Aqualand Maspalomas

Planning a vacation can be tough, especially picking the perfect spot for family fun. I get it – finding a place that ticks all the boxes is no small feat. That’s why I dove deep into everything about Aqualand Maspalomas. This blog post will guide you through what makes it a must-visit water park in Gran Canaria, Spain. Excited yet? Keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • Aqualand Maspalomas is open every day of the year, making it easy to plan a visit anytime.
  • Tickets range from 33,00€ for a 1-Day pass to 102,00€ for a Season Pass, offering options for quick visits or frequent fun.
  • The park features thrilling rides like the Tornado and Adrenalina, plus family-friendly areas such as Kidzworld and Adventure Land.
  • Nearby attractions include the Angry Birds Activity Park and Palmitos Park Maspalomas, adding more adventure options.
  • Tips for visiting suggest arriving early or in the afternoon to avoid crowds and packing essentials like sunscreen and water bottles.


I found myself standing in front of Aqualand Maspalomas, excited for a day full of splash and fun. It’s nestled right on Gran Canaria, Spain—a gem in the Canary Islands that draws crowds for its beauty and vibrant tourist spots.

The water park sits at Ctra. Palmitos Park, Km 3, in San Bartolome de Tirajana. Driving there was a breeze; the roads were well-marked, leading straight to adventure.

Gran Canaria itself is a hotspot for travelers seeking sun, sea, and sand with Maspalomas as one of its crown jewels. Being here means you’re close to other attractions too—like Angry Birds Activity Park just around the corner or Palmitos Park if you fancy meeting some exotic birds after your water escapades.

My tip? Grab an island map or use your phone’s maps app—it’ll be your best buddy guiding you through these winding paths to fun!

Attraction highlights

Aqualand Maspalomas is a blast for everyone. It sits right in the heart of excitement in Gran Canaria, Spain. Here’s a sneak peek at the coolest parts.

  1. Tornado – Feel your heart race as you swish and swoop through a giant funnel on an inflatable ring. It feels like being inside a real tornado, but way more fun!
  2. Rapids – Grab a buddy and zip down fast-moving waterways. These aren’t your slow-moving streams. They’re full of twists and surprises!
  3. Adrenalina – True to its name, this ride pumps up your adrenaline to new heights! Plunge down steep slides and scream with joy… or just scream.
  4. Polynesia – This newly revamped area takes you on an enchanting journey through tropical vibes and mysterious adventures. It’s like stepping into another world!
  5. Children’s Paradise – Perfect for the little adventurers, this area is packed with water fun that’s just their size: smaller slides, splash pads, and endless giggles.

Next up, let’s look into some other cool spots nearby Aqualand Maspalomas!

Operating hours

So, after gushing about all the cool stuff at Aqualand Maspalomas, let’s chat about when you can actually go. This place is awesome because it’s open every single day of the year. Yeah, you heard right – every day! No need to worry about planning your visit around weird holiday hours or something.

I hit up their website before going and checked the times just to be sure. Easy peasy.

Now, getting my ticket was a breeze too. They have everything online – seriously, just grab your phone and tap a few buttons. I bought my ticket while sipping coffee in my hotel room.

And since they’re always open, I decided on a whim to spend an extra day there during my trip. Best decision ever! With those flexible visiting hours, Aqualand Maspalomas fits into any vacation plan like a dream.

Ticket options

Oh, talking about ticket options at Aqualand Maspalomas gets me excited all over again! I had the chance to explore this amazing water park during my last trip to Gran Canaria, and let me tell you, it was a blast. Now, to make your visit as smooth as mine, let’s break down the ticket options you’ve got.

First off, prices for adult tickets swing from 33,00€ to a cool 102,00€. You’re probably wondering, “What gives with the price range?” Well, it’s all about what you’re looking for. Do you want a one-day splash or are you eyeing that season pass for 2024? They’ve got options to suit every water enthusiast’s needs.

Alright, let me lay it out in a simple table, because who doesn’t love a bit of clarity?

Ticket TypePriceBest For
1-Day Ticket33,00€Quick visits
FlexiticketVariesFlexible dates
Season Pass for 2024102,00€Die-hard fans

Choosing the right ticket can feel like picking the best wave to ride. If you’re just dipping your toes in to see if the water’s fine, the 1-Day Ticket is your go-to. Now, if you’re like me and can’t commit to a date because, well, deciding on what to wear is already a day’s task, the Flexiticket will be your best buddy. And for those who can’t get enough and dream of water slides nightly, just go for the Season Pass. Trust me, it’s worth every penny if you’re a regular.

