Caybeach Meloneras

Why book the Caybeach Meloneras, you ask? Well, it’s simple – it offers a slice of paradise with perks that make your stay unforgettable. And who doesn’t want that? Keep reading to find out why this place should be your next holiday spot!

Best Surroundings in Gran Canaria

Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve is a 20-minute walk from Caybeach Meloneras. It’s like stepping into another world, where the sands stretch out and touch the sky. Imagine walking on soft dunes with the sun warming your back..

that’s what you get here. Plus, being near the beach means I can wake up and decide to watch the sunrise over the ocean whenever I fancy.

Meloneras isn’t just about natural beauty though. This place boasts modern shopping malls, high-end boutiques, and designer labels right at my doorstep. It feels pretty swanky to have all these luxe options around – perfect for when I want to treat myself.

And when I’m in the mood for adventure? Golfing or dining at top-notch spots is always an option. Honestly, it’s got everything I could ask for a holiday – beautiful views, shopping, good food, and activities galore!

Top Deals

So, I’ve got some fantastic news about the deals at Caybeach Meloneras. First off, we’re talking up to 20% off if you decide to stay for more than seven nights. That’s right – the longer you stay, the less you pay! It sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? And here’s another clincher; these discounts pile up over those seven nights or more.

I mean, who doesn’t love a good deal that keeps getting better?.

Now onto something that makes every traveller’s heart sing: no booking fees and guaranteed best rates. You heard me! At Caybeach Meloneras, what you see is what you get – no hidden charges trying to sneak up on you.

Plus, for folks calling Canary Islands home? Special deals await just for you. Honestly, it’s all about giving back and making sure everyone gets a slice of heaven without breaking the bank.

Oh! Before I forget – ever worried about not being understood while on holiday? Well, worry no more because our staff speaks your language..literally! So chat away and let us help make your stay as smooth as possible with promotions and discounts sprinkled throughout your visit.

Trust me; it’s all set up to make sure smiles stick around from check-in to check-out.

Best Rates Guaranteed

I absolutely adore getting the best deal possible. Who doesn’t, right? Lucky for us, Caybeach Meloneras promises the best rates out there if you book directly on their website. That’s a game-changer! No more hopping between tabs to check different sites or worrying I might find a cheaper rate somewhere else after booking.

They’ve got my back with this guarantee.

The cherry on top? They’re throwing in discounts and promotions like confetti at a parade. Imagine chopping up to 20% off for staying 7 nights or more—now that’s what I call a sweet deal! Plus, these discounts get bigger the longer you stay.

So, if you’re planning an extended holiday at Meloneras Gran Canaria, your wallet will thank you big time. It feels like they’re rewarding me just for choosing to spend more time soaking up the sun and enjoying their fabulous facilities.

Honestly, what’s not to love about saving money while lounging by the pool in paradise?.

No Booking Fees

So, after making sure you’re getting the best rates (yay for us!), let’s chat about another sweet perk – no booking fees. That’s right, folks. Booking your stay at Caybeach Meloneras doesn’t hit you with those pesky extra charges that make you scratch your head and wonder where your holiday budget is going.

It’s all about keeping things easy and transparent. Just pick your dates, pack your bags, and look forward to sunnier days without worrying about hidden costs creeping up on you.

Think of it as one less thing to fret over while planning your trip to Gran Canaria. With no booking fees, what you see is what you get – pure holiday joy without the fuss of added expenses.

And who doesn’t love a straightforward deal? I know I do! So let’s keep our focus on the excitement of exploring Meloneras instead of being bogged down by unnecessary fees. Trust me; it makes all the difference in starting off a trip on the right foot!

Special Deals for Canary Island Residents

Moving on from the joy of no booking fees, there’s something extra special for those lucky enough to call the Canary Islands home. Yes, I’m talking about the exclusive deals just for you Islanders! Caybeach Meloneras rolls out the red carpet with discounts and offers that make staying here even more tempting.

It feels like a little thank you note to the residents for being awesome neighbours.

These deals are not just any ordinary ones—they’re specially crafted with local love in mind. Imagine enjoying all that luxury without having to hop on a plane or empty your wallet.

Plus, it’s kind of cool knowing there are perks reserved just for us locals right? From reduced rates to special packages, they’ve thought of everything to make our staycations as thrilling as venturing abroad.

