Alhambra Boutique Apartments-review

Planning a holiday can feel like trying to solve a puzzle, with so many pieces needing to fit perfectly for that dream getaway. Maybe you’re scrolling endlessly through options, feeling overwhelmed by the choices or worried about finding that idyllic spot which offers not just comfort but an experience. I’ve been there too; it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, right? But here’s an interesting fact – Maspalomas in the Canary Islands is home to some of the most sought-after holiday destinations globally.

After diving deep into research and firsthand experiences, I stumbled upon Alhambra Boutique Apartments by TAM Resorts. And guess what? It looks like I’ve found our needle. With its unique blend of modern design inspired by geometric arabesque motifs and the promise of an oasis of peace perfect for couples, this might just be the solution we’ve been searching for. My article will take you through everything from plush accommodations to must-visit nearby attractions – think of it as your personal tour guide minus the funny umbrella! Ready for a sneak peek? Keep reading…

Overview of Alhambra Boutique Apartments by TAM Resorts

Situated in the heart of Playa Del Ingles and merely 600 meters away from blissful beach views that could rival any postcard picture – Alhambra Boutique Apartments stands as a testament to modern luxury entwined with Arabic style aesthetics. Imagine stepping into an environment where every corner tells a story through its design – yes, that’s exactly

Key Takeaways

  • Alhambra Boutique Apartments by TAM Resorts offers a special mix of modern and Arabic style in Playa Del Ingles, Maspalomas. They have a swimming pool surrounded by beach sand and palm trees for an oasis vibe.
  • These apartments are close to the beach (600 meters away) and other attractions like Maspalomas Dunes and Lighthouse. This makes it easy to explore local sights without traveling far.
  • Guests enjoy various amenities such as heated outdoor pools in winter, a roof terrace with solarium, flexible booking conditions, and free public parking nearby. Plus, they guarantee the best price on apartment rates.
  • There’s no kids club at the resort, encouraging families to explore the island’s natural beauty together instead.
  • Visitors love Alhambra’s tranquil atmosphere, with many highlighting its prime location near Playa del Ingles as perfect for both relaxation and adventure.

Property highlights

I just have to tell you about Alhambra Boutique Apartments by TAM Resorts. It’s like finding a hidden gem in the bustling Playa Del Ingles. And let me break down why this place is a must-visit.

First off, imagine walking into a paradise where there’s a swimming pool that looks like it’s straight out of those fancy travel magazines. The twist? It’s surrounded by beach sand and palm trees. Feels like you’ve hit the jackpot, right? Now, here’s what makes this place stand out:

  1. Location is key, and Alhambra doesn’t disappoint. Nestled in Playa Del Ingles, it’s right where all the fun happens. Beach lovers and sun worshippers – you’re in for a treat.
  2. Talk about taking relaxation up a notch! There’s nothing quite like lounging on the roof terrace with its solarium. Oh, and if you fancy a dip without any tan lines, there’s even a nudist area alongside a jacuzzi.
  3. Not too keen on chilly water? No worries at all! The outdoor pool is heated during winter months, ensuring your swim is always comfortable regardless of the season.
  4. Everyone loves good value for money, right? Well, how about this – they offer the best price guarantee on apartment rates! That means more money saved for exploring (or maybe just an extra cocktail or two).
  5. Flexibility is such a relief when booking trips. Luckily, Alhambra offers flexible booking conditions making life that little bit easier for spontaneous travellers or those with ever-changing plans.
  6. Part of TAM Resorts Group means you’re getting top – notch boutique accommodation and luxury villas vibes right there in Gran Canaria.

This place has got it all – location perks, unique facilities not found in your average holiday spot and wallet-friendly options too! So whether you’re planning to soak up some Canary Island sun or just need an escape from reality – I reckon Alhambra Boutique Apartments could just be your next adventure stop.

Location and surroundings

Stepping away from the amazing features inside, let’s chat about where Alhambra Boutique Apartments by TAM Resorts nestles. It’s in Playa del Ingles, a gem on the Canary Islands that couples adore for its peace and beauty.

Just imagine being only 600 metres from relaxing beach vibes at Playa del Ingles. Some apartments even offer views of this gorgeous beach right from their balconies or roof terrace! Talk about having the sea practically on your doorstep.