I went with the 1-Day Ticket because, let’s face it, my ability to plan ahead is as reliable as a weather forecast. But boy, did I make the most of it! From the Tornado to Adrenalina, every ride was a thrilling adventure. And for those bringing their little ones, the Children’s Paradise is a safe and fun area they’ll absolutely love.

So, there you have it, folks. A simple breakdown of the ticket options at Aqualand Maspalomas that won’t make your head spin. Pick the one that fits your vibe, and I’ll see you at the slides!

Popular Rides and Attractions

A family enjoys a thrilling water slide at Aqualand Maspalomas.

Let me tell you, Aqualand Maspalomas is a thrill-seeker’s dream. From wild water slides to lazy rivers, there’s something for everyone.


Okay, I have to tell you about the Tornado ride at Aqualand Maspalomas. This ride is a real crowd-pleaser and one of my absolute favorites. It’s like being caught in a whirlwind of excitement, but way more fun because you know you’re safe! As soon as I hit the water, it felt like I was spinning around in a giant blender set on ‘thrill.’ The speed picks up, and before you know it, you’re swirling down towards the pool below.

Trust me, it’s an adrenaline pump that gets your heart racing.

Now imagine this: You’re climbing up to the launch platform, anticipation buzzing through your veins. Then boom! Off you go, zipping down a slippery slope only to be sucked into what feels like a gigantic funnel.

Water splashes everywhere; laughter and screams blend together creating this electrifying atmosphere that’s just out of this world. Each twist and turn surprises you more than the last until gloosh! – You splash into calm waters below feeling absolutely exhilarated.


So, I tackled the rapids at Aqualand Maspalomas and let me tell you, it was a ride to remember. The water gushed around me like a mini river cascading through the mountains. I sat in my tube, heart racing as I spun and swirled down the twisting path.

At some points, I wasn’t sure which way was up! It’s clear why families love this part of the park – it’s thrilling yet feels safe for kids to enjoy too.

I heard folks saying they found these water courses a bit tricky to figure out – paths splitting off this way and that. Honestly, I saw their point but also felt that added to the adventure.

You never quite knew where you’d end up next! Each turn brought a new splash or an unexpected drop, making me laugh out loud despite myself. Sure made for an exciting way to cool off under that hot Canarian sun!


I’ll never forget my heart pounding as I climbed to the top of Adrenalina. This ride is not for the faint-hearted, trust me. It’s one of Aqualand Maspalomas’ most thrilling attractions, sending you shooting down at crazy speeds.

You feel like you’re flying, water splashing all around, until you splash into the pool below.

Capturing that rush of adrenaline was what I came for, and boy, did it deliver! Laughter burst from my lips as I soared down, a mix of thrill and sheer joy. For anyone craving an adventure that gets your pulse racing fast – Adrenalina is where it’s at.

It embodies everything exciting about Aqualand Maspalomas water park; it’s an experience more tickets are worth every penny if thrill-seeking tops your holiday to-do list.


After feeling my heart race on Adrenalina, I was ready for a change of pace. The Polynesia area in Aqualand Maspalomas swept me away to a whole different world. Imagine stepping into an adventure filled with themed enchantment and brand-new experiences around every corner.

This place isn’t just another part of the park; it’s a journey to an island paradise without ever leaving Spain.

Here, everything from the slides to the splash pools tells a story. It felt like I was discovering secret spots only known to ancient explorers. Each attraction brought its own thrill, wrapped in lush landscapes and exotic designs that made my day even more magical.

Trust me, this renewed section isn’t just for kids – adults will find themselves enchanted by its charm too!

Children’s Paradise

Leaving the serene vibe of Polynesia, I headed over to Children’s Paradise. Oh boy, was it a sight! Imagine this: water everywhere and laughter filling the air. Even though I read that Children’s Paradise is temporarily shut, seeing kids splash around made me think otherwise.

They’ve reopened it, allowing families to dive back into the fun.

Here’s my take – this spot is bursting with activities for kids. Slides, pools, interactive games – you name it. My little niece couldn’t get enough of it! She kept running from one attraction to another, her giggles echoing all over the place.

And while she played, I got some chill time watching her enjoy herself safely in this kid-friendly haven at Aqualand Maspalomas. Definitely worth checking out if your young ones are tagging along on your adventure!

Other Nearby Attractions

A family enjoying a thrilling amusement park ride at Holiday World.

