’s as breezy as their poolside luncheon.

3. Speaking of luncheons… any surprise taxes popping up on bills?

Ah, the dreaded T-word… Taxes! But fear not; at Club Torso, what you see is what you get – no sneaky surprises lurking behind those delicious meals or stunning room views. They’re all about keeping things clear and sunny – much like Maspalomas itself!

4. “Is this place just for sleeping? Or can I actually have a bit of an adventure?”

Oh honey, if by ‘adventure’ you mean basking under the sun by day and exploring vibrant nightlife after dusk – then yes! There’s more than enough excitement around every corner; from lounging lazily by the pool with your latest read to hitting up local hotspots when night falls… It’s less about where to sleep and more about where your next memorable moment will be made.