And who doesn’t love feeling like a VIP in their own backyard?.

Promotions and Discounts

I love a good deal, and at Caybeach Meloneras, they seem to understand that feeling perfectly. They offer up to 20% off if you stay for 7 nights or more. That’s like treating yourself to an extra dessert (or several) with the savings! And who doesn’t enjoy getting more for less? The best part is, these discounts add up the longer you stay.

So, if you were planning a quick getaway, you might want to extend your holiday just a bit.

Now here’s something cheering—there are no booking fees involved. Yep, not one penny extra from what you see as your rate. Plus, they guarantee the best rates when you book directly through their website.

It’s pretty much a win-win situation; saving money while ensuring your spot in paradise at Caybeach Meloneras in Gran Canaria. Oh, and did I mention special deals for Canary Island residents? If that’s you – lucky duck!

So next on our list of wonders is talking about the apartments..

Our Staff Speak Your Language

At Caybeach Meloneras, we get how important it is to feel at home. That’s why our staff can chat with you in many languages. Imagine walking into the lobby and being greeted with a warm smile and “hello” in your own language! It takes away that awkward feeling of trying to explain something when you don’t know the local lingo.

We’ve got people who love to talk in whatever language you’re comfortable with. This means no more funny hand gestures or pulling out your phone translator. You’ll find someone ready to help, whether it’s about finding your way around Gran Canaria or figuring out what’s for dinner on the caybeach meloneras restaurant menu.

This whole speaking-your-language thing really makes everything simpler and nicer, from check-in to asking where the nearest supermarket is (looking at you, folks wanting directions to Mercadona).

And trust me, having a chat in your mother tongue about which beach is best for sunsets? Priceless. Ready for more good stuff? Let’s move on and talk about those cosy places you’ll call home – our apartments.


Oh, the apartments! They’re like your own slice of paradise with all you need to kick back and feel right at home. Each one is a cosy hideout where you can chill after a day in the sun or have a little party on your terrace.

1 Bedroom Apartment with Terrace

So, here’s the scoop on the 1 bedroom apartment with terrace at Caybeach Meloneras. Imagine waking up every day to your own private outdoor space, complete with sunbeds. Sounds like a dream, right? Perfect for catching some rays or just chilling with a book.

These apartments can sleep up to 4 people comfortably. That means if you’re planning a trip with family or friends, everyone gets a cosy spot.

And let’s not forget about location – we’re talking close to both Meloneras and Maspalomas beaches. Whether you want to hit the waves or lay on the beach, it’s all within reach from your apartment at Caybeach Meloneras Mas Palomas.

Moving on..

Premium 1 Bedroom Apartment with Terrace

I recently stayed in a premium 1 bedroom apartment with terrace at Caybeach Meloneras. I must say, it was an absolute dream. This place has everything you need for a comfy stay – air-con to beat the heat, a handy kitchenette for when you fancy a snack, and sunbeds on the terrace where I spent many lazy afternoons soaking up the Gran Canaria sunshine.

And here’s something extra – those little touches like having towels provided and a hairdryer really make all the difference. It made packing much easier knowing I didn’t have to lug around extra stuff.

The apartment sleeps 4, perfect if you’re bringing family or friends along. Trust me, waking up to that beautiful view every morning.. it doesn’t get much better than this.

2 Bedroom Apartment with Balcony and Terrace

Stepping up from the premium 1-bedroom option, we find ourselves looking at the fantastic 2 Bedroom Apartment with Balcony and Terrace. It’s perfect for families or groups of friends.

This space comfortably fits up to six people, thanks to four single beds and a sofa bed that’s just right for crashing on after a day exploring Meloneras Gran Canaria.

This apartment isn’t just about sleeping well – it comes packed with amenities. You’ve got Wi-Fi to upload all your holiday snaps in real-time, air conditioning to keep you cool when the Canary Islands sun decides it’s not holding back, and a fully equipped kitchen for those nights you fancy playing chef instead of dining out.

Not forgetting, there’s that balcony and terrace giving you some private outdoor space to admire the views—morning coffee or sunset drinks? Both sound good here.

For anyone needing a bit more support getting around, Caybeach Meloneras has got your back with special assistance services ready on request. They’re super helpful and make sure everyone gets to enjoy their slice of paradise without hassle.