If you think Aqualand Maspalomas is epic, wait till you hear about what’s around it! Right next door, places like the Angry Birds fun zone, a cool submarine trip, Palmitos animal park, and Holiday World amusement center are waiting to blow your mind.

Each spot offers its own kind of thrill – from flinging birds in real life to exploring underwater mysteries or hanging out with exotic animals and feeling the rush of theme park rides.

Trust me; adding these spots to your adventure list is a no-brainer!

Angry Birds Activity Park

I took my family to the Angry Birds Activity Park, and oh boy, was it a blast! Right next to Aqualand Maspalomas, this place is a paradise for kids and adults alike. From towering slides that twist and turn to playful areas designed for smaller children, everyone found something they loved.

The park beautifully brings those feisty birds from our favorite mobile game to life in a way you have to see to believe.

The best part? You can grab tickets for other nearby adventures like Sioux City Park or even go camel riding in the dunes. It makes planning the day so easy. We ended up buying a combo ticket that included a submarine tour, which was downright cool.

Submarine Adventure

So, there I was, ready to plunge into the deep blue on a submarine tour near Aqualand Maspalomas. You can actually buy tickets for this underwater journey. It’s one of those experiences that make you giddy with excitement.

The cool part? You’re not just looking at fish through a tiny window. The view is panoramic! Imagine being surrounded by the ocean, seeing marine life up close, and feeling like an explorer discovering hidden treasures.

The submarine adventure took us down where sunlight starts to fade, and colors change. Schools of bright fish swam by, seemingly waving as they passed our vessel. We even caught sight of a shipwreck, its story lost to time and waves but alive in our imaginations.

This wasn’t just another day at the park; it was a dive into mystery and beauty that words barely do justice to. Plus, being able to say “I’ve been on a real submarine” adds quite the flair to any conversation!

Palmitos Park Maspalomas

I had a blast visiting Palmitos Park Maspalomas. This place is not just any park; it’s an adventure filled with exotic birds, colorful gardens, and even dolphin shows! The park sits snugly in the southern part of Gran Canaria, making it a perfect spot for a day trip if you’re staying nearby.

I loved wandering through the botanical gardens and getting up close with some of the friendliest parrots who seemed just as curious about me as I was about them.

One thing that stood out was the dolphin performance. Trust me, seeing those dolphins leap high into the air and splash around is something you shouldn’t miss. Also, for those interested in adding a bit more excitement to their trip, Sioux City Park and camel riding across Maspalomas Dunes are only a short distance away.

These extra activities make Palmitos Park an excellent pick for both thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike. Don’t forget your camera because you’ll want to capture every moment!

Holiday World

Holiday World blew my mind with its fun vibes and endless entertainment. This amusement park sits close to Aqualand Maspalomas, making it super easy to hop from water slides to roller coasters in no time.

Picture me, thrilled by the rides and games that fill this lively spot. It’s nestled among hotels and eateries, so finding a cozy place to crash or grab a bite is never a hassle.

“Riding the Ferris wheel at Holiday World as the sun set was something out of a dream.” The park not only offers thrills for adrenaline junkies but also ensures families have loads to enjoy together.

From spinning teacups that made me dizzy with laughter to challenging my friends at arcade games, every moment here adds up to an unforgettable day out.

Tips for Visiting Aqualand Maspalomas

Planning my trip to Aqualand Maspalomas, I wanted everything to go smoothly. I’ll share a couple of quick tips that really helped me out.

Best time to go

So, I found the park is open all year round. That’s right, every single day! Now, I thought maybe summer would be packed, but guess what? I hit Aqualand Maspalomas during a hot July morning and surprisingly, the lines were super short.

It felt like we had VIP access without even trying! Early mornings or later in the afternoon seem to be magic hours if you’re not a fan of waiting.

I also learned through chatting with locals that autumn and spring bring fewer crowds. The weather is still warm enough for water fun but cool enough to enjoy a full day out without melting under the sun.

My advice? Grab those Aqualand Maspalomas tickets for a September splash – it’s like the park rolls out its own red carpet just for you!