And there’s more than just the beach here. The area brims with life, offering loads to explore and enjoy beyond the sandy shores. Picture strolling down vibrant streets with shops buzzing around you, or discovering local cafes where laughter fills the air.

Each turn uncovers another slice of paradise – whether it’s a hidden alleyway leading to an unexpected view or a bustling market square full of colourful goods and goodies. Really, it’s like every day could be a new adventure without even straying far from your comfy apartment base at Alhambra Boutique Apartments Maspalomas.

Accommodation at Alhambra Boutique Apartments

Staying at Alhambra Boutique Apartments feels like finding your very own slice of paradise, with rooms that make you say “Wow,” the minute you step in. Want to find out more? Keep reading!

I’ve just stayed at Alhambra Boutique Apartments Maspalomas, and oh boy, do I have some cool stuff to share about the rooms and facilities! It’s like they’ve thought of everything to make your stay super comfy.

Here’s a rundown:

  1. Modern Arabesque Rooms – The moment you step in, the blend of modern and arabesque-inspired furniture catches your eye. It’s not every day you see such a stylish mix that makes you feel like you’re in a fancy catalogue.
  2. Flat-Screen Satellite TV – Yes, for those lazy evenings when all you want to do is veg out in front of the TV, they’ve got you covered with lots of channels.
  3. Comfy Sofa Alert – Speaking of lazy evenings, the sofas in these apartments? Absolute heaven. Perfect for sinking into after a day exploring Maspalomas.
  4. Hairdryers That Actually Work Well – Ladies and gents who care about their hair, rejoice! No weak hotel hairdryers here. You can look your best without bringing your own.
  5. A Welcome Surprise – Who doesn’t love surprises? They greet you with one when you check-in. I won’t spoil what it is… but it sure starts your holiday off on the right foot!
  6. Balcony Views To Die For – Each room comes with a balcony offering stunning views. Mine looked over Playa del Inglés, and catching the sunrise from there was magical.
  7. Solarium With A Nudist Area And Jacuzzi – On the roof terrace, there’s a spot where you can sunbathe nude if that’s your thing, plus a jacuzzi for chilling out in style.
  8. Heated Outdoor Pool In Winter – Yep, swimming isn’t just for summer here; take a dip in their heated pool even during cooler months.
  9. Wi-Fi That Works Everywhere – Whether I was lounging by the pool or snuggled up in bed, I had great Wi-Fi coverage to spam my social media with holiday pics!

So there we have it – my lowdown on staying at Alhambra Boutique Apartments Maspalomas; it’s like they’ve magically anticipated every need! From kicking back on stylish furniture to enjoying top-notch amenities left, right and centre—it all adds up to quite the memorable stay…

Balcony views

Stepping out onto the balcony of an Alhambra Boutique apartment feels like entering a whole new world. You see, some of these balconies offer stunning views of the beach–and who doesn’t love waking up to that? The breeze carries whispers of distant places, and the horizon stretches endlessly, mingling blue skies with the shimmering sea.

The charm doesn’t end there. Inspired by Arabic style, both inside and out, these balconies aren’t just about what you can see; it’s also about how you feel while standing there. Surrounded by intricate designs and thoughtful layout, I find myself transported to a serene place where time slows down.

It’s as if every detail on these balconies was crafted just for moments like this.. Moments when all you want is to sip your morning coffee in peace while gazing at the endless blue or watch the sunset painting everything gold.

Trust me, it’s quite magical.

Amenities and Services at Alhambra Boutique Apartments

At Alhambra Boutique Apartments, you’re in for a treat with top-notch amenities and services that will make your stay memorable. Tell all your mates about it!

Dining: Buffet and bars

The dining at Alhambra Boutique apartments is a real treat. They’ve got a buffet that ticks all the boxes – think fresh, tasty dishes that change every day. It’s like going on a little food adventure without leaving the comfort of the resort.

And for those moments when you just want to chill with a drink in hand, there are bars onsite ready to serve up your favourite cocktails or mocktails. Each sip and bite adds to the holiday vibes.

Next up, let’s talk about keeping the kids entertained..

Children’s facilities: Kids club

I need to share something – Alhambra Boutique Apartments doesn’t have a kids club. Yep, you read that right. No fancy slides or crafts stations here! But hey, don’t let this put you off.