So have fun under the sun at this home-away-from-home – because really, isn’t that what holidaying is all about?.

Premium 2 Bedroom Apartment with Balcony and Terrace

Moving on from the regular 2 bedroom apartment, let’s talk about something a bit more special – the premium 2 bedroom apartment with both a balcony and terrace. Now, this is where things get really interesting.

You see, not only do you get more space with these upgrades, but you also enjoy your own kitchenette. Perfect for those mornings when you just want to brew your own coffee and enjoy breakfast in bed or out on the terrace soaking up that gorgeous Gran Canaria sun.

Choosing one of these premium apartments means you’re in for a treat. You’ve got choices galore! Whether it’s kicking back with room service, whipping up your meal in the kitchenette, or starting your day with a delicious breakfast downstairs – it’s all up to you.

And if you fancy mixing things up? You’re covered with options like Bed and Breakfast, Half Board, Self Catering.. Talk about having your cake and eating it too! So yeah – if I were heading over to Caybeach Meloneras? This would be my pick; no second thoughts there.

Twin Room with Balcony

Stepping away from the luxurious vibe of the premium apartments, let’s ease into something equally delightful but more snug – the Twin Room with Balcony at Caybeach Meloneras. This gem offers air-conditioning to keep you cool, a balcony for those lazy moments under the sun, and free Wi-Fi because, well, we’re all a bit internet obsessed, aren’t we? And let’s not forget those sunbeds; perfect for kicking back with your favourite drink or diving into a good book.

Honestly, it feels like this room was made just for unwinding after a day exploring Gran Canaria.

This room isn’t just about comfort; it’s got convenience down to an art. With its location in Maspalomas close to all the action – think short walks to Mercadona for snacks and easy trips to Playa del Inglés for beach time – every day feels like an adventure waiting to happen.

The twin room is your cosy base camp in paradise. So go on, post those holiday snaps online right from your balcony (using that handy free Wi-Fi), and make everyone back home wish they were here too!

Superior Twin Room with Balcony

So, I stayed in a Superior Twin Room with Balcony at Caybeach Meloneras. Let me tell you, it’s quite the catch! These rooms are part of the apartments there, and they come with some cool perks.

First off, you get air-conditioning – a blessing under that hot Gran Canaria sun. Then there’s the balcony; waking up and stepping out to see the view.. priceless! Plus, not having to worry about finding Wi-Fi is great since it’s free.

Now, choosing how you want to stay is easy peasy. They offer options like Bed and Breakfast if you love starting your day munching on something yummy. Or go for Room Only if you’re all about exploring local eats outside.

Self Catering is perfect for when you fancy cooking up your own feasts sometimes. And Half Board? Well, that’s just spot-on for those who enjoy a mix of both worlds during their stay.

Trust me, staying in these superior twin rooms adds that little extra to your holiday vibes without any fuss.

Facilities and Services

Oh, the facilities and services at Caybeach Meloneras are like finding a treasure chest on a sunny beach! From sipping cool drinks by the pool to getting pampered in the spa – it’s all about living your best life.

Fancy learning more? Keep reading!

Restaurants and Bars

I’ve got to tell you, the hotel restaurant at Caybeach Meloneras is something else. They serve up a buffet for breakfast and dinner that’s brimming with choices. Whether you’re after some hearty breakfast to kick off your day or a delicious dinner to wrap things up, they’ve got you covered.

And the best part? The wide range of options means there’s something for everyone – no matter how picky your palate might be.

Now let’s talk about the pool bar – it’s practically an oasis. Here, you can grab snacks and drinks without straying too far from your comfy sun lounger. But it doesn’t stop at just munchies and refreshments; this place buzzes with live music and entertainment too.

It’s like they figured out how to bottle up fun and serve it on tap! Not to mention, if you fancy exploring around Meloneras, there are heaps of pubs, restaurants, cafes – not forgetting those beachside dining spots near Maspalomas Beach.

Trust me; eating well won’t be an issue here.

Pool Areas

The Caybeach Meloneras really shines with its pool scenes – think three big pools for grown-ups and a special one just for babies, all snug and warm in winter thanks to heating. And let’s not forget the wellness area, where you can lounge on bubble hammocks – sounds like pure bliss, right? The cherry on top is the pool bar.