How to get there

Getting to Aqualand Maspalomas is a breeze, and trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this adventure. I found myself heading there on a sunny morning, eager to dive into the fun. Here’s how I did it, step by step:

  1. I rented a car at the airport. This made the trip super easy. The park’s address is Ctra. Palmitos Park, Km 3, 35100, San Bartolome de Tirajana, Gran Canaria Spain. I just typed it into the GPS and followed the clear directions.
  2. Buses are another great option. I noticed several tourists hopping on bus number 45 or 70 from Playa del Inglés and Bahía Feliz / Tarajalillo. It seemed like a smooth ride to Aqualand Maspalomas.
  3. For those staying close by, Aqualand offers a free shuttle service from certain points in Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés. I saw the shuttle stops when exploring the area—they’re hard to miss with their bright signage!
  4. Taxis were everywhere too! If you’re looking for a quick and direct route to the fun without driving yourself, taxis know exactly where to go and aren’t too pricey from nearby resorts.
  5. Lastly, some hotels have their transportation services right to Aqualand’s doorstep! I overheard a family talking about this perk at their hotel in Bahía Feliz.

Each option has its perks depending on your needs and where you’re coming from on this beautiful island of Gran Canaria!

What to bring

Alright, packing for Aqualand Maspalomas is like preparing for an adventure of a lifetime. You want to make sure you have everything you need for a day full of fun, especially since I found out that some visitors suggest bringing packed lunches to cut down on costs. Here’s what I always make sure to pack:

  1. Sunscreen – The sun can be pretty intense, and the last thing you want is a burn. I go for the waterproof kind because it stays on longer, even after countless slides down Tornado.
  2. Swimsuits – Might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised! I wear mine there and pack an extra because nobody likes staying in a damp suit all day.
  3. Towel – Essential for drying off after hitting the Rapids or chilling in Polynesia. A big, fluffy one does the trick.
  4. Flip-flops or water shoes – The ground gets hot! These save my feet from feeling like they’re walking on coals between rides.
  5. Reusable water bottle – Staying hydrated is key, especially with all the excitement and heat. There are places to refill it throughout the park, which helps keep me going.
  6. Packed lunch and snacks – Food inside can hit your wallet hard. I bring sandwiches and fruits to munch on throughout the day.
  7. Waterproof phone case or pouch – Great for protecting your phone from water while capturing those Adrenalina moments without fear.
  8. Hat and sunglasses – Extra protection from the sun never hurt anyone. Plus, they add a bit of style to your swim gear!
  9. . Cash and cards – For lockers, renting tubes, or if you decide to grab something from one of the dining options despite having packed lunch.

Now that we’ve got our bags packed with these essentials, let’s move onto exploring the family-friendly features at Aqualand Maspalomas…

Family-Friendly Features

Aqualand Maspalomas is a paradise for families. Kids and adults alike find their happy place, with zones like Kidzworld and Adventure Land making everyone smile wide.


So, I took my kids to Kidzworld at Aqualand Maspalomas, and wow, did they have a blast! This place is a dream come true for little adventurers. With slides, pools, and lots of playing areas, it’s all about fun in the sun.

My kids especially loved the colorful water castles – they didn’t want to leave. And for parents worrying about safety? It’s top-notch here; lifeguards are everywhere watching like hawks.

Adventure Land caught their eyes next. It’s not just any playground. Think of climbing frames that seem to touch the sky and water battles with cannons that spray you when you least expect it! As for me? I found myself getting into it too – who knew I’d be so competitive with a water cannon?

Adventure Land

I’ll never forget the first time I set foot in Adventure Land at Aqualand Maspalomas. My eyes lit up seeing all the fun waiting for kids and families. It’s like a playground but with way more splashes! Slides that twist and turn, water guns to battle friends, and shallow pools perfect for little ones make it a paradise.

I spent hours chasing my family through mazes of water activities. We laughed so much, especially when we hit the surprise water jets! The best part? The safety they ensure here is top-notch.

Lifeguards watch over every corner, ensuring everyone has a blast without any worries. For families visiting Aqualand Maspalomas, this spot is a must-stop to create those precious holiday memories together.

Relaxation Areas

After hours of excitement and adventure at Aqualand Maspalomas, I found the perfect spot to chill. They’ve got these amazing relaxation areas that are just what you need after tackling slides all day.

Picture this: comfy loungers under the shade, with a cool breeze brushing against your skin. It’s like finding an oasis in the middle of all the action.

The best part? These spots aren’t just for adults. There’s a calm corner for everyone in the family. Kids can take a break from the thrill rides and splash around in peaceful pools designed just for them, while parents recharge their batteries.

Trust me, snagging a moment here makes diving back into the fun twice as nice!

Dining Options

I found out the hard way that food inside Aqualand Maspalomas isn’t cheap. On my first visit, I paid a lot for just a simple lunch. So, on my next trips, I came prepared with packed lunches and plenty of snacks.