There’s so much more for the little ones to explore outside these walls. Think about it — endless adventures under the sun in Maspalomas, building sandcastles and splashing around.

Who needs a kids club when you’ve got the whole island as your playground?.

So, while there might not be any specific children’s facilities at the apartments, I see this as an open invitation to create our own fun. It’s all about making those holiday memories together..

and isn’t that what family trips are all about? Plus, exploring is way more exciting than staying indoors – trust me on this one!

Parking availability

So, you’re planning to visit Alhambra Boutique apartments in Maspalomas and wondering about parking? Good news folks – finding a spot for your car is a breeze! The place offers free public parking nearby.

Yep, you heard that right – no extra charge for keeping your wheels close. Now, isn’t that a relief? No more driving around in circles looking for space or worrying about hefty fees biting into your holiday budget.

Honestly, this makes life so much easier. Imagine returning from a day exploring Playa del Ingles or having fun at Bahia Feliz, and you can just park near the apartments without any fuss.

It’s one of those little perks that add up to make your stay stress-free and joyous. So go on, plan that trip to Alhambra Boutique apartments with confidence knowing your parking woes are sorted!

Reviews and Ratings of Alhambra Boutique Apartments

Oh, the reviews! Guests just can’t stop chatting about their stays at Alhambra Boutique Apartments. They’re giving thumbs up for everything – from the cosy beds to the scrummy breakfasts.

Guest experiences and feedback

I recently stayed at the Alhambra Boutique Apartments in Maspalomas, and boy, have I got a lot to say! First off, the peace and quiet here is something else. If you’re looking for a spot to truly relax, this is it.

But don’t worry—you won’t be cut off from the world. The place is just a stone’s throw away from some fab restaurants, bars, and yes, that gorgeous beach everyone talks about.

Now, let me tell you about those apartments—every nook and cranny was decorated with such care; it felt like home but fancier. Plus, being able to walk to nearby attractions without any hassle? Priceless.

Trust me (and many others who’ve left glowing reviews on TripAdvisor), the Alhambra Boutique Apartments make for an unforgettable stay in Gran Canaria. Oh, and before I forget—the food! Whether you’re tucking into the buffet or enjoying a drink at one of their bars, your taste buds are in for a treat.

Score and recommendations

So, what’s the buzz about Alhambra Boutique Apartments by TAM Resorts, you ask? Well, let’s just say the guest satisfaction meter is ticking high, and for all the right reasons. Allow me to break it down for you in a way that’s easy to digest—think of it as a quick glance at what’s making everyone talk about this fabulous place. I’ve wrapped up the juicy details in this handy table, just for you.

Aspect Score (out of 10) Comments
Tranquil Atmosphere 9 Guests can’t stop raving about the peace and quiet. It’s like a slice of paradise.
Design & Decor 8.5 The Arabic-inspired motifs are a hit. It’s not every day you see such attention to detail.
Pool Area 9 The beach sand, palm trees, and serene vibes by the pool are a crowd-pleaser.
Value for Money 9 That best price guarantee sure does bring smiles. Who doesn’t love a good deal?
Wi-Fi Connectivity 8 Free and unrestricted in common areas—what’s not to love?
Location 9 Being close to Playa del Ingles is a game changer. Plus, those beach views are unbeatable.

As you can see, the Alhambra Boutique Apartments aren’t just any ordinary stay. They’re a haven where modernity meets tranquillity, wrapped up with a bow of exceptional guest services. And guess what? The cherry on top has to be its prime location near Playa del Ingles. So, if you were looking for a sign to book your next holiday destination… Well, consider this it.

Wondering what else is out there waiting to be explored? Stick around as we dive into the nearby attractions that make Alhambra Boutique Apartments the perfect base for your adventures.

Nearby Attractions to Alhambra Boutique Apartments

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Alhambra Boutique Apartments, you’ll find yourself wrapped in the bustling vibes of Playa del Ingles. Fancy a day out? These spots are gems for making your stay unforgettable – trust me on this one!

Destinations close to the property

I’m super excited to tell you about the amazing places you can visit near Alhambra Boutique Apartments. It’s like having the world at your doorstep, with so much to see and do that you’ll never run out of options.