Here, they serve up tasty snacks and cool drinks while you enjoy live music or catch a night show. Oh, and if you’re into football, they show both national and international matches.

It’s like they’ve thought of everything to keep us happy and chilled.

Speaking of chilling, there’s also a spa waiting to help you relax even more after some serious pool time.

Special Assistance

After cooling off in the pool areas, it might be good to chat about how everyone can have a fab time here, thanks to some ace help for guests who need it. Caybeach Meloneras has got everyone covered.

I found out they’ve got this Assisted Travel team that’s all about making sure folks with accessibility needs get around without a hitch. It’s like having your own guide squad ensuring you don’t miss out on any fun because of mobility troubles.

Now, if you’re thinking about where to stay, they sort that too! They’ve got special rooms set up just right for anyone needing extra access features. So, if stairs are a no-go or you need more space to move around smoothly in your room, they’ve planned ahead for that.

And let me tell ya—getting this sorted is as easy as pie. Just buzz their Assisted Travel team and boom—they’re on it, making sure your stay is comfy and cool from start to finish.

Honestly speaking (and this isn’t just chit-chat), feeling looked after like this makes the whole holiday smoother and way more enjoyable. No fussing over details or worrying if everything will work out—it’s all taken care of here at Caybeach Meloneras.

Spa and Beauty

I’m all about finding my zen and the Caybeach Meloneras hits the mark with their wellness centre. Picture stepping into a calm space where relaxation takes the front seat. They’ve got beauty and wellness treatments that are just divine, not to mention a sauna and steam room that melt away any stress.

I mean, who wouldn’t love an in-water massage bed? It sounds like something out of a dream, but it’s real here at Caybeach.

Now, let me talk about the spa services because they deserve a shout-out. I treated myself to a facial and was pleasantly surprised by how refreshed I felt afterwards. The staff told me they offer massages and other body treatments too.

So yeah, if you’re looking for some top-notch pampering in Meloneras Gran Canaria, this place has got it covered. And honestly, there’s nothing better than feeling like royalty even if it’s just for the day.


Caybeach Meloneras sits pretty at c/ Mar Báltico s/n, 35100 Meloneras – San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Gran Canaria, Spain. Now, you might think “Okay.. but what’s so great about that?” Well, let me tell you – it’s all about the spot! This place is a mere 20-minute stroll from the stunning Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve.

Imagine waking up and wandering over to some of nature’s finest views without breaking a sweat. Plus, I love that feeling of being close enough to wander around different restaurants and shops on foot.

It adds that bit of adventure to each day without needing to plan a big trip.

And speaking of trips, getting here from Gran Canaria Airport is as smooth as can be – just a 30-minute coach ride away. That means less hassle with transport and more time chilling out or exploring Meloneras right from the get-go.

Who doesn’t want their holiday vibes starting sooner rather than later? Also, having those essential spots within walking distance means there’s always something new to try or see without venturing too far – perfect for lazy days when you’re aiming for minimal effort with maximum enjoyment.

Board Basis Options

Oh, and about those Board Basis Options? They’re like choosing your adventure story – you pick how much of Meloneras’ yummy food you want to dive into! Keen to know more? Well, there’s plenty where that came from..

Room Only

Choosing the “Room Only” option at Caybeach Meloneras means you get a cosy spot without added meals. This choice is perfect for those who love exploring local eateries or prefer making their own meals.

The 1 bedroom apartments can sleep up to 4 people and come with air-con, a handy kitchenette, and a terrace decked out with sunbeds—ideal for soaking up that gorgeous Gran Canaria sun.

I find this flexibility brilliant. It’s like having your little home away from home. You’re not tied down to hotel meal times, giving you freedom on your holiday. Plus, the money you save by skipping on pre-paid meals can go towards experiencing all that Meloneras offers—from its stunning beaches to delightful dining options outside the resort.

So, ready to eat what you want when you want? Great! But let’s not forget about where we’ll be staying. Next up are details about self-catering..

Self Catering

I love the idea of self catering at Caybeach Meloneras. It’s like having my own little home in Gran Canaria. The apartments come fully equipped with kitchens, so I can whip up breakfast, lunch, or dinner whenever I feel like it.