It made a huge difference! Not only did it save me money, but it also meant we could eat whenever we wanted without waiting in long lines. There are picnic areas where you can sit down and enjoy your meal, which is perfect for families or groups.

I also learned to bring my own water bottles. The park allows it, and there are several spots where you can fill them up for free. Trust me; staying hydrated is key after going on all those rides under the sun! Plus, dodging those high prices at the concession stands felt like winning a small victory each time.

For anyone planning to visit Aqualand Maspalomas – pack your food and drinks. Your wallet will thank you later!

Additional Information

If you’re hungry for even more info on Aqualand Maspalomas, guess what? There’s a boatload more to uncover. From behind-the-scenes secrets to special deals you won’t find anywhere else, the park has a treasure chest of goodies just waiting for you.

So, get your explorer hat on and get ready to discover all the magic that didn’t fit into our chat today!


I found out Aqualand Maspalomas teams up with cool places for extra fun. They offer tickets with Sioux City Park, camel rides in the dunes, and submarine explorations. I got a combo ticket for the park and a submarine tour.

The deal saved me some cash and doubled my adventure without any hassle.

The partner attractions add so much to the trip. Riding camels felt like stepping into another world. And the submarine journey? It was like being in a movie, seeing underwater life up close.

These partnerships make visiting Aqualand not just about water slides but a whole island of adventures waiting to be explored.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Oh, navigating through the maze of customer feedback on Aqualand Maspalomas is quite the adventure. Let me break it down for you with a bit of structure. People have a lot to say, from the thrills of the slides to the chill of the prices. Here’s a quick glance at the general vibe:

AspectRating (out of 5)Comments
Rides and Attractions4Most find the rides thrilling, especially the Tornado and Adrenalina.
Food and Beverage Prices2Many feel the pinch with high prices for eats and drinks.
Staff Attitude3Reviews are a mixed bag, ranging from super helpful to a tad grumpy.
Value for Money3A common note is that the overall experience doesn’t fully justify the cost.
Facilities (Lockers, Sun Loungers)2.5Extra charges for basics left some visitors feeling nickel-and-dimed.
Overall Experience3.5While some had the time of their lives, others thought it was just okay.

So, from the table above, you get the essence. The rides? Mostly a hit! The feeling of zooming down a water slide with a big grin on your face? Priceless. But then, there’s the food and extras cost—ouch. You might wanna pack a lunch.

The park staff seems to be a wild card. Some guests left feeling like they made new friends, while others… not so much. And ah, the eternal quest for value for money. It seems Aqualand Maspalomas sits right on the fence, leaning slightly towards “Ehh, could be better.”

Thinking about lounging by the water? That’s cool, but remember, it might cost you a bit extra for that sun lounger. And lockers? Yup, add that to your budget too.

In the grand scheme, it’s a mixed bag. Some folks swear they’ll return, ready for another splash. Others, well, they might just look around for a different way to beat the heat next time. All in all, it’s a solid mostly thumbs up for fun, with a side of “watch your wallet.”


1. What’s the scoop on Aqualand Maspalomas’ height restrictions?

Okay, so here’s the deal: Aqualand Maspalomas has these rules where you gotta be a certain height for some slides. It’s like, “Sorry kiddo, you gotta grow a bit more before tackling this monster slide.” But don’t worry, there’s plenty of fun stuff for everyone, no matter how tall or short you are!

2. Can I snag a discount to visit Aqualand Maspalomas?

Oh, absolutely! Who doesn’t love saving some cash? Look out for an Aqualand Maspalomas discount code online or check if your hotel hooks you up with any deals. Sometimes they have these cool offers that make splashing around even sweeter.

3. Is there a map so I won’t get lost in Aqualand Maspalomas?

Yes! And trust me, it’s your best buddy for the day. The park hands out maps at the entrance – grab one! Or just scan the QR code they have around; it pops open a digital map right on your phone. Now you can find all those awesome slides without wandering around like a lost puppy.

4. How much does it cost to get into this watery paradise?

So here’s how it goes: prices change depending on when you’re planning to visit and who’s coming along—like kids and adults pay different rates. But hey, keep an eye out because sometimes they offer “experience more” tickets that give you extra perks for not much more dough.

5. What should I totally not miss at Aqualand Maspalomas?

Alrighty, listen up! You’ve got to hit the big slides – they’re epic! And if chilling is more your vibe after all that adrenaline-pumping action? Lazy river time is calling your name… Plus there are attractions perfect for every age group making sure nobody feels left out of the fun.