First off, we’ve got Playa del Ingles only 600 metres away. Imagine walking just a short distance to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches around. The sand is soft, and the waves are just right for a day under the sun.

Then there’s Maspalomas Dunes. It’s like stepping onto another planet with its vast sandy landscape. You can take some incredible photos here or simply enjoy a walk in this unique natural environment.

Don’t forget about Maspalomas Lighthouse. It’s not only a beacon for ships; it captures the essence of seaside charm and offers breathtaking views, especially at sunset.

Feeling lucky? Holiday World Maspalomas is where fun meets excitement with its thrilling rides and games. A perfect spot for family fun or if you’re up for some adventure yourself.

For those who love the beach but crave something less crowded, Meloneras Beach is your go-to spot. It’s a bit more upscale but oh-so-relaxing.

Adventurous souls must visit Roque Nublo. This massive rock formation gives you bragging rights once you’ve hiked up to it – not to mention the view is spectacular!

If urban exploration is more your style, Playa de Las Canteras in Las Palmas offers a vibrant city beach experience with lots of shops and cafes nearby.

And let’s not skip San Bartolomé de Tirajana – an area rich in culture and architecture, making it perfect for leisurely walks and discovering local life.

Lastly, a little further but worth every minute of the drive is Mogan. This picturesque fishing village has charming streets, colourful houses, and waterfront restaurants that serve delicious seafood dishes.

So there you have it – from beaches to dunes to cultural gems, staying at Alhambra Boutique Apartments puts you right in the middle of all these fantastic places to explore. You won’t need to worry about long travel times; adventure is just around the corner!

Exploring the best of Playa del Ingles

From the comfort of your Alhambra Boutique apartment, stepping out to explore Playa del Ingles feels like you’ve hit the jackpot. Trust me, this place is a gem waiting to be discovered.

Just 600 metres away from your doorstep lies Playa del Ingles itself, with its golden sands whispering calls for sunbathing and sea dips. And it gets better – the views! Some apartments and that fancy roof terrace offer snapshots of beach bliss that’ll have you reaching for your camera faster than you can say “Alhambra Boutique apartments Maspalomas photos”.

But wait, there’s more on the menu than just beach lounging. Walking or driving around brings you face-to-face with local wonders – think Maspalomas Dunes waving in the wind or that iconic Lighthouse standing tall.

Ever fancied seeing Roque Nublo up close? Well, here’s your chance! Each attraction tells its own story, setting up scenes for unforgettable adventures (and maybe bragging rights?).

So lace-up those walking shoes or grab those car keys – adventure awaits at every turn around Playa del Ingles.


1. “What’s the big deal with Alhambra Boutique Apartments in Maspalomas?”

Well, let me tell you! These apartments are a little slice of heaven in Gran Canaria, offering privacy, comfort, and all the amenities you could wish for – we’re talking food that’ll make your taste buds dance, a kids club to keep the little ones entertained (phew!), and even parking (because who wants to wander around looking for a spot?). And yes, they’ve got an elevator – no lugging suitcases up the stairs!

2. “Can I find any reviews on these apartments? I’m curious!”

Absolutely! Just hop onto TripAdvisor or; it’s like diving into a sea of opinions. You’ll find everything from rave reviews about their buffet and bars to personal stories about how comfy those beds are. It’s like getting advice from thousands of your closest friends.

3. “How do I get myself one of these fancy apartments?”

Easy-peasy! Grab your credit card (don’t worry, they’re secure as can be), head over to their website or sites like and hit that ‘reservation’ button. It’s smoother than asking out your first crush…and with a guaranteed happy ending.

4. “Is there anything for my tiny humans to do?”

Oh, absolutely! The kids club at Alhambra Boutique Apartments is basically kid paradise—think crafts, games, maybe even making new besties…which means more relaxation time for you. Everyone wins!

5. “I’ve got wheels—not just my suitcase ones—what about parking?”

No sweat! They’ve got parking sorted so you can keep your car safe and sound without touring the whole vecindario looking for a space—it’s almost as if they thought of everything!

6. “Food? Did someone say food?”

Yes indeed! Whether you’re all about trying local Canarian dishes or sticking to what you know and love—they’ve got you covered with their buffet options…and let’s not forget the bars where you can sip something cool as the sun sets—cheers to that!