No need to rush for hotel breakfast times or dress up for dinner if I don’t want to. And let me tell you, there’s something special about enjoying a meal on your private terrace under the Canary Islands’ sky.

The nearby supermarket is super handy for picking up groceries. Oh and exploring local markets? Count me in! Finding fresh ingredients and trying out Spanish recipes adds an exciting twist to the holiday – it’s like a culinary adventure right outside my doorstep.

Plus, saving money on eating out means more cash for fun stuff around Meloneras… Maybe even an extra cocktail by the pool.

Bed and Breakfast

Choosing the Bed and Breakfast option at Caybeach Meloneras is a real treat. Picture waking up in sunny Gran Canaria, strolling down to the hotel’s restaurant, and finding a buffet breakfast waiting for you.

There’s everything from fresh fruits to delicious desserts, making sure you start your day just right. And guess what? All this comes with views that are too good to miss.

Now, after fuelling up on yummy food, you might want to hit the pool bar for snacks or catch some live music and shows—all part of the experience with Bed and Breakfast here. Feeling content after a hearty meal makes exploring Meloneras so much more enjoyable.

Speaking of exploring….

Half Board

Half Board at Caybeach Meloneras means I get to enjoy a buffet breakfast and dinner without worrying about where to eat. The hotel’s restaurant dishes out various yummy options, so every meal feels like a new adventure.

Having breakfast and dinner sorted is such a relief—it lets me focus on enjoying my holiday in Gran Canaria.

The convenience of the Half Board option cannot be overstated. It’s great for when I’m back from exploring Meloneras or simply lounging by the pool, knowing that delicious meals await without needing to step outside the resort.

Plus, if you need special help getting around, they’ve got you covered there too. It’s all about making your stay as easy as pie!

Things to Do in Meloneras

Exploring Meloneras is like stepping into a vibrant postcard come to life – I kid you not. With the Caybeach Meloneras as your base, you’re smack dab in the middle of excitement and relaxation heaven.

A mere 20-minute stroll lands you at the breathtaking Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve. Imagine sand under your toes, endless blue skies, and the kind of peace that makes you want to whisper.

It’s a perfect spot for those Instagram-worthy sunrise or sunset snaps.

Now, if shopping and nightlife are more your jam, The Mint Company Luxe Meloneras and Chester Meloneras Club & Lounge won’t disappoint. They’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from where you’re staying.

These places offer that exquisite mix of luxury shopping during the day and lively vibes by night – it’s all happening here! For sporty folks (or those feeling adventurous), why not try paddle tennis? It’s heaps of fun! And let’s not forget about mini golf – talk about family-friendly competition… or a way to settle who pays for dinner!

Oh, did I mention beaches? Because we’ve got them too! Las Mujeres Beach is nearby; its golden sands beckoning sun seekers far and wide.. Pack that book you’ve been dying to read or simply doze off to the sound of waves – blissful days guaranteed.

Whether it’s chilling on beautiful beaches or enjoying local attractions close to Caybeach Meloneras, every moment feels like making memories that last forever.

How to Book a Reservation

Booking your stay at Caybeach Meloneras is as easy as pie, and it gets even better because you can snag the best rates directly on their website. Plus, guess what? There are no pesky booking fees to worry about!

Here’s how you can secure your spot under the sun:

  1. First off, pop over to the official Caybeach Meloneras website. It’s your go – to spot for all things booking.
  2. Now, look for the big, bright ‘Book Now’ button—can’t miss it! Give that a click.
  3. You’ll see a page where you can put in your check-in and check-out dates. Choose when you want to come and leave.
  4. Next up, you get to pick your room type. Fancy a 1 bedroom apartment with a terrace? Or maybe a premium 2 bedroom one? Just make your choice.
  5. Here comes the fun part: seeing those special deals! If you’re staying for more than 7 nights, keep an eye out for those discounts of up to 20% off.
  6. Found something you like? Add any extras you fancy—maybe breakfast or spa access?
  7. Then, fill in your details—name, email, all that jazz.
  8. Time to confirm! You’ll see a summary of what you’ve chosen. Everything look good? Proceed to payment.
  9. You won’t need to worry about booking fees (told ya!). Just use your credit card to pay securely online.
  10. Once that’s done, wait for an email confirmation from Caybeach Meloneras—it will have all your booking info.

And there you have it! You’re now all set for an amazing time at Caybeach Meloneras in Gran Canaria. Get ready for some serious relaxation and fun times ahead!

Policies and Fine Print

Alright folks, let’s chat about the nitty-gritty – “Policies and Fine Print.” Ever found yourself scratching your head over child policies or tangled up in the mystery of extra beds? Well, I’ve got you covered.

Keep reading for the scoop on how to keep things smooth at Caybeach Meloneras.

Child Policies

Kids have a blast at Caybeach Meloneras, no kidding! The place is like heaven for little explorers. They get their own splash pool to make a big splash, of course. And there’s more – a mini club that’s just their size, packed with fun stuff to do and new friends to meet.

But wait.. the playground! It’s where all the magic happens. Imagine slides, swings, and all sorts of games – it’s kiddie paradise.

Now, for the cherry on top: we’ve got everything from mini golf to paddle tennis. So, whether your child fancies becoming the next Tiger Woods or dreams of winning Wimbledon – we’ve got them covered.

And don’t you worry; while they’re having the time of their lives, there’s plenty for you too. Think bubble hammocks in our wellness area.. Ahh relaxation! Plus, a special children’s pool so everyone finds their happy place under the sun here at Caybeach Meloneras.

Cot and Extra Bed Policies

Ah, planning for a stay at Caybeach Meloneras can be quite the adventure, especially if you’re sorting out sleeping arrangements for the whole gang. So here’s the lowdown on their cot and extra bed policies – because knowing this can save you from last-minute hiccups.

The place offers various apartment options that cater to different group sizes. Whether it’s the cosy 1 bedroom apartments or the more spacious premium versions, they all sleep four but hey, there’s room for more! You’ve got options to add extra beds or cots in these apartments.

Handy, right? Especially when you’re travelling with kids or have an extra friend tagging along.

Now, it pays to chat about these needs while booking your stay at Caybeach Meloneras because – let’s face it – surprises are great but not when it comes to where everyone is crashing after a long day of fun.

Be smart and sort it early; remember, there might be extra charges for these additions but think about the convenience! It means no one ends up sleeping on a sofa (unless they really want to).

So whether you choose an apartment caybeach meloneras maspalomas style or go big with a premium option, everyone gets a comfy spot to dream in. After all, holidays are all about rest and recharge – well, that and making fabulous memories.


1. What’s the scoop on Caybeach Meloneras?

Ah, Caybeach Meloneras… it’s this fab spot in Gran Canaria, right? Picture this: bungalows that make you feel like you’re living the dream, a location so prime it’s like they snagged the best slice of pie before anyone else noticed. It’s not just any hotel; it’s your gateway to Meloneras bliss.

2. How do I get from the airport to Caybeach Meloneras without losing my mind?

So, you’ve landed – welcome! Getting to Caybeach Meloneras is easier than finding a cold drink on a hot day. Whether you’re catching a ride or hopping on public transport, just aim for “Meloneras” and let the local vibes guide you. Honestly, if all else fails, there’s always Google Maps (thank heavens for technology).

3. Is there anything fun to do around Caybeach Meloneras or am I going to be bored out of my mind?

Bored? At Caybeach Meloneras? Never! You’ve got beaches whispering your name, shops that practically beg for a visit, and eateries where every bite feels like a party in your mouth. And hey, if adventure calls louder than relaxation does sometimes – Playa del Ingles is just a hop away.

4. Can I shop till I drop near Caybeach Meloneras?

Absolutely! Whether it’s souvenirs at local spots or essentials at Mercadona – which is closer than your shadow on a sunny day – shopping here is as easy as pie… delicious Spanish pie.

5. What are people saying about their stay at Caybeach Meloneras?

Oh boy… dive into TripAdvisor and brace yourself for tales taller than tales! But seriously – reviews range from “I’m moving here” levels of love to helpful tips about rooms with killer views and dishes that’ll have you coming back for seconds.

6. When should I check out if I don’t want housekeeping giving me *the look*?

Check-out time tends to sneak up on us all but fear not; at Caybeach Meloneras they’re pretty clear about when it’s time to say adios (hint: check their website). But really… leaving is the hardest part!

And there we have it folks – everything (well almost) you need to know about making memories at Caybeach Meloneras without even trying too